Whew! Talk about getting recharged, I think I overdid it. Practically slept the whole day (with my dad saying his all-famous, very classic line, “Hoy! Hindi ka na bumangon diyan!”) . Aaaahhhh this is the life; warm and fuzzy pillows, soft blanket, cuddly “yakap” and the smell of cold air and rain outside — the perfect picture that paints S-L-E-E-P in big, bold, red letters. Haha!

So, what’s the uppidy-up? I’m always like this, trying hard to blog but really have nothing to say, actually.

Oh! Karen and I are going to host this Friday’s ML (Movement Life, some sort-of seminar every friday by CCC. Really, no one has made it clear what it really is, but it’s what it says it is). The first time I was challenged by Kuya Ju to host the ML, I cringed and hair all over my body started to stand up in salute — I was never the one to do all this “hosting” stuff, even if I do belong in the College of Mass Communication (the craziest college in the Diliman Republic). Ask me to write a ten-page essay on the latest issue and I’ll turn it up to you in no time. But hosting? Nah… never even crossed my mind.

But I accepted the challenge. It wasn’t like me to do these kinds of stuff but what the hey! Let’s take the plunge! (Nestea oughta pay me for advertising space) Besides, I’d be doing it with a friend so it’s no hard stuff at all. Haha, but of course, I’m getting cold feet but I do hope it’ll disappear by Friday.

Time again to recite one of my favorite bible verses:

I can do all things through God who strengthens me! -Philippians 4:13

I just found out, accidentally, that one of my fondest past times is singing videoke style. Okay, so you probably haven’t seen me do so even with too much coaxing on your part, but I found out I only love to do it alone. Especially when I’m at home and nobody’s around, I can totally hit it high (imagine the frustration of the neighbors) and even rock it hard.

But, as always, this little “past time” of mine will remain a secret no one’s allowed to find out and see. (Okay, I know, I just spilled it) One day one of my escapades will find its way on YouTube, so just wait and see… hehe.

It’s the 27th Manila International Book Fair!!! Truly an event that’s anticipated all year by all the bookworms and book lovers out there trying to find a cheap thrill for their favorite books. And I’m going!!! (Hopefully; just looking at that picture makes me drooolll…)

It’ll be held on the 30th up to the 3rd next month at the World Trade Center in Manila (I think it’s near Mall of Asia?) I can’t wait to go and try to find all my favorite books, but hopefully I’d have the money to buy all of them (which, by now, is still a mystery for me). I don’t know where I’m gonna get all the money, but hopefully I could convince my mom to give me some, after all, we’re both book lovers.

Check out the website for more details:

(My brain’s fried) Oh! There’s a thought. It’s midterms week for me (because the whole university had it last week) I had a midterm exam in BC100 (Intro to Basic Broadcasting) yesterday and I didn’t study so I told myself, “I’m ready to fail this exam!” over and over again. Really, I didn’t study, didn’t even flip my notebook until around 15 minutes before the exam.

So there I was, waiting for the exam to start, when all of a sudden Ate Noreen at my back spilled some juicy stuff to us about the exam, and totally told us of all the content (talk about leakage, we totally outdid the Nursing Board). Okay, not all of it, but just a hint on what’ll come out, and I was freakingly elated because she said that not much of the things in the readings will come out — just plain pathetic stuff.

And so when our prof came in (with everyone shouting like we’ve seen a freakishly scary-looking monster, no wait, I’ll consider… hehe) we were all smiles. And it was true!!! 3/4 of the exam was composed of titles of TV shows in QTV, meanings of TV Station acronyms, and all that non-academic stuff (I was totally surprised when she asked who the Three Charmed Ones were). I asked myself, “Is this a midterm exam I’m taking?!” and just thanked God under my breath for the quick escape hatch. Whew, I almost dropped that subject.

On Friday, we’ll have our midterms in Journ101. Now this one’s a killer, and I’m taking it seriously this time. Wish me luck and pray for Wisdom. ^__^

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