I chanced upon this video on Mellow MYX just a few hours ago. I remembered watching it in my Natsci1 class last year when at the end of the sem we had nothing else to do but watch funny videos, and this one was tucked in between two of them, so it played. After the video, everyone in the auditorium went “Awww…” because even though we didn’t understand Korean we knew what it was about. Shet, what love can make people do.

Why have I named this place “An evanescent delectation”? It sounded effortless and downright vague, to say the least. It’s not my style of writing, but I just searched the thesaurus for synonyms of the word “temporary” and the word “pleasure” and put two and two together then voila! There it materialized. It sounds awkward, don’t you think?

Why have I thought of naming this a “temporary pleasure” anyway? That’s because I take on most of these kinds of things in real life. I’m bound to jumping and choosing for short-term joys instead of long-term ones. Even this blog is a short-term satisfaction, because I can’t really promise myself to update (just like always). But in any case, I’m still pursuing it, no matter how much laziness or uninspiration I encounter along the way. I hope my pep squad and cheerleaders are ready with their pompoms, because I sure as hell am going to need them! (If ever there are any, at all)

3 Responses to “Because I’m A Girl – Kiss”
  1. Dio says:

    naluha ako…


  2. JM Tuazon says:

    It is!!! Grabe noh. The best. Haha!

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    Because I’m A Girl – Kiss | Blue Pencil Chronicles | News and Views of a Journalism Major…

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