I have just finished reading River Piedra a few minutes ago, and I have to say, it’s not an easy reading book. It contains a lot of nuggets of wisdom that all converges to convey one great message: love. Sure, the subplot can be likened to that of The Da Vinci Code (God having a feminine face), but the thing that drives the story to its end (which is quite a heavy one, by the way) is love, pure love, true love, incomprehensible love. Upto now there are some instances and things in the book I couldn’t understand, but I could very well relate to several particular occurences in it.
And, have you noticed, Paulo Coelho never mentioned the name of the guy? It’s just Pilar (the girl). Weird… the man was always referred to as “her childhood friend”.
The book isn’t exactly how it was “related/told” to me. The reversal happened. And it’s very hard to understand. Oh well…

It’s amazing how I can easily see how God is working in my life. Sure, there have been numerous times before that I’ve seen this, but not as vivid until recently.
Last night, on my way home from a Community Mass, I rode a Zapote Jeep after dropping by Ate Kate’s office. It was way past 10 o’ clock in the evening and jeepneys were few, but I managed to squeeze myself into one, fortunately.

I got off at the usual place when I commute there during the day —Kalayaan Avenue. From there I would ride a Guadalupe Jeep then get off at the Tawiran (ferry boat that crosses Pasig River which separates Makati from Mandaluyong), then walk my way home. But it was late at night, and I remembered how Makati had weird traffic rules where at certain times of the day some roads would be One Way and will only be Two Way by night. I waited for a couple of minutes for a jeepney to pass by. Some did, but didn’t let me ride, maybe they’re calling it a night. I hailed one, and the two passengers at the back–must’ve been the driver’s friends–just laughed at me and shouted “Walaaaaaa!”. I was embarassed. And afraid. It was late at night, I’m in an unfamiliar place, and I had so many baggages I would most certainly be considered a hold-up crook magnet. I was so afraid, even though I was literally under the lamp post. And so I just prayed.

I held my scupular by my hand very tightly. I prayed deeply that God send me home safely, in whatever means possible. I thought I should just take a cab, but then that would be expensive. So I told myself, I would just take another Zapote Jeep, and ask the driver for directions. And so I went back to where I got off, trying to wait for a Jeep to Zapote. And I was so overwhelmed when a Jeepney came, lowered its headlights, and let me read the sign: Guadalupe MRT IBABAW. I started to Praise God in so much delight! I didn’t know Guadalupe Jeepneys also pass by that route. I was so used to taking one at Kalayaan. But Alas, on that fateful night, on a very rare occasion, one jeepney passed by, and it saved me from all the harm I could’ve possible gone through.
Praise God!

I have a classmate in one of my classes who is a friend of a friend. Okay, so that was confusing. Anyway, I was previously acquainted with this classmate of mine because we were classmates the semester before. So, there would be an occasional hi and hello during class. Whenever she’d come, I’d raise my eyebrow (but not to intimidate her, just to greet her) in acknowledgement of her as an acquaintance, then we would sit separately. Sometimes, she’d ask for something, say, if there’s an assignment, or if she could borrow my book. Sometimes, she’d ask me to remind her of the previous lesson. Just that, nothing more, nothing less. We were never near conversational. I always thought she was bland, snubbish and anti-social.
But this morning, everything changed. We’ve just come off of a five-day weekend and I haven’t seen her in more than a week since I was absent last meeting. When I saw her, I accidentally dropped the Iced Tea I was drinking (good thing there was a lid), and she made a sniding remark, “O, nakita mo lang ako nataranta ka na.” I replied with, “Oo nga eh…” then laughed the whole thing off. She then sat beside me and started congratulating me on getting published, and I began to grow puzzled because I never even told her of the thing (reasons of which I would find out later). We then started to have a casual conversation, how she asked how my parents thought of my getting published, what the article was about and if I had a copy with me. I brought out the copy I got that morning and let her read my article. She sat quietly for a few minutes, then I asked her how her “vacation-of-sorts” with her friend went. We continued on with conversing until we entered the room, and again sat separately.
That moment then, I texted a friend, and I told her, Alam mo, sa two months naming magkaklase ni [insert friend’s name here], ngayon lang kami nagka-chikahan. At ngayon ko lang siya nakitang ganung kasaya, even after all that happened.” Then, she replied with Kasi Christian na siya.” And yes, I realized that after. Amazing noh? Welcoming Christ into her life really made a huge difference.
God Works in Mysterious Ways! I hope He transforms more people as He has transformed me.

Why am I sharing these things to you? I want to Testify the Love of God, maybe you felt it too, you just don’t recognize it.

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  1. daxi says:

    miss ko yung feeling na ganun..haay..

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