N90 NV. My aunt dropped by with a snicker the other day. It was a very unusual visit, and amidst my karaoke escapade alone in the house, she came in with a very wide smile, telling me I grew thinner than when she last saw me. I knew that grin was in for something, and as soon as she sat down the couch she pulled something out of her bag that made my jaw gape in amazement.

It was a Nokia N90 cellphone, for crying out loud! Some people are just too darn lucky.

For the uninformed, N90 is a cellphone with an identity crisis, to put it blatantly. It’s a videocam, a digicam, a cellphone, and many other things rolled into one. I just don’t get how people like my aunt, an office worker and an ordinary citizen, deserve to have phones as sophisticated as the N90. It’s packed with so many features they can’t even use. Take it from me, N90 is for the techno-geek, for the people who can really weild its true power. N90 is for people who can harness the power of such a very high-end phone. N90 is for people like me!!! My aunt should just give it to me! [END catharsis here]

Barefoot. Walked around Poblacion, Makati for the Annual Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Procession of the Cross. We paraded the VESSEL cross all around Poblacion, Makati. The good part is we get to carry the cross, but not by the shoulder of course. The best part is, we walked barefoot! It was a renewing experience, I tell you!

But it’s just a warmup. Off to Antipolo later at 5pm. This time, with shoes. We still love our feet.

Two for the running, one forshame. All my grades are in!

Comm3 – totally didn’t expect this at all. I was rooting for a high grade, but not a 1.00!
J100 – same with this one. I was in a grade limbo for the whole semester, since the prof didn’t present any class standings. At least I won’t be kicked out of Journ! =P
Math1 – Sweet.
SocSci3 – Expected this quite a bit, since I think I flunked the second exam.
Geog1 – my prof gave me an INC because I sent my portfolio through her email which she doesn’t check regularly, and so she wasn’t able to receive it on the deadline. She said she didn’t want to give me a low grade so she gave me an INC instead. I still don’t know the repercussions of an INC but she said she’ll give my grade ASAP. Will the grade be changed immediately or do I still have to file for a completion form next sem? I don’t know.

Computing it all, my GWA (Gross Weighted Average; without Geog1) is 1.31! It could still be pulled up or pulled down by Geog1, but I’m with a running for US as long as it won’t go lower than 1.45. Otherwise, I’ll be a CS again. Oh well. ^__^

5 Responses to “Silent Days”
  1. Lorenz says:

    tanginang grades yan… pwede ka na mag-UP!!!!!

    sandali, UP ka na pala.. :))

    walking barefeet?! ON THE STREETS?! did you know that walking barefeet can actually affect your FACE?! just kidding, but you guys could get warts, and that would be gross. but if it’s for a cause, it’s for a cause. eew.

    thanks sa comment. pao is such a gross commenter. :))

  2. akosimightyweasel says:

    jm tao ka pa ba?!?!

    napossess ka na yata…



    *evil grin*

  3. Mimi says:

    Yey, pareho tayo ng grade sa SocSci3. Hay, bumagsak kasi ako sa first exam.

    Grabe, pwede bang ma-pirata teacher mo sa Comm3????

    Please…. 😀


    P.S. I’m so relieved to find an updated blog nowadays. It seems like everyone’s vacationing. Yuck. Is there such a word? 😛

  4. JM Tuazon says:

    MIMI: Yes, there’s such a word! Haha… Talaga 1.75 ka rin? Haha serves us right. Kailangan talaga OA sa studies eh noh? Nagpaka-mediocre kasi ako eh. Hehe…

    Comm3? Sayang tiningnan ko sked ng mga comm3 next sem, wala na si sir archie! huhu baka lilipat na naman ng trabaho yun.

    letb: haha im still human noh. tsamba lang. haha pero nevertheless oo nga blessed ako. ^__^ salamat kuya jess! (nag-pay off din ang mga alone time ng pagpapaka-geek sa lib. haha!)

    Renz: haha UP. Masaya maglakad!!! TRY IT. sa sobrang sakit ang sarap! Haha…

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