Antipolo Hike. It was my first time to officially complete the road to (El Dorado?) Antipolo by foot. Last year, we were only able to complete it up to Cainta Junction because it started to rain. The year before that, I was only able to start from Cainta Junction up to Antipolo. The years before that, we had vehicle assistance so it wasn’t really complete. This year, however, I did it.

I did it but not without all the hardships. Sobrang hirap, grabe. It was a mix of tired feet and sleepy eyes. I was like a walking zombie because I was pushing myself to walk further and faster even if I was really tired and sleepy. It’s true, it’s all in the mind.

I offered my walk to only one person. I hope what I did would at least alleviate some of his pain.

Best Birthday Gift Ever. Scrap the digicam. Scrap the N90. Scrap even the laptop, for pete’s sake! There’s only one gift I want this year, and I think it’s rightful since it’s my 18th, my coming of age. This’ll be the fruition of my childhood life, and my welcome to the adult life. As a gift, I want to be published. Hopefully, in CodeRed, where I can share my talent and passion to everyone. To date, I have never been published in print, specifically to a publication with wide circulation. So as a gift, I want to share my gift to all and be published. Please, Kuya Jess? Pretty please?

Overhaul. This site needs one. And I still got an INC on my Geog1 grade! Argh. I want a new layout. Actually, I already have one months ago, but I still need frontpage to do some fine-tuning.

I guess this is it for now. It’s so quiet during Holy Week. We hosted food for the Pabasa in our street this afternoon. Dad was forcing me to “read” but that’s not my kind of thing.

By the way, there’s a replay of Gospel of Judas on Monday if you still haven’t watched it. >_^

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  1. Ron Evangelista says:

    Kung sino man ang taong yun. He’s a lucky guy. May isang kaibigang nagmamahal sa kanya at handang magpakasakit.ü Pambihirang pagmamahal.

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