INC no more. I went to school this morning to clarify all my deficiencies and to let my prof sign my completion form for the INC I incurred. Glad to know she’s working on it, and at the soonest possible time that INC will be erased as if it never existed! Yay!

I missed UP. I went building-hopping once again to get all my classcards. I went from MassComm to AS to FC to PHAN then to MATH. I practically went all around UP, except at the Law/Econ part. It’s nice to walk around again and give myself a little bit of a workout, although I wore the wrong shoes and now my toes hurt real bad.

Haha ang yabang! =P

I heart Meredith. Grey’s Anatomy kicks major ass! It’s so astig. Last night, the episode was so… gross! In a word, haha! There was this guy who had a complication in his wound area and when the camera zoomed in on it, it was inflating/deflating as if a heart was there! Eaawww major gross! My body froze all over when I saw it. This show is so gross I love it! Haha… medical science hates me and vice versa.

Do you know what the effing hell is wrong with ETC? All their shows this week are reruns of last week’s! Last Monday, I was waiting for the new episode of America’s Next Top Model only to find out it’s a rerun of the pilot episode. And same happened with One Tree Hill, The OC, and even Veronica Mars? What’s up, people?!

Pole Dance. Seriously, do you
have to hog up all the pole?

Segregate Not! The MRT segregation scheme is a bit of a discomfort for passengers. I board the train on the 3rd door on the first car everyday so that I would alight in front of the ticketing terminal. But because of the segregation scheme, I have to board and alight at the 5th door instead.

And most ladies are still boarding the other trains! Seriously, what is wrong with those people? They have a very spacious car all to themselves and they still want to be with the males? Let me not hear harassment cases or else!

Well, for the good part, at least males won’t be anymore socially obligated to give up their seats for the ladies.

No schedule yet. The First Processing Run for the CRS has been moved to May 15 when it should’ve been yesterday. Bummer. Oh well, at least I can go look for more subjects. I do hope I get everything I enlisted. All the freshies are most likely to get most of the GE subjects, so I enlisted majors next sem and only two GEs.

Speaking of Freshies, I can’t wait to see freshermen in school! Haha… I wonder if somebody’s gonna approach me and ask where the TBA room is? Haha… and I wonder if anybody’s going to mistake me for a freshman? Any one who does that will be my best friend forever!

Rock down to University Avenue. The U-Ave is yellow! Yes! Yellow with sunflower! Too bad I wasn’t able to take any pictures, but the sunflowers aren’t in full bloom yet. I figure they’d come full circle by mid-May, so that’s the time I’m going to take pictures. Oh! And Oble has a Sablay already. The Sablay is the malong slash sash garment that University Graduates wear during the General Commencement Exercises. It’s the 95th this year, so I figure it’s gonna be 98th/99th when it’s my turn to graduate. Hayyy… lagi na lang sablay ng isa! Unless… ma-delay ako! *evil laughter*

The best way to understand something is to experience it yourself. So true. Sabi nga ni KC about my having an INC grade, at least na-experience mo na magka-INC! Oo nga. Para ma-e-explain ko na if ever may magtanong sa’kin. Hehe…

2 Responses to “Sablay!”
  1. akosimightyweasel says:

    omg omg omg!!! sobrang looooove ko yung episode ng grey’s anatomy kagabi!!! i loooooooove derek!!! bagong kras na naman! wiheeeee! 😡

    astig yung tinatanggal na yung organs dun sa isang brain dead patient… sakto, dinuguan ulam kagabi… ayus!

    bumabalik na naman ang “i want to be a surgeon” days ko… hahaha!

  2. Evette Kemble says:

    Cant wait for my graduation ceremony

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