As I look at the monitor, sitting in this three-meter-wide room that makes for a 12-unit Computer Shop, BLUE is sprawled all over my face as I hold the mouse by my right hand. I move the scroller down, and it’s still BLUE. I look at it intently, and it’s still BLUE. I stare at it for a few minutes, and guess what, it’s still BLUE.

No wonder I don’t feel like blogging nowadays. Whenever I come to this blog, it’s BLUE. Okay, so maybe when I type it isn’t BLUE yet, but when I re-read my entry, it’s in BLUE. Now don’t get me wrong, BLUE is my favorite color, but… it’s become monotonous already. I have fully exhausted the juices this layout has to offer. It’s become bland, monotonous, tasteless, crap, and the like. I desperately need a new layout. And a new layout is what I need. (Yeah, I’ll go Yoda-ish on you now)

This week, this week… it’ll be a gift for myself. Happy Eighteenth! ^__^

2 Responses to “Now I Know What I need”
  1. Donya Quixote says:

    Happy belated birthday pa la! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Donya Quixote says:

    Happy belated birthday… NEXT WEEK. bwahahahaa palusot. ngehehehe

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