Joining Campus Crusade for Christ, I believe, is one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. And in that move I would like to thank my ever-so-trusty bestest friend in the Diliman Republic, Karen Eloisa Capacia for radiating the feeling to me and made me join CCC.

Last Friday, I attended my second M.L. (Movement Life, where CCC people gather every week to discuss a certain topic, testify about it and a whole lot more). Last week’s topic was about Belongingness, and I have to say I relate very much to it. I don’t have any orgs in UP because of certain things I’m uncomfortable with, and CCC, without the very extensive App Process, has opened its doors for me and I have to say, I really feel I belong.

Last Friday was also my first Discipleship Session with my Discipler, Kuya Dwight. We discussed 4SL first and he gave me a homework.

Yesterday, I was able to attend the Worship Service of Victory – UP at the Film Center, again, thanks to Karen. Kuya Rick has been forever nagging me to join him in Victory – Alabang, but after two years or so, yesterday was only the first time I was able to attend a Victory Service.

I have to say, Singing Praise for God feels so good, especially if you’re in the company of the people who love to do the same. Even if you don’t know the lyrics, even if you’re too shy to move, even if you’re too timid to raise your voice in praise of God, He just makes everything happen. And it feels so damn good. ^__^

Tomorrow, we’ll (Karen and Jen) attend the Still Waters Service at Katipunan. Still Waters is a youth church where Kuya Dwight (my discipler) and Ate Lai (Jen’s and Karen’s Discipler) belong. Ironically, I just found out that Pep Dude is also a Still Waters member. Hmmm… this’d be interesting.

Oh, yesterday, we bought Jen a bible as a gift for her birthday. It was very tiring and very difficult to decide which one to buy, but thanks to the very nice people at Philippine Christian Bookstore, we were able to buy the best one, and it came from the heart (and our own pockets, too!). =P

I would also like to thank Karen for giving me a bible case as a gift for my birthday. ^__^ It’s a maroon fiber one with an ichtus fish in front. Karen, if your UP shirt was made for you, I guess this bible case was made for me, hahaha!

Praise God for all the things — good and bad — happening to me lately! I hope I make a 360-degree turn and commit myself fully to God through CCC. (I’m just having a hard time since I commute my way home everyday. Things might change if I’m able to find a boarding house, maybe next sem. I hope you pray with me for this. ^__^)

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