*Pardon the profanity in this post, I believe there’re no other words in the English language that can describe how I feel and how some people have dealt with me, so please bear with me*

Some people can be such an ass. Bitch, whatever.

The other day I went to Katipunan to pay our hosting dues for the month. It was my first time to pay via BPI Katipunan and so I was a little bit careful at the time.

Upon arriving at the branch I filled up the deposit slip with the information provided by my host. The deposit slip looked different in that branch, I thought. But nonetheless the process was still the same.

After filling up the slip I went on to find where I was supposed to line up for payment. When I did, I took my queue behind a guy wearing a checkered polo. Minutes into the queue, without my noticing it, an old lady suddenly materialized in front of me, where the guy wearing a polo used to stand. No, it wasn’t a ghost or a white lady or whatever, it really was an old lady. An old hag, I should say.

With all the confidence and “respect” I could muster, I told the old ladyhag, “Um, may pila po…” And what happened next, I didn’t know how to take in.

She looked at me in utter disbelief, her eyes so wide with what seemed like rage. Then, she opened her mouth and in the loudest volume possible, that which can be heard by the whole branch (it was a pretty big branch, take note), she said, “Hoy, hindi ako sumingit! Nakapila ako sa kanya (then points to the guy wearing a checkered polo), may kinuha lang ako dun (then points to the teller in the other counter, who, by now, was eyeing me with suspicion). Next time you don’t just assume, that’s not polite, you don’t just jump into conclusions blah blah blah!” She said a whole slew of other crap for which I didn’t pay attention to because I started to flush in utter shame. Out of everything in this world, being humiliated in public is the last thing I wanted to experience.I mean, who does?

And the bad thing about it was that all I was able to say to her was, “Sorry, sorry po…” I mean, I wasn’t even able to defend myself, to counterpoint her point, to prove to her I wasn’t insinuating anything, whatever. Heck, all I was able to do was apologize. Goody-two-shoe!

I’m never the one who’s able to handle things like this. Many people close to me know that I’m non-confrontational and that if, as much as possible, I could handle things through nice talk, I would.

In my defense, since the old ladyhag won’t hear nor care anyway, I’d like to make some points clear.

First, I didn’t tell her na sumingit siya. Okay, so maybe I was “assuming”, as she said, na sumingit nga siya, but that’s brought about by the circumstances. When I lined up in that queue, I didn’t see her there, so just by that I can tell I have every right to assume she was cutting the line. When I entered the bank, I didn’t even see her leave the line and go to the other teller, so I guess, human as I am, I have every right to assume she was cutting the line. And the last point, she didn’t tell the guy in the checkered polo that she’d do something for a while because if she did, the guy would have run into her defense and tell me that she was indeed queueing up in there, but he didn’t! He just stood there! So by that, I therefore conclude, I have every right to assume she was cutting the line.

I believe the assumption that I made was just a natural human reaction brought about by the circumstances mentioned above. Anyone, in his/her right mind, could have made the same assumption as I did. So this further disproves the being “right” of the old ladyhag.

But it doesn’t end there. To make matters worse, moments after her little show of “power”, she was parading everywhere in the bank, leaving her place in the line every so often to go to this and go to that, which made me more enraged because she wasn’t telling me or anybody else, for that matter, to “save” her place in the line. I mean, if you’re a decent human being, you would’ve at least told the one in front of or behind you that you’ll leave the line momentarily and that you’d come back in a few minutes, eliminating every argument that might arise accusing you of cutting the line.

So what did I do? Everytime she’d move out of the line, I won’t move. The queue was moving but I still didn’t move. I wanted to make sure she’d get enough space to fit her huge sorry ass with so that no more show of “power” will happen again. Goody-two-shoe!

I’d like to raise another point on why I “assumed” she was cutting the line. I’m a U.P. student, and our school is sometimes dubbed as the “University of Pila”. I experienced queuing up in UP for long hours just to get one subject or just to pay some stupid fee. In short, sa pila, patayan kung patayan. Hindi ako makapapayag na may sisingit na lang bigla, because I worked hard to stay in that line for long hours and if someone would just barge in and cut the line, my Gawd, it’s Hell Hath No Fury for me! Judging by this mindset, one can tell how I would normally react if somebody just cuts the line. It’s no joke, old ladyhag!

So, friends, what have we learned here?
First, that some people can be such an ass. SOmetimes, it’s just better to understand those people if a) it’s apparent how old they are and shouting carelessly at poor people would make them happy; b) please refer to letter a. I mean, let’s understand this old ladyhag, because she probably does this to every maid in her “mansion” every chance she gets. She’s old and if that makes her happy, I guess I’d just let her be. This could be one of the very few moments she’d be able to do such a thing, so I’d guess I’d just let this pass.

Second, that age and generation gap doesn’t mean power, my friends. Sure, I may not have reacted to what she did to me, but if I was another person who isn’t much of a goody-two-shoe, I would have probably shouted back to her and tell her how an old hag she is. I might have even given her the ghetto black-american gesture *snap snap snap* kind of thing. =P Some people use their age and their gap to other people to intimidate them and give themselves a false sense of “power” over these poor beings. My advice, be nice to other people, but not to this kind. Don’t be like me.

Third, if you believe you’re on the right side of things, then by all means fight for what you think is right. I’m not a quick thinker and so I don’t think as fast as I talk, that’s why I wasn’t able to think of these arguments until moments after that little incident. I’m traumatized by confrontations and raising of voices that’s why I tend to just fold up and admit my mistake. But, for the love of God, what did I do wrong?

Remember, some people can be such an ass, but don’t let them get to you, they’d have their day. For sure. This old hag’s, it’s bound to be sooner than later, oh that’s for sure.

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  1. Friday says:

    You should’ve kicked her ass. Just kidding… but there’s an idea. ๐Ÿ˜›

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