I caught the reading bug once again, and so far these are the ones that I’ve managed to acquire:

By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept
by Paulo Coelho

I don’t know why but I always misspell Paulo as Paolo whenever I type it.

Aaaaaanyway… (In a Prof. Teodoro matter-of-factly tone)

I’ve been wanting to read this one since, well, forever. I don’t know why but those people I’ve asked if they have this book either have lost it, have someone borrow it and haven’t returned it yet, or just don’t have it at all. Anyway, I didn’t enjoy The Alchemist very much (yea, persecute me) but I’ve already gone through half of the book already and I have to say, I like it (with the arm gesture and spirit fingers).

This copy was given to me as a gift by Ate Kate. That’s why I love her so much! Hehe… Labshu Ate!

2nd Chance
by James Patterson

2nd Chance is a sequel to James Patterson’s mind-boggling, CSI slash Nancy Drew-ish thriller 1st to die.

Believe it or not, I was able to hear about James Patterson through Kris Aquino. Yes, she’s a blabbermouth, but she has interesting taste in books. (Yeah, whatever that means) The moment I heard that James Patterson was a good writer (and after reading reviews of his books in TIME Magazine), I immediately asked mom if, by any chance, she managed to grab even one of his books. By some stroke of luck, she had two. One is 1st to die, and the other is Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas. I was able to read the two in just a week, and has been forever nagging my mom to buy me more of his books.

This afternoon, while walking home from school, I saw a sari-sari store selling bargain “pocket books” (the English ones, not those cheap 6-peso ones you can buy… somewhere I don’t even care about). I took a browse through their books and managed to find 2nd Chance lying there unsuspectingly. I asked the lady how much it cost and guess how much it is? ONLY 25 PESOSESOSES!!! Yes, you heard it right. In bookstores this would cost 300 bucks or more. Haha… what a bargain! My first real one. I’m gonna read this one after River Piedra.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye
by Joshua Harris

I haven’t managed to acquire this one yet but I was able to read a few good chapters of it in Powerbooks.

I have reasons to believe that FATE brought me to liking this book. I first heard about it through Dana, because she says it’s one of her favorite books.

Yesterday while waiting for Ate Kate in Powerbooks, I browsed through their shelves without really any intention of buying. But then I stumbled through the row of Joshua Harris’ books, and got interested in the cover of this one, so I picked it up. I started reading it, page by page, word per word, essence by essence, and judging by how much I’ve read, I really liked it.

One would assume that by “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” the author means that whoever reads the book should be single forever and never marry. It’s a whole lot more than that.

I haven’t bought this one yet but I’ll buy it on Victory at Sunday. Weeee me excited!


Yay! Somebody got published yesterday! Harhar… CODERED came out yesterday, and the moment I saw it at National Bookstore, my heart literally jumped! I wanted to rip the covering off to see how my article looked like, but that would be stealing + destruction of things + public scandal whatever (Okay, so I’m not a law person, but you get the drift). I texted Ate Kate right away and all my sentences ended with a minimum of three exclamation points (!!!). Hehe… then she got her copy that night too so we read it and we took pictures of it. Waaaahhhh!!! The point is, I’m very happy because finally, I’m living out one of my dreams.

Now I do hope they’re still interested in me writing for them for the next issue. (Hello Miss Carol! =P)

I do hope you get a copy of CODERED. It’s available at all major bookstores in the Metro. CodeRed is a family and youth magazine, just in case you’d ask. It costs 120, though, but hey, my article’s in there, it’s all worth the money (He he he, while you could just get them here for free =P)

So bakit andito si Oble? Wala
lang, maganda kasi tingnan
kapag may Sablay.

It’s exhausting having to go back to school after a 5-day Weekend due to SONA, Torrential Rains and, well, just plain no classes.

Today in English we discussed JabberWocky which is basically a poem full of crap nonsense words. It’s interesting, but it’s over the board.

This afternoon while walking Karen to her next class, we discussed how my Hell Weeks are approaching so fast, and how she’s been in hers for the last few weeks. Time Management really is a problem for me. I even need to assign time to just think, so I could get focus to do some things. Anyway, I hope I get by next week, midterms are coming. BrRrRrRr…

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  1. Kate says:

    Happy na… Birthday pa!
    Happy Birthday Kuya JM!

    Oist, yung pramis mo na you’ll have the book summarize for me or when given the time, palit tayo ng book na babasahin, hopefully matapos ko yun binili ko…hahaha…
    Labshu & ummuah!

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