Myth not busted. Yesterday while my brother was installing a game in our PC, something suddenly sounded busted, as if the computer had a short circuit. I quickly checked and the computer was still running smooth, turns out something bad happened inside the CD drive. When my brother checked it out he heard shards inside the drive, and we thought the parts got busted and all. But when we opened the drive, we found out that the CD got smouldered into a thousand pieces! Haha… I never knew that could happen. Mythbusters said it’d take an awful lot of speed to bust a CD. I guess it happens rarely. Let this be a lesson: never use pirated CDs! Hehehe…

Dormancy to Activity. I’ve been spending an awful lot of time at home lately, that’s why when an invitation from Bes came I quickly grabbed the opportunity! It’s been so long since I last tripped to the mall with them, and I miss starbucks coffee.

Bes Lorenz and his new haircut! =P

We lounged by Starbucks while Lorenz played (as usual) House of the Dead 4. Paz wore a bow which made her look like Jennifer Garner in 13 going on 30. Belette wore a purple with a huge black bag in front to cover her tummy. And suddenly this paragraph has turned into a fashion critic in a fashion magazine! Vogue?

Anyway, I missed these guys. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them (count: 3 weeks, some even more than a month).

That’s Bes’ score. Adik!

While lounging about drinking coffee inside starbucks, a guy and his girlfriend came in and they had the most fabulous set of haircuts! The guy sported a volcano-look paired with my oh-so-loved-but-can’t-have thick-framed glasses while the girl with very porcelain-white skin had blonde streaks. They looked like siblings but I guess they were a couple. I asked Paz to “pose” in front of them so that it’d look like I was getting a picture of her when I really wanted to take a picture of their hairs. Haha… talk about being a major freak-out!

Here’s Paz posing as if I wanted her pic
(see the volcano-head guy in the background!)

It was only today that I learned of the segregation scheme being employed in the MRT. But Belette had to tag with me and Lorenz otherwise she’d be alone in the Female Area. Speaking of Female Area, is it appropriate to call it that? Isn’t your mind thinking of anything else right now? Lorenz and I just had to laugh it off. It was the most inappropriate thing! Haha… oh, and we pulled a prank on Belette because she had to go pee, so we made the “wis-wis-wis” sound that made her want to pee more. Hehehehe…

Trouble INC. I still haven’t told my parents I have an INC in one subject because they’d go all mouths on me again and would never let me explain and would tell me they don’t even see me studying at home and all that. I plan not to tell, I just have to complete it before they find out. The question is, how does one complete an INC? I hope my prof will reply to me ASAP so that I won’t be troubled anymore.

New simple layout, more like scheme. I’d be uploading it in a few minutes… ^__^

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