Before anything else, HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY TO ALL OUT MOMS!!!

Yesterday was a wreck. I never thought we’d actually push through with our Mountain Climbing trip to Mt. Maculot with a storm signal no.2 and all that. I was actually one of the people who are telling the guys to just back out and go home. But noooo. We were daredevils. And devils we were becoming, alright.

If the storm wasn’t even a sign to back out just yet, we received tons more. Kuya Jess was telling us to go home already, but we dared to take on His storm.

While traversing Calamba near a Petron station, the wind blew real hard that it sent a huge shard of the Petron Signboard flying our van’s way. Kuya Luis, the driver, even saw it coming and remarked, “Uy, lumilipad o!” Next thing he knew it was flying towards them, good thing it hit the roof and not the windshield, but it created so much impact and sound it damaged the van.

Then, when we reached the foot of the mountain, we took a right on a familiar fork path, but this time it was filled with uprooted trees and fallen leaves. We spent almost an hour looking for a path towards the top of the mountain, only to find out that we took a wrong turn in the beginning.

That wrong turn cost us time, so only four of us (Juvelan, Ate Kate, Leo and me) almost reached the peak of the mountain. We had to stop and sit down at the “Bituka ng Manok” where tall grass abound because the wind was blowing really hard. It was my first time to experience something like that. When you look down, all you could see were clouds and nothing else. The rain, eventhough not that hard, would strike your face like a million acupuncture needles because of the strong winds. And when I tried to stand up, I was almost blown away by the wind because I spread my hands wide open! Imagine that. That’s how strong the wind was up there yesterday. I even joked, “Ganito pala ang feeling ng nasa gitna ng bagyo”. Our consolation because we didn’t make it to the top, was that the clouds opened for a few seconds and let us take a view of the majestic scenery down below. It was breathtaking. I would never exchange it for anything else.

It was a very different mountain climbing trip for me, and not only because it was raining really hard, but that practically made for most of its uniqueness.

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