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“Parting is such a sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow…”

In life, you have to say goodbye to a lot of things…
Friends, family, toys, relationships, ideas, principles…
Goodbye, because you need to move on with your life…
You need to grow…
You need to make some space for new things to come in…
For changes to happen to your life…
For improvements that God wants you to have…

Look at your life right now…
If airlines charge for excess baggage, so does your life…
It takes its toll on your health, on your relationships, on your day-to-day activities…
So here’s something to do: lose some weight…
Drop off the excess baggages…
Leave anything you won’t be needing in your journey…
Even if it means saying goodbye to the ones you treasure the most…
To the ones you love the most…
To the things you’ve held on for a very long time…

This is why parting is such a sweet sorrow…
Because you let go of things you love the most…
But in letting go of it, you free yourself of unnecessary burden…
And you make room to carry new things, things that could be of more importance for the moment…

If there’s one thing I hate in this world, it’s bidding farewell…
But if there’s something I really love doing, it’s discovering new things…

Such is the Irony of Life…
Such is the God of Irony…

Goodbye for now, maybe we’ll see each other again later…
Goodbye… Goodbye…

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I have just finished reading River Piedra a few minutes ago, and I have to say, it’s not an easy reading book. It contains a lot of nuggets of wisdom that all converges to convey one great message: love. Sure, the subplot can be likened to that of The Da Vinci Code (God having a feminine face), but the thing that drives the story to its end (which is quite a heavy one, by the way) is love, pure love, true love, incomprehensible love. Upto now there are some instances and things in the book I couldn’t understand, but I could very well relate to several particular occurences in it.
And, have you noticed, Paulo Coelho never mentioned the name of the guy? It’s just Pilar (the girl). Weird… the man was always referred to as “her childhood friend”.
The book isn’t exactly how it was “related/told” to me. The reversal happened. And it’s very hard to understand. Oh well…

It’s amazing how I can easily see how God is working in my life. Sure, there have been numerous times before that I’ve seen this, but not as vivid until recently.
Last night, on my way home from a Community Mass, I rode a Zapote Jeep after dropping by Ate Kate’s office. It was way past 10 o’ clock in the evening and jeepneys were few, but I managed to squeeze myself into one, fortunately.

I got off at the usual place when I commute there during the day –Kalayaan Avenue. From there I would ride a Guadalupe Jeep then get off at the Tawiran (ferry boat that crosses Pasig River which separates Makati from Mandaluyong), then walk my way home. But it was late at night, and I remembered how Makati had weird traffic rules where at certain times of the day some roads would be One Way and will only be Two Way by night. I waited for a couple of minutes for a jeepney to pass by. Some did, but didn’t let me ride, maybe they’re calling it a night. I hailed one, and the two passengers at the back–must’ve been the driver’s friends–just laughed at me and shouted “Walaaaaaa!”. I was embarassed. And afraid. It was late at night, I’m in an unfamiliar place, and I had so many baggages I would most certainly be considered a hold-up crook magnet. I was so afraid, even though I was literally under the lamp post. And so I just prayed.
I held my scupular by my hand very tightly. I prayed deeply that God send me home safely, in whatever means possible. I thought I should just take a cab, but then that would be expensive. So I told myself, I would just take another Zapote Jeep, and ask the driver for directions. And so I went back to where I got off, trying to wait for a Jeep to Zapote. And I was so overwhelmed when a Jeepney came, lowered its headlights, and let me read the sign: Guadalupe MRT IBABAW. I started to Praise God in so much delight! I didn’t know Guadalupe Jeepneys also pass by that route. I was so used to taking one at Kalayaan. But Alas, on that fateful night, on a very rare occasion, one jeepney passed by, and it saved me from all the harm I could’ve possible gone through.
Praise God!

I have a classmate in one of my classes who is a friend of a friend. Okay, so that was confusing. Anyway, I was previously acquainted with this classmate of mine because we were classmates the semester before. So, there would be an occasional hi and hello during class. Whenever she’d come, I’d raise my eyebrow (but not to intimidate her, just to greet her) in acknowledgement of her as an acquaintance, then we would sit separately. Sometimes, she’d ask for something, say, if there’s an assignment, or if she could borrow my book. Sometimes, she’d ask me to remind her of the previous lesson. Just that, nothing more, nothing less. We were never near conversational. I always thought she was bland, snubbish and anti-social.
But this morning, everything changed. We’ve just come off of a five-day weekend and I haven’t seen her in more than a week since I was absent last meeting. When I saw her, I accidentally dropped the Iced Tea I was drinking (good thing there was a lid), and she made a sniding remark, “O, nakita mo lang ako nataranta ka na.” I replied with, “Oo nga eh…” then laughed the whole thing off. She then sat beside me and started congratulating me on getting published, and I began to grow puzzled because I never even told her of the thing (reasons of which I would find out later). We then started to have a casual conversation, how she asked how my parents thought of my getting published, what the article was about and if I had a copy with me. I brought out the copy I got that morning and let her read my article. She sat quietly for a few minutes, then I asked her how her “vacation-of-sorts” with her friend went. We continued on with conversing until we entered the room, and again sat separately.
That moment then, I texted a friend, and I told her, Alam mo, sa two months naming magkaklase ni [insert friend's name here], ngayon lang kami nagka-chikahan. At ngayon ko lang siya nakitang ganung kasaya, even after all that happened.” Then, she replied with Kasi Christian na siya.” And yes, I realized that after. Amazing noh? Welcoming Christ into her life really made a huge difference.
God Works in Mysterious Ways! I hope He transforms more people as He has transformed me.

Why am I sharing these things to you? I want to Testify the Love of God, maybe you felt it too, you just don’t recognize it.

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I caught the reading bug once again, and so far these are the ones that I’ve managed to acquire:

By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept
by Paulo Coelho

I don’t know why but I always misspell Paulo as Paolo whenever I type it.

Aaaaaanyway… (In a Prof. Teodoro matter-of-factly tone)

I’ve been wanting to read this one since, well, forever. I don’t know why but those people I’ve asked if they have this book either have lost it, have someone borrow it and haven’t returned it yet, or just don’t have it at all. Anyway, I didn’t enjoy The Alchemist very much (yea, persecute me) but I’ve already gone through half of the book already and I have to say, I like it (with the arm gesture and spirit fingers).

This copy was given to me as a gift by Ate Kate. That’s why I love her so much! Hehe… Labshu Ate!

2nd Chance
by James Patterson
2nd Chance is a sequel to James Patterson’s mind-boggling, CSI slash Nancy Drew-ish thriller 1st to die.

Believe it or not, I was able to hear about James Patterson through Kris Aquino. Yes, she’s a blabbermouth, but she has interesting taste in books. (Yeah, whatever that means) The moment I heard that James Patterson was a good writer (and after reading reviews of his books in TIME Magazine), I immediately asked mom if, by any chance, she managed to grab even one of his books. By some stroke of luck, she had two. One is 1st to die, and the other is Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas. I was able to read the two in just a week, and has been forever nagging my mom to buy me more of his books.

This afternoon, while walking home from school, I saw a sari-sari store selling bargain “pocket books” (the English ones, not those cheap 6-peso ones you can buy… somewhere I don’t even care about). I took a browse through their books and managed to find 2nd Chance lying there unsuspectingly. I asked the lady how much it cost and guess how much it is? ONLY 25 PESOSESOSES!!! Yes, you heard it right. In bookstores this would cost 300 bucks or more. Haha… what a bargain! My first real one. I’m gonna read this one after River Piedra.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye
by Joshua Harris

I haven’t managed to acquire this one yet but I was able to read a few good chapters of it in Powerbooks.

I have reasons to believe that FATE brought me to liking this book. I first heard about it through Dana, because she says it’s one of her favorite books.

Yesterday while waiting for Ate Kate in Powerbooks, I browsed through their shelves without really any intention of buying. But then I stumbled through the row of Joshua Harris’ books, and got interested in the cover of this one, so I picked it up. I started reading it, page by page, word per word, essence by essence, and judging by how much I’ve read, I really liked it.

One would assume that by “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” the author means that whoever reads the book should be single forever and never marry. It’s a whole lot more than that.

I haven’t bought this one yet but I’ll buy it on Victory at Sunday. Weeee me excited!


Yay! Somebody got published yesterday! Harhar… CODERED came out yesterday, and the moment I saw it at National Bookstore, my heart literally jumped! I wanted to rip the covering off to see how my article looked like, but that would be stealing + destruction of things + public scandal whatever (Okay, so I’m not a law person, but you get the drift). I texted Ate Kate right away and all my sentences ended with a minimum of three exclamation points (!!!). Hehe… then she got her copy that night too so we read it and we took pictures of it. Waaaahhhh!!! The point is, I’m very happy because finally, I’m living out one of my dreams.

Now I do hope they’re still interested in me writing for them for the next issue. (Hello Miss Carol! =P)

I do hope you get a copy of CODERED. It’s available at all major bookstores in the Metro. CodeRed is a family and youth magazine, just in case you’d ask. It costs 120, though, but hey, my article’s in there, it’s all worth the money (He he he, while you could just get them here for free =P)

So bakit andito si Oble? Wala
lang, maganda kasi tingnan
kapag may Sablay.

It’s exhausting having to go back to school after a 5-day Weekend due to SONA, Torrential Rains and, well, just plain no classes.

Today in English we discussed JabberWocky which is basically a poem full of crap nonsense words. It’s interesting, but it’s over the board.

This afternoon while walking Karen to her next class, we discussed how my Hell Weeks are approaching so fast, and how she’s been in hers for the last few weeks. Time Management really is a problem for me. I even need to assign time to just think, so I could get focus to do some things. Anyway, I hope I get by next week, midterms are coming. BrRrRrRr…

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As I look at the monitor, sitting in this three-meter-wide room that makes for a 12-unit Computer Shop, BLUE is sprawled all over my face as I hold the mouse by my right hand. I move the scroller down, and it’s still BLUE. I look at it intently, and it’s still BLUE. I stare at it for a few minutes, and guess what, it’s still BLUE.

No wonder I don’t feel like blogging nowadays. Whenever I come to this blog, it’s BLUE. Okay, so maybe when I type it isn’t BLUE yet, but when I re-read my entry, it’s in BLUE. Now don’t get me wrong, BLUE is my favorite color, but… it’s become monotonous already. I have fully exhausted the juices this layout has to offer. It’s become bland, monotonous, tasteless, crap, and the like. I desperately need a new layout. And a new layout is what I need. (Yeah, I’ll go Yoda-ish on you now)

This week, this week… it’ll be a gift for myself. Happy Eighteenth! ^__^

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Joining Campus Crusade for Christ, I believe, is one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. And in that move I would like to thank my ever-so-trusty bestest friend in the Diliman Republic, Karen Eloisa Capacia for radiating the feeling to me and made me join CCC.

Last Friday, I attended my second M.L. (Movement Life, where CCC people gather every week to discuss a certain topic, testify about it and a whole lot more). Last week’s topic was about Belongingness, and I have to say I relate very much to it. I don’t have any orgs in UP because of certain things I’m uncomfortable with, and CCC, without the very extensive App Process, has opened its doors for me and I have to say, I really feel I belong.

Last Friday was also my first Discipleship Session with my Discipler, Kuya Dwight. We discussed 4SL first and he gave me a homework.

Yesterday, I was able to attend the Worship Service of Victory – UP at the Film Center, again, thanks to Karen. Kuya Rick has been forever nagging me to join him in Victory – Alabang, but after two years or so, yesterday was only the first time I was able to attend a Victory Service.

I have to say, Singing Praise for God feels so good, especially if you’re in the company of the people who love to do the same. Even if you don’t know the lyrics, even if you’re too shy to move, even if you’re too timid to raise your voice in praise of God, He just makes everything happen. And it feels so damn good. ^__^

Tomorrow, we’ll (Karen and Jen) attend the Still Waters Service at Katipunan. Still Waters is a youth church where Kuya Dwight (my discipler) and Ate Lai (Jen’s and Karen’s Discipler) belong. Ironically, I just found out that Pep Dude is also a Still Waters member. Hmmm… this’d be interesting.

Oh, yesterday, we bought Jen a bible as a gift for her birthday. It was very tiring and very difficult to decide which one to buy, but thanks to the very nice people at Philippine Christian Bookstore, we were able to buy the best one, and it came from the heart (and our own pockets, too!). =P

I would also like to thank Karen for giving me a bible case as a gift for my birthday. ^__^ It’s a maroon fiber one with an ichtus fish in front. Karen, if your UP shirt was made for you, I guess this bible case was made for me, hahaha!

Praise God for all the things — good and bad — happening to me lately! I hope I make a 360-degree turn and commit myself fully to God through CCC. (I’m just having a hard time since I commute my way home everyday. Things might change if I’m able to find a boarding house, maybe next sem. I hope you pray with me for this. ^__^)

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I’ve lost the ability to articulate my thoughts through typing. Well, in this blog’s case, that is. It seems that everytime I drop by this blog, I lose all the words in my head. I guess it’s a normal thing for me, because I’m always loyal to one blog only. And right now, I guess my alter ego speaks more articulately than my true self. Or is it just the layout? I don’t know… maybe all my insecurities are so much reflected in this place that they tend to get highlighted all the time… I feel a thousand eyes on me (although not many are the visitors of this place) everytime I write. Is this a sign of having to go on hybernation? Or abandoning this blog once and for all and live as my alter ego? Dang… I’m so… confused (heck, JM, when are you not confused, anyway?!). Salute to Bob Ong. Kuya Jess, please don’t let me close down this blog… please, please Kuya…

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Just got home from the UP-Ateneo game (otherwise known as the “Battle of Katipunan”) and quite frankly, I’m slightly depressed. Okay, majorly depressed. I was faithful up to the very end that we’d still make it, but it didn’t happen. Nestor graduated. Marvin graduated. Sigh… darn referees! Oh well, I guess Kuya Jess has some “other plans” for us this season… I hope. No wait, I know. ^__^

My wishlist is slowly expanding and at the same time slowly contracting. Some people have “pledged” to cross out one item on the list, while some other are still quite dormant about making their moves noticed *starbucks, aherm, starbucks* Hehe… I was about to add “Stabilo Boss” to the list, but I found one this afternoon! Gee… what a coincidence, thank God! I badly need one… hehe!

I surrender to Kuya Jess all our plans for having Internet at home. It seems like it’ll never happen, not in a thousand years! Gawrsh… I’ve sacrificed a lot already, even the money that’s meant for my birthday! But still, things aren’t going to push through… I might have to endure longer time of renting out just to have access to the net… Sigh… if only I have a laptop, I wouldn’t have this problem *wink wink, fishing…* Well, I guess it’s another challenge from Him… for whatever purpose, I’m still willing to wait.

CodeRed will come out this week! Watch out for it in National Bookstore, Powerbooks and 7-Eleven outlets, and go grab your copy, okay?! Thanks!

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These days, the creation of an alter ego over the internet is somewhat inevitable.

When I started blogging around four years ago, (which reminds me, I forgot to celebrate my BlogDay! Argh!) blogs provided the blogger with a very high sense of confidentiality. Not much were the internet users those days, and so you wouldn’t run into the danger of your boss suddenly reading about his mean behavior on your blog. Those days, ranting really means ranting. No holds barred, all-out, and indiscriminate. People didn’t care if they would hurt someone or cause some trouble because most of their readers were internet dwellers they didn’t know. Rare is the incidence of a coincidental visitor.

But these days, almost everybody’s on the net. Almost everyone have blogs, thanks to the rapid population (and popularity) growth of Livejournal, Blogger and even Friendster blogs. We bloggers do not anymore bask under the sweet sense of confidentiality that used to be so abundant. All because there is an inverse correlation with Bloggers’ Population and Confidentiality over the net. The more people accessing blogs, the more prone you are of getting hits from relatives or worse, from people you “bashed” or ranted upon online.

This rapid growth in “Netizens” has changed the landscape of Blogging–from its usual state of being an “escape” from reality and the freedom to say whatever you want, sans the counterpoints to a space in the net for everyday people, with abundant self-censorship and limited “freedom” to say whatever you want.

But then again, that’s a consequence of formalizing “blogs” as a mass communication medium.

So why all the talk about this? Let’s just say there’s an alter ego of mine lurking here, somewhere. ^__^

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You tell me you’re in love with me
Like you can’t take your pretty eyes away from me

It’s not that I don’t want to stay
But every time you come too close I move away

I wanna believe in everything that you say
‘Cause it sounds so good
But if you really want me, move slow
There’s things about me you just have to know

Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I’m scared of you

But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right
Be with you day and night

Baby all I need is time

I don’t wanna be so shy
Every time that I’m alone I wonder why
Hope that you will wait for me
You’ll see that you’re the only one for me

I wanna believe in everything that you say
‘Cause it sounds so good
But if you really want me, move slow
There’s things about me you just have to know

Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I’m scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right
Be with you day and night
Baby all I need is time

Just hang around and you’ll see
There’s nowhere I’d rather be
If you love me, trust in me
The way that I trust in you

Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I’m scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right
Be with you day and night
Baby all I need is time


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We had a sudden tripping over at Rockwell yesterday, and the photographer in me got wild once again. Here’re our trippings:

Danielle as this week’s model
(Subtitled: Park Here Not)

Loren and Ate Tin in Isakay Mo Naman Ako

Mutual Filial Understanding

Front View Top View
Bottom View (The Best!)


Children Crossing

Model ng Gubat??! =P

And here’s my obra maestra…
Danielle in Right Here Waiting…

Onga pala, sabi ni Katz kailangan daw may cameo appearance ang name niya dito. O yan! Hi Mico Katz! =P

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