I told myself I wouldn’t blog, and I really shouldn’t because I want to let things settle in my mind and give it all in one go. But you only experience free internet once in a while so might as well take the opportunity and type away! =P

School has just started and contrary to popular hearsay, all my professors turned up yesterday. I even missed my PolSci14 class because I got up late, shrugging things off thinking there won’t be profs showing up anyway. But things turned out not quite as I expected them to be, but as the old saying goes, “Shut up, I don’t give a shit.” WHEREever.

Did you know that super olats ang UAAP this season? Yep, all because UE’s hosting the tournament (pardon to all UE students and fans out there). The games will be held at Rizal Stadium and Ninoy Aquino Stadium instead of the usual Araneta Coliseum and Blue Eagle Gym. Don’t ask me where those are, even I don’t have a clue. I guess UE can’t afford Araneta. Plus the fact that LaSalle isn’t in the competition. Hey, even if Lasalle’s basketballs sometimes a complete asshole (again, pardon to Lasalle Fans), they prove to be quite a competition. Okay, a lot of competition. Now that things are turning out this way this season, I wonder what’ll happen when it’s UP’s turn to host. Where will the games be held? In the nearest barangay court? Hehehe… even I can’t help slandering my own university’s name.

I have plans of moving into a boarding house anytime soon. More on that later, still waiting for my mom’s approval.

New Layout Soon!!! Can’t wait!

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