I’ve lost the ability to articulate my thoughts through typing. Well, in this blog’s case, that is. It seems that everytime I drop by this blog, I lose all the words in my head. I guess it’s a normal thing for me, because I’m always loyal to one blog only. And right now, I guess my alter ego speaks more articulately than my true self. Or is it just the layout? I don’t know… maybe all my insecurities are so much reflected in this place that they tend to get highlighted all the time… I feel a thousand eyes on me (although not many are the visitors of this place) everytime I write. Is this a sign of having to go on hybernation? Or abandoning this blog once and for all and live as my alter ego? Dang… I’m so… confused (heck, JM, when are you not confused, anyway?!). Salute to Bob Ong. Kuya Jess, please don’t let me close down this blog… please, please Kuya…

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