Just got home from the UP-Ateneo game (otherwise known as the “Battle of Katipunan”) and quite frankly, I’m slightly depressed. Okay, majorly depressed. I was faithful up to the very end that we’d still make it, but it didn’t happen. Nestor graduated. Marvin graduated. Sigh… darn referees! Oh well, I guess Kuya Jess has some “other plans” for us this season… I hope. No wait, I know. ^__^

My wishlist is slowly expanding and at the same time slowly contracting. Some people have “pledged” to cross out one item on the list, while some other are still quite dormant about making their moves noticed *starbucks, aherm, starbucks* Hehe… I was about to add “Stabilo Boss” to the list, but I found one this afternoon! Gee… what a coincidence, thank God! I badly need one… hehe!

I surrender to Kuya Jess all our plans for having Internet at home. It seems like it’ll never happen, not in a thousand years! Gawrsh… I’ve sacrificed a lot already, even the money that’s meant for my birthday! But still, things aren’t going to push through… I might have to endure longer time of renting out just to have access to the net… Sigh… if only I have a laptop, I wouldn’t have this problem *wink wink, fishing…* Well, I guess it’s another challenge from Him… for whatever purpose, I’m still willing to wait.

CodeRed will come out this week! Watch out for it in National Bookstore, Powerbooks and 7-Eleven outlets, and go grab your copy, okay?! Thanks!

6 Responses to “Sanga-Sanga ng Puno-Puno”
  1. bikoy says:

    i was there too! na-depress din ako.

  2. totoong.kaibigan says:

    hindi ibig sabihin na maganda ang pagkakabalot ng regalo ay maganda at makakapagpasaya narin sa’yo ang laman nito. mas madalas, kung gaano pa hindi kagandahan ang pagkakabalot ng regalo ay nasa loob pa pala nito ang talagang magpapasaya sa atin.

    bakit kaya hindi mo muna pansinin yung mga regalong hindi kagandahan ang pagkakabalot, kaysa doon sa mga magaganda, malay mo andun pala yung mas kailangan mo, mas makakatulong sa’yo, masa makakapapasaya sa’yo; mas maganda pa sa inaasahan mo.

    you’re blessed with every good thing that this world can offer. nasasa’yo na kung may kulang pa.

    ngayon, nagtitiis kang magrent ng PC sa labas, pero anon malay mo, later ikaw pa pala ang magpaparent. ngayon, you feel na kailangan mo ng laptop, extra nalang siguro ung personal deisre mo, pero malay mo, later hindi nlng pala laptop ang meron sa’yo.

    i believe nasaatin na lahat ng kailangan natin to survive in our everyday sturggle to this world at our present state kung may mga iba pa tayong gusto, baka naman it will come later kapag dapat na tayong magkaroon nun.

    ewan ko kung magandang reflection un? pero alam mo namang my mga bagay din akong gustong mangyari, makuha, makuha, makuha, makuha, at makuha parin sa ngayon. pero siuro i learned to accept things as they come, as they are. because i believe that in my every rising at 5:30am, god already equipped me with the grace that i need to survive the day!


  3. JM Tuazon says:

    totoong[dat]kaibigan, minsan merong mga bagay sa mundo na kailangan tingnan na lang natin kung ano sila. Ehem. In english, there are some things in this world that we should see as they are, nothing else. ^__^

    But thanks for the lesson. I guess it’s expected. =P

  4. true.friend says:


    oo naman, pwede natin tingnan ang mga bagay as they are.

    am just reminding you cguro to dwell dun sa view na mas kaya nating controlin since these things are far beyond our capacity to understand.

    but all of our SANAs,
    who’ll know kung matutupad ang mga yun?

    pwedeng oo
    pwedeng hindi
    pwedeng hindi muna at hindi pa ngayon

    para bang
    tinitingnan ko rin kasi sya as a personal struggle; UNCERTAIN kung ano ang mangayayari sa struggle na yun.

    yet we continue to struggle
    we continue to want
    kahit minsan hindi pa pwedeng mangyari
    kasi we know, we assume, that it would be a great help sa atin.

    pano ba toh?
    pwede sya irelate sa confession
    (shucks! seminarista na yata ako)

    sa pag-akyat natin sa bundok,
    god would’nt expect us to reach the peak ng walng putik, dumi, pawis, at kung ano-ano pang impurities.
    yet, the important part there is that we continue to struggle diba?

    we stand whenever na madadapa tayo.
    kapag pagod, konting pahinga lang and then lakad ulit.
    kasi we want to reach the peak.
    we want that something.

    given this span of time, dapat maakyat natin yung peak; 2hrs.
    pero di naman natin alam kung kaya talaga natin akyatin ng 2 hrs. malay ba natin kung ano ang pwedeng mangyari habang umaakyat tayo.
    pero at yun na rin siguro yung sinsabi ko during our long conversation sa fone; at least you tried, at least you struggle.

    may sense ba ang sinasabi ko?
    actually ang point lang dun eh yung, dwell dun sa view na mas kaya nating controlin since these things are far beyond our capacity to understand.

    then the cycle starts again.

    thanks for reading.
    at salamat narin sa paggamit ng space sa comments mo para rin makapagshare ako. di ko pa magalaw ang blog ko eh. hehe

  5. JM Tuazon says:

    Huwaaaa Friend Alien speak na naman, but I appreciate you sharing. Pero may blog ka, friend, may blog ka. Hehehehe =P ^__^

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