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I will never forget the day back at Don Bosco Pugad when I first saw you.  Pretty little morena girl na laging naka-smile, all jolly and good.  I will never forget March of last year when we facilitated their Days with the Lord.  One of the most ngarag batches I ever handled, but then again it’s worth it because I got to know you.

To my ate, my sister, my sibling, my friend, my confidant, my kakulitan, my iyakan buddy, my comparing-notes, my hope in times of hopelessness, my far cry from solitude, my #1 when I feel #2, my companion, my hanky, my earpiece and mouthpiece at the same time, my supooorrrrttt!!!, my freeloader-rescue, my shoulder, my toes, my knees, my head… hehe, pero most importantly, ang isa sa mga Kuya Jess ng buhay ko.  ATE KATE, Happy 25th Birthday!!!  ^__^

Don’t worry, from here on in age is nothing but a chronological measure of time.  You’ll always be 16 and I’ll always be 12.  =P  I Love You Ate!

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I missed saturday mornings.

Here I am again in front of the PC, trying real hard to catch up with the world.  It’s been a few days since my last hardcore use of this PC due to typhoons, gimiks, papers and whatnots.  Now that school is practically gone, I should really be working for Days but what the hey, the breeze is cold outside and the house is quiet and empty almost quiet and empty, perfect for a muni-muni moment all by myself.

I look around the house and it’s in such a mess.  I don’t think I’ll ever let my friends in here, because it’s… messy.  (for the lack of a better term)  Only my best friend has ever laid eyes in this place, and it’s only for a few minutes.  But then, someone insists, so I guess someone has to clean the house (Uh, I believe that’d be me).  But then again, he says he wants to see my home, not my house.  Oh, I just remembered a story in the bible about Jesus going to Zachareus’ house.  A savior dining with the sinner.  That’d be the scenario when he stops by.

I’ve got to admit, it’s better this way. 
Way better than what we tried a few months back. 
No pretensions.
No pressures.
No expectations. 
Plain, simple me and you. 
No eyes to look at the both of us. 
No mouths to utter words of criticisms. 
I like it better this way. 
No more feelings of uneasiness. 
Enough of awkward moments. 
Let’s stop the madness.

I still love you, by the way.  (And you really shouldn’t have found out this way)

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And now we don’t have to pause for a while and gather ourselves
Because we’re sad…
But because God made us both joyful
With the blessings He’s showered (more like shoved) upon us
So even if you’re going…
I know, you’re not really going after all…
You’re here with me, Kuya!
And I know you’ll always be… Üü

Classes just finished yesterday but the bummer factor is that my Polsci prof didn’t show up so we’d have to hold a make-up class on Tuesday.  Well, it’s a double-edged sword because her not showing up meant that we won’t be late in submitting our position paper (I woke up 8am yesterday and our class was 830.  My group’s position paper was with me and if we didn’t submit it on that period, it would have been late).

Haaayyy… I could only heave a sigh…

October 6, 2006 has got to be one of the best (if not the best) days of my life! (Next to attending Days with the Lord, Being the Vice-Rector and Passing U.P.)  So many blessings came my way yesterday that I found myself saying, Tama naaa!!!  Whooo!!!  Sobra na tooo!!!

I wouldn’t delve into details but I’ve got to say, Overjoyed isn’t enough to describe the way I felt yesterday and especially last night.  Salamat sa aking kuya! Üü

Katuwa yung Psych exam kahapon.  May grey area ako dun sa exam kasi I was absent for a day, ‘di ko naman alam na lalabas sa exam yun.  Buti na lang multiple choice, at least puwede manghula.  Common sense na lang.  Kaya ayun, bumawi na lang sa essay, as always, paikot-ikot at pinuno ng highfaluting words na ewan ko ba kung maiintindihan ng prof ko yung pinagsususulat ko…

It doesn’t matter when;
I’ve known and felt it,
And that’s what matters. Üü

Haaayyy sobrang saya.  Ang sarap-sarap ng feeling!  I’m glad to have taken this rollercoaster ride with my Kuya.  At least I was with him in all my ups and downs, in all his ups and downs.  That’s what’s important, and I’m forever going to treasure this time in our lives.

What scares me is the fact na baka bumawi ang tadhana.  Baka may masamang balitang dadating.  Okay, okay, so Karma isn’t a Catholic belief but based on experience, ang sobrang saya ay may katumbas na sobrang lungkot.  Well, sana totoo nga yung sabi ni kuya na baligtad; pagkatapos ng sobrang lungkot na linggo, sobrang saya naman.  Ewan ko ba, masyado kong inu-underestimate si God.  I know He’s still faithful.  ^__^

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Haaayyy… 3 and a half more hours of school and classes are finally over!  Hello sembreak, goodbye schoolwork!  Classes may be gone but I have tons of papers to write and exams to take, so it’s not so much of a vacation after all…

Haaayyy… one day more to go, and we’ll find out what will happen with our lives.  One more day to go, I dread of knowing what’s bound to happen, but it’s as if I could do anything more about it… One more day to go, one more day to go… One more day to go…

Wherever you go, I may not be able to follow; so bring my heart with you, okay?

I just found out that this song was a tribute song when HBK bid farewell to WWF.  Now, when did that happen and why didn’t I know about it?  In any case, it’s a really great song…

Tell Me A Lie

I’ve known you all my life
At least thats how it seems
Never known my own way
Livin’ out of dreams
Now I know you’re leaving me
And I’ll never understand
Before I let you walk away
I have one last demand

Tell me a lie, and say that you wont go
Look in my eyes, and hold me even though
I realize you have to walk away
No more yesterday…

You always were my angel
Flying high above
Always lookin out for me
Angel that I love
Now my dreams are fading
Like age-old photographs
They hurt too much to look at now
Reminds Me Of Our Past

Tell me a lie, and say that you wont go
Look in my eyes, and hold me even though
I realize you have to walk away
No more yesterday…

Maybe we could stay together
Maybe it could last forever
Maybe if you’d just tell me a lie

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Groupmate: O, JM, nanood ka ng finals?
JM: Yep.
Groupmate: Bat ka naka-blue?  Ateneo side ka?
JM: Yep.
Groupmate: Bakit, sinong taga-Ateneo?
JM: Kuya ko, taga-Ateneo.


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Hay… andami na namang backlog ng posts.  Grabe.  Sobrang grabe.  Yun lang ata ang masasabi ko to describe the week that just passed by.  Ang hirap maglagay ng details kasi sobrang dami nila, so… I don’t know.

Let me blog about what I’m feeling right now.  Right now, as in right this minute, I feel like my heart is going to come out of my chest.  It’s thumping so hard, real hard, and I don’t know why.  Okay, so maybe I know what’s causing it but I don’t know why it’s thumping real hard.  Is this what Ron feels whenever he has palpitations?  Anyway, it doesn’t feel so good.  No, nu-uh.

Recent turn of events had left me asking many questions.  About life, about the things that are happening, you know, purpose-driven-life stuff.  This phase is so hard.  Okay, so maybe I’m getting a lot vague, it’s just that I can’t put to words what I’m feeling or thinking right now.

What I know is, I want classes to end.  More than being able to rest from academics, I want to free my schedule to squeeze in more important things.  I want to free my schedule na!!!  Please, stop academics.  Stop stop stop.  Ayoko na talaga mag-aral.

Is it worth it?
Is it worth what we’re doing?

Even though I know we’ll part ways soon
I still plunge out into the deep
I still make memories with you
I still make memories we could cry upon later
And when we cry, later we laugh because we cry
And then again we make new memories
Each one sweeter than the other
Each one harder to let go than the former
Each one brings more pain when the time comes…
Of your departure

If only days like these could go on…
But I know it won’t
It never will
And that’s what hurts
Because I know I’d be hurt spending more time with you
But I can’t seem to stop myself
From making use of the little time that we have together
If only I could always be by your side
And never leave for home
I’d do it.  Yes, I will.
I’ll never leave you…
Even if I know you’ll leave me…

I don’t know how I could thank you enough
My whole life isn’t enough
But remember this, and never forget
That what I am now, it’s all because of YOU
If not for you, I wouldn’t be in this place
If not for you, I wouldn’t be anywhere
If not for you, I wouldn’t… I couldn’t…
If not for you.


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