BREAKING NEWS: no classes tomorrow for all levels in Metro Manila and other neighboring cities due to the coming typhoon Milenyo.

At last!  This boy can get some sleep…  It’s not yet announced if the UAAP Finals Game 2 will be cancelled too, so we better keep posted on the news.  That is, if you’re watching live tomorrow.

On other news, I rode a total of seven passenger jeepneys today.  One on my way to Metropolitan Terraces to get my check from CodeRed, two on my way to Salcedo to encash the check, three to People Support Ayala to have lunch with Ate Kate and give her the 1000 bucks I owe her for Kuya Luis’ hiking shoes, four on my way to MRT, five on my way to school, six on my way back to MRT after school, and seven on my way home.  Phew!  Imagine that.  That’s the most number of jeepneys I’ve ridden in a day in my entire life!

These several jeepney rides brought about some jeepney antics.  You can’t really expect what could happen in an 18-seater cramped-up passenger jeepney in the Philippines.  Anything’s possible.

For example, on my way to school, this lady with a huge plastic bag rode the jeep when it had only one slot left.  These jeepney drivers, when they say “Isa na lang!  O, isa na lang lalarga na!” they mean that you have to squeeze your 18-inch butt into a 5-inch of not even visible space.  You’re practically squatting and thanks to the hand rail you’re squatting and you’re lifting yourself up.  Boy, what an exercise!  Anyhow… where was I?  Oh, so there she was entering the jeepney so the people noticed her and moved quickly to give her some space.  Unfortunately, everyone moved so her space became at the long end of the jeepney.  She got so mad that she forced her huge ass into between these two people’s body just to get herself seated, with matching muttering of curses and lectures under her breath.  I even heard her say how rude these people were, not thinking of their fellows.  Hello?!  She was the one who was badmouthing them, who’s the nice old lady now, huh?  Sheesh.  Old people these days.  Naalala ko tuloy yung time na nasigawan ako ng matandang babae sa BPI kasi sinabihan ko siya na sumisingit siya (na totoo naman).  Ay!  Ka-trauma!

Wala lang to, mukhang masaya lang maglagay ng picture ko, hehe.  Anyway, I went to school to watch the Dancing In September event we were required to watch in Cheerleading.  The dancers were good, especially that we got to see the Streetdance Club perform once again.  They’re so damn good they won some Hiphop award abroad!

Very disturbing.  That’s how I’d describe UP Filipiniana’s performances that included a number of women and questionably male dancers.  What’s real disturbing is that there would be a couple of times where two men would hug, hold each other, and–get this–KISS!  Damn, this is UP.  But that doesn’t mean it’s okay!!!  Really.  It sent chills down my spine.

Ay panalo ‘to!  On my way out of UP, the jeepney I was riding was almost full, but the driver stopped in front of this girl, apparently a freshman, and she boarded the jeep but couldn’t find a seat.  What she said startled us all:  “Ayos lang ho, wala na atang space, sasabit na lang ako?”  What the??!!  Everyone looked at her and in utter shock, god-forbid we made room for the strange little lady!!!  That was really unusual.  How many times have you seen a girl make sabit to a jeepney? (Oo na, conio na…)  It’s either she’s a) a feminist who doesn’t believe in medieval-day chivalry and wants to assert her capability as a woman in doing what a man can do; b) she’s just kidding or being sarcastic in that she’s projecting herself so that some man would offer her seat to her and be the one to make sabit instead; or c) she’s effing serious!  I hope not.

Anywho I’m halfway downloading Grey’s 2.5 episode so I gotta ta-ta!  By the way, buy CodeRed, it’ll be released anytime soon, I have an article there again.  It’s available in all magazine stands in major bookstores.

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