This is my first edition of VLOG! Otherwise known as Video Blog. It’s nothing really special, it’s just me blabbering on the screen, hehehe…

Last night I watched The Gospel of Judas on National Geographic Channel. It posed really controversial arguments regarding Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, and I have to say, it really put things in a completely different perspective.

The Vatican hasn’t spoken a thing about this yet, since it’s the premiere screening of the document, and I’ve yet to make my point until they say something.

I wasn’t able to finish the documentary, though, but there’ll be an Encore Presentation this Wednesday but I’m not sure what time, I still have to check it out. So for those who wants to catch this really controversial text, tune in to National Geographic on Wednesday!

One Response to “VLOG: The Gospel of Judas”
  1. akosimightyweasel says:

    wednesday 10pm… ^_^

    tapusin mo na dahil nasa bandang huli yung talagang kuwento ng gospel of judas. 12mn na nga lang matatapos… good luck sleepy head! ๐Ÿ˜›

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