We all know that there is a proper venue for saying even the nastiest of things. We were taught that there’s a right place and a right time for us to voice out our opinions and make ourselves heard. We were told to pick a place where we’ll unload all our emotions and to choose a proper timing for us to do so.

For the past days, our e-groups in DWTL has been plagued with messages. Apparently, a member of the community is very much distressed because of all the bickering thrown upon his way. He is the object of pranks and jokes most of the time, and he had his bucket full that’s why he reacted in a very negative manner.

Many of our senior members reacted, and a few of the younger ones. The issue has been settled already; well, sort of. He’ll get an earful in person, but definitely not from me.

Meanwhile, I believe, this being my blog, that I’m free to make my reaction in here. I don’t want to add up to the commotion in our e-groups, it’s just so unhealthy. Besides, the case has already ended with his, should I say, still inappropriate explanation.

First things first, if you have an issue, make sure to say it in a proper manner and in a proper forum. Voicing your sentiments by taking advantage of the situation is a pathetic discourse of an ill-mannered human being. If you’ve had enough of the countless times you’ve been joked around by the group, then tell us that we’re stepping the line and that your feelings get hurt. What’s hard for people is that they bottle up their sentiments that’s why they don’t get the reactions and actions they expect.

I’m not going to get my hands clean, I admit I’m one of those people who kid you about your behavior. But have you thought for even a second that maybe these people are making it hard for you because that’s the impression you send out to them? I’m not going hold my bars just yet, I know from the first time I saw you you were bound to do things just like these.

Second, you haven’t explicitly expressed your desire to partake in that role. You don’t go around assuming that we automatically know you want that part. You tell people if you want something, not just go running around dropping clues because you’re definitely not going to be taken seriously.

Third, we’re not just lab rats or guinea pigs ready to be experimented upon for your scientific breakthrough. Even if you’re running some sort of test or case study you should’ve provided consent and asked for approval even from just one of us. Didn’t you study research ethics?! That way at least even one of us is more or less aware of your undertaking and would go for your defense. You don’t go running around making a mess out of random people’s lives! I believe you just made that up, as your escape route. This is a community, for crying out loud!

Yes, I agree with some of your sentiments. Sometimes people may gang up on you (or even most of the time) but that’s because you do stupid things. And we stop when we see you frown, right?! This is not the first time you made a mess of our group with your pathetic and inappropriate behavior. This has got to end, brother.

Lastly, I would like to apologize to you for this post and for all the gags I pulled on you. I won’t ever do it again, trust me, I’ve had enough of your pathetic and downright malicious behavior.

There, I hope people won’t make a big deal out of this, I believe I’m entitled to my own opinion. And I expressed it in a proper forum. Thank you.

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