Okay, so it would be rather unfair for me not to post here, because everytime I do I just have to give out apologies to everyone who’s reading when nobody does, anyway. =P Anyway, it’s just the middle of the week and I can say that it’s been quite a wreck already. It’s so wrecked I’m gonna write in bullets pretending the former has something to do with the latter.

  • When I paid hosting via BPI Katipunan yesterday, an old ladyhag humiliated me in front of the whole bank! More on that in a later post.
  • Did you know that there are actually three kinds of Gatsby Wax available in the market? If you do, good for you! Because I didn’t know. I was going to buy the Hard & Mat variety when I picked up the Hard & Free one with the same color. Bummer!
  • UAAP Season 68 starts on Saturday! Opening Ceremonies will be held in Araneta Coliseum, as always. First UP game will be on sunday versus UST. How ironic, me and Bru are going to watch but we’ll be standing on opposite ends of the stadium. =P
  • We’ve been practicing our cheers for the past few weeks, owing to the fact that I’m part of the PE Cheerleading Class aka the UP Contingent during UAAP Games. Karen (my best buddy in UP) keeps on joking me about this certain Pep Squad member who’s always looking at me whenever I cheer. She kept on telling me the Pep has a crush on me. My Gawd, the Pep’s a guy! But I did notice him eyeing me sometimes. Eaw. Creepy. Especially when I see his weird tooth that seemed to be longer than the others whenever he smiles. =P
  • They nabbed a pickpocket in MRT this afternoon. The Good thing: an evil-doer caught red-handed! The Bad Thing: kinuyog nila yung mama sa loob ng MRT. The Worse Thing: Sobrang sikip nun sa MRT! The Worst Thing: Nasa likod ko lang nangyayari lahat ng aksyon! It was traumatizing, really.
  • Finally able to grab hold of my FIRST EVER UP Shirt! And it’s for free, courtesy of the UP Pep Squad and Chikka IM.

It’s the 5th of the month, only 5 days ’til my BlogDay (The day I officially started blogging, July 10, 2002) and 24 days ’til my *ahem, ahem* coming of age. Whutever. And I believe I’m entitled to this:


  • First, I want a bible. But not just any bible. The only bible in the house is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very OLD. I want a new one. I believe I want those rather “specialized” ones, like those specially made for teenagers, youth, young men, and the like. I wanted a new bible because I recently joined this org at school so aptly dubbed The Campus Crusade for Christ or CCC. I hope somebody does give me a bible. ^__^
  • Second, I want maturity. Nyay, as if someone here on earth could give this one to me as a gift. I don’t know, I seem to be driven by a lot of things that tend to irk me so much. I want to be able to get rid of all my insecurities and inhibitions. I hope…
  • Third, I want a nice hair. I don’t know how to fix my own so I’d like to, once and for all, get someone to do it for me. And he/she better give me a nice one! =P
  • Fourth, I want STARBUCKS COFFEE. Aherm aherm. Aherm. 3 months, going on fourth.
  • Fifth, I want Peace of Mind to all those who are troubled. Especially to my dearest friend. Parang World Peace na rin pero individual ang level. =P
  • Sixth, I want Strength for both me and Bru. I hope we’d outgrow all these troubles and trials that plague our relationship. I hope Kuya Jess always gives us the strength that we need to always hold on, and have faith in what we have. ü
  • Seventh, I want a copy of By The River Piedra I sat Down and Wept by Paolo Coelho. Grabe I’ve been looking for a copy to borrow for months now, but all hopes are still in vain.
  • Eighth, a LAPTOP or a DIGICAM. Whoo, this ones’ still a bit farfetched, but I’m still including it in my wishlist just in case. =P

That’s all for now, but I’d be adding/updating every so often if I get to think of others. =P

4 Responses to “Dear Diary, Carlo Sat Beside Me Today…”
  1. Bru says:

    Season 69 na po. 😛 Hehe.
    At kasama kita sa Sunday. I’ll be cheering for Marvin Cruz! Haha! 😛 Aawayin ko ang Tomasinong aagaw ng bola sa kaniya! Haha! “Go USTe!! Wag niyo aagawan ng bola si Marvin kooooo!!!” Haha! 😛 [Nyahaha! Joke! :D]

    At sino naman yang PEP na yan na tingin ng tingin sa’yo. Hay nako. Tatanungin ko kay Karen kung sino yan nang madukutan ko ng mata!


  2. Paolo says:

    Imagine being the pickpocketEE.

  3. von says:
  4. sklep z odzieżą męską says:

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