I’m gonna be totally honest right now and say that I’m stirred up into a myriad of different emotions due to certain circumstances that happened in just one day.

So forgive me if ever I’m a little (or a lot) bitchy with my posts, my words, my diction. And thank the good, good Lord if ever I’m able to hold my composure and make it through this post without smashing my head into this computer screen.

That said, let’s move on with the mindboggling details of the day (and the former).

It was our (me and Karen) first time to go to Philsports Arena (formerly ULTRA) yesterday. We marked this day “adventure day” because we practically don’t have any means nor knowledge on how to get to the venue except our intuitions and of course our kakapalan ng mukha to ask the people. We got real valuable clues from friends, though, so without them we would’ve ended up in nowhere nowhere land.

So the game was against NU but even though they’re the under”dogs” of the league, we still believed they could pull off another win (after defeating UST?). When we got inside we were quite shocked because the Gen-Ad section was real high, para kang nanonood ng World Cup! (or pwede ring parang feeling namin kami si Zeus at Athena na nanonood ng battle ng mga Trojans from Mt. Olympus — ganun kataas)

Anywho, we didn’t let the height of our seats get into our cheering the game. It was, arguably, one of the best games of the tournament (not just the season) because it was really heart-wrenching! From 1st quarter to 3rd quarter we trailed behind the Bulldogs but during the first five minutes of the last quarter we cut their lead from 14 to nothing and made our own lead of around 5 points. The game even reached 3 digits in the scoreboard (I believe the 1st time in the tournament) and ended off with a very majestic shot by no less than Martin Reyes (our resident 3-point shooter) hoping to tie up the game and send it to overtime, 104-107. But alas, his shot didn’t make it through the clock, and the Bulldogs bagged the victory.

I don’t know why I don’t feel bad anymore whenever UP loses a game (especially now, hello, it’s NU!!!). Maybe because I’ve kept my expectations at the very minimum, especially after losing that blasted game against Adamson in the 1st round.

Oh well, at least it’s a great game, and that’s what’s important! (+ Eternal Repose to the soul of the father of Martin Reyes who just passed away last week) By the way, UP is now in the bottom of the chart, same with UST. Another by the way, first time ko makita sina Martin Reyes at Migs De Asis sa A.S. kanina! Haha idol!

Have I mentioned how wonderful God is? *laughs* Because He Is! During our prayer time in Kalayaan Dorm this afternoon, Ate Lai asked me if I’m spoiled by God. Well, I guess a little, but I believe it’s in His right timing and discretion anyway, so I don’t know if I am spoiled.

What I know is that He’s so wonderful! Wanna know why?

Yesterday on my way to UP for the Victory Worship Service, I texted a couple of friends. Here’s what I told them:

Guys! Please pray that God gives me patience. Magtu-tutor kasi ako ng lil sis ko mamaya, and I tend to get a little irked and impatient whenever I do so. Thanks!

After sending it to many people I got a reply:

Tamang-tama! About Patience ang ididiscuss ngayon sa Victory! –Anne

Few minutes into the prayer request and voila! An answered prayer. I was so excited to hear the sermon that I arrived at UP pretty early, ummmm, around 30 minutes early.

And true enough, just like what I said to Karen, it was meant for me! Haha! What a wonderful God for moving so mysteriously in people’s lives. The pastor shared his insights and many stories about patience (even showing a clip from Shrek 2 that talks about it). But here’s my favorite part: when he told us of an article about Jigsaw Puzzles. Here’s the article:

Everything I Need To Know About Life
I Learned From a Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Don’t force a fit. If something is meant to be, it will come together naturally.
  • When things aren’t going so well, take a break. Everything will look different when you return.
  • Be sure to look at the big picture. Getting hung up on the little pieces only leads to frustration.
  • Perseverance pays off. Every important puzzle went together bit by bit, piece by piece.
  • When one spot stops working, move to another. But be sure to come back later (see above).
  • The creator of the puzzle gave you the picture as a guidebook.
  • Variety is the spice of life. It’s the different colors and patterns that make the puzzle interesting.
  • Establish the border first. Boundaries give a sense of security and order.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different combinations. Some matches are surprising.
  • Take time to celebrate your successes (even little ones).
  • Anything worth doing takes time and effort. A great puzzle can’t be rushed.

Everytime the pastor mentions a part of the article, I could utter nothing else but “Awwww…” because it was a really helpful piece!

And I thank the Lord God for providing me with patience yesterday. While being so patient with tutoring my little sister (where my fingers are still crossed hoping she passes this exam), I managed to be apathetic with the fight that was going on with my Dad and my Uncle just outside. Normally I’d be really pissed off by the noise, but we just continued with our tutorial. Haha! God really works wonders if you believe in His strength!

I can do all things through God who strengthens me!
Philippians 4:13

Alam nyo ba na banned na sa MRT ngayon ang any form of liquid and gel? Yep. From canned manufactured products to liquids and gels, how paranoid can everyone get? (Super) Well, I don’t blame them, medyo uso nga ngayon ang bombahan sa ibang bansa, pero God forbid, pati bottled water bawal?! Okay, so sabihin na nating wala akong alam sa latest na pampasabog (I didn’t subscribe to Al-Qaeda weekly eh, have you?) pero anong katarantaduhan naman ang magagawa mo sa tubig kundi ang wisikan ang katabi mo nito? Haha… pathetic. Buti na lang whenever I ride the MRT empty and water bottle ko.

Eto pa isa! Bawal na daw ang guwapo sa MRT ngayon, medyo nagsisiksikan na daw ang mga babae sa 2nd at 3rd train kahit maluwag naman sa 1st cart, dami daw kasing guwapo sa “others” area eh. Haha… joke lang. Bawal rin kasi ang any form of gel, lotion and the like. Hala sige… walang sisihan kapag mabaho mga sasakay sa MRT ah!!! (Speaking of, nakalimutan ata mag-toothbrush nung katabi ko kanina, at may kausap pa siya sa phone kaya amoy na amoy ko… yakkk!)

Kagabi. Malakas ang Ulan. Malamig ang Paligid. Bukas ang TV. Bukas ang Ilaw. Nakahiga ako sa Sofa (as usual). At eto ang nangyari:

Isa na namang kaso ng kakapalan ng mukha ang naresolba. Bow. (What can I do? My camera loves me, I know. =P)

Now that we’re done with all the Good News, let’s move on to the “bad” ones. “Bad” (with quotes) because I don’t see them as blessings right now, but please pray that I eventually accept them as parts of plans of God for my life and for those people around me. Thanks.

Ma’am Castro, my professor in English1, is moving on to a “greener” pasture. She’s going to do research for the Office of Vice-Chancellor for student affairs and that tedious task would require her to drop our class. Our class, of all classes, our class.

I haven’t grown to love Ma’am Castro but I appreciate her diction and her trying-hard-to-be-another-accent accent. She explains the topics really well and I’m really challenged by all her questions. She may not give higher grades but it’s totally justified. She may get a little strict but it’s in the appropriate timing. I don’t know, maybe I like her, maybe I don’t, but I can’t really bear the thought of someone replacing her. I guess I just got used to her.

Panibagong adjustment na naman, never kong in-expect ‘to. Oh well, GE lang naman yan, at FRESHMAN English pa, sisiw na sisiw! (haha yabang)

Please refer to above. Remember I said how patient I am even if my dad and my uncle were having an argument last night? Well, they were arguing about money (hey, who isn’t). They were arguing how my aunt wasn’t able to pay her dues on time and so we’re in danger of having our electricity cut off.

When we transferred to my grandmother’s lot last year, they found out that they’ve been using stolen electricity for many years now. Well, I believe they’re aware of it, heck, they’ve been juicing the neighbor of money for decades! With my grandmother gone and only her children left (including my dad), we had the choice of shouldering the payment for the stolen electricity just so we could get a new account for our new house.

In short, we’ve been paying Meralco around 4,000 pesos a month for the damages we didn’t even cause. 4,000 pesos is not small money, that’s almost 3/4 of my tuition in a sem! And so ever since mom has been working her butts off just to pay all our bills and this God-forsaken burden.

They agreed that they’d split up the 4,000 so that we won’t be the only ones to shoulder the expenses. They agreed. They gave their word, their word! They gave their word to their BROTHER no less, to their ELDEST BROTHER (my dad). Bejeezus these people have no respect for their neighbors anymore!

The last month, they were delayed by a few weeks in giving their share. And so my mom had to make both ends meet so she used her own money to shoulder their share. And that meant having to let go of money to pay some other bills, hoping that they’d pay in time, but they didn’t. They were delayed for almost a month! And so was our electric bill!

Therefore, when I came home this evening, our house was dark because our electricity was cut off. They didn’t fucking care if they’d give their share on time or not because they know they won’t be affected. Selfish bastards! Now we’d have to sleep in the dark and in the heat of the night this evening while they lavish in their ill-gotten electricity. Arghhh I’m so mad at them right now, I don’t think I can even bear to look at them, to think they’re my blood relatives.

Darn. I hope God grants me the strength to hold on to my faith in this trying time. I don’t want to get angry at them so I think this blog would suffice in releasing my anger. Thank You, Lord, Thank You.

To cap these all off, please note that I have not made public broadcast of this island (my blog). Therefore, if you managed to come here, it’s only by personal invitation. Sure I’m on the public sphere (the internet) but I tried to keep the audience to a minimum (private). These are my thoughts, my sentiments, my feelings. Please always bear that in mind. Thanks visitors! ^__^

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