It’s over. Finally, all our efforts have finally paid off; we have officially established the first ever Public School Days with the Lord Community in the Philippines: The Makati Science Days Batch 1. Loren, Danielle, Christine, Mechelle, Jay-ar, Jerome, Therese, Cielo, Angelo and Precious will be the ones to spearhead the next several batches to hopefully expand their own community. It was definitely tiring and all our energies were drained during the three days, but all paid off because of Kuya Jess’ love for all of us!

In accordance with the establishment of this new community, there have been quite a few changes. These changes are few but they are definitely drastic. In compliance with our ambitious goal to reach a hundred batches by 5 or 6 years, the Don Bosco DWTL community has expanded into four chapters, namely DBManda, DBMakati, Maksci and the up and coming Yuppie Days. Because it has been divided into chapters, all its facilitators will also be distributed into these chapters. In comes the age brackets, where 15-20 year-olds will be designated to DBManda and DBMakati while Maksci will form its own facilitators (with our help primarily) and the 21 and above will be designated to the Yuppie Days. Unfortunately, most of our staffers now will go to Yuppie Days, leaving only several for the DBDays, including me. Just thinking about “moving on” brings tears to my eyes. Most of my friends that I found through DBDays will now move on to our Yuppie Days. I was even joking about it by saying that I’d be the only one who will stay in our batch (Batch10) because most of my batchmates will go to YuppieDays and Ron will leave soon. It’s so depressing I’m losing my english.

I have issues with “moving on”. We all know it’s hard. But it’s bound to happen, whether we like it or not. Acceptance will come, but not soon enough. We just have to rely on the thought that for whatever Kuya Jess changes in our lives, there’s a perfectly good reason for doing so.

It’s not yet over. Maksci Days may be over but we still have Batch15 of Days Manda to prepare for, which will happen at May26-28. We only have one month to prepare and it’s going to be crunch time, considering it takes us around 2 months to prepare for just one retreat. I do hope I do well with this batch, and I know I’m going to persevere because I have to get myself used to relying on what I can do, since most of my friends (especially my batchmates) will be gone soon.

Oh well, there’s still Kuya Jess whom I can turn to. I know he won’t fail me. I’m so in love with Kuya Jess!

Berdi. Belated Happy Birthday to Ate Anna, Ate Mimi and my Kakosang Jason!

There. I can’t think of anything more to add. I’m still overwhelmed. In our terms, may hangover pa. I definitely love serving Kuya Jess through Days. Every retreat is a journey for self-discovery, not only of service to the participating batch. I hope this love and this willingness to serve will never die down. I love you KJ!!!

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  1. CLara Cunanan says:

    I would like to inquire regarding the next yuppie days.. I am a St.scho Manila DAyser.. I want to sponsor someone..

    Thank you!!

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