This is what happens to the constant logger: he gets bored. My life is filled with drastic inactivity right now. Oooohhh, kinda ironic. Drastic yet inactive. Anywho, the depression fairies have gone away for reasons beyond my comprehension. Could it be? Is it possible? Nah. We’ll have to wait and see.

So what’s up with me lately? Nothing much. Just gearing up for the upcoming DWTL Retreat on May 26-28. It’s supposed to be a busy week for me but I don’t know what the hell happened. I feel so unproductive because of the inactivity. Much much laziness. Catching up on sleep because for sure I’d be deprived of it again.

Ooh! Almost got all subjects via CRS, except PE. Nice to know I won’t be queueing for a subject this semester, save for PE. I do hope I get a slot in cheerleading, I really really want that since it’ll be out of my everyday schedule. My everyday crappy schedule.

Grey’s Anatomy kicks major ultraelectromagnetic arse! Studio23’s gonna be airing it soon and it’s good news for me since I missed quite a few episodes, good thing I’m not yet out of the loop.

Hmmm what else? I’m just killing time because I’ve got nothing else to do at home. Too bad I’ve got nothing to do here, too. Where have all the people gone? I’ve lost my streak on updating everyday. I guess my mind’s too filled up with everything and crap these days. Oh well, let’s empty it into the Pensieve…

Ohhh!!! Before I forget!!! Da Vinci goes to the cinemas today! BUT! It’s R18, and I’m not one yet. Someone’s going to do some sin! Har har… it’ll be unfair if I don’t get to watch it on the silver screen. I loved the book for its book-ness and not for its controversy. Sometimes people have to understand that there are people who can appreciate a good book such as The Da Vinci Code. I wonder why Angels and Demons is a lot less controversial when it has a lot more twisted plotlines and whatnots?

There, I’m gonna watch it with my above 18 friends hoping the takelyera won’t notice. I won’t shave my mustache for cover. *sinister laughter*

4 Responses to “Hypernate”
  1. Mimi says:

    Wow, buti ka pa nakuha mo nang lahat sa CRS. Ako, I cancelled 3 units ’cause i didn’t like the idea of a certain journ professor as my 101 teacher. Heh. Guess who.

    Anyway, kwento mo na lang sakin Da Vinci Code ha? I’m training myself not to watch it. Wag mo nang tanungin kung bakit, kasi mahabang eksplanasyon. Pero syempre gusto kong manood nong una, pero napagisip ko na wag na lang. Hehe. I bet maganda yung film. Syempre. Ron Howard yon! My favorite …. huhu.

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