I went to my High School’s Golden Jubilee Commencement exercises yesterday. I have to give it to the GradCom of this batch, for it was a far better-off ceremony than ours last year. Of course, no thanks to Headhamster Hamtaro who stole the show in a “feeling executive” manner while walking with three of the Assistant Principals of the Department.

But of course, the commencement exercises is different from the “graduation” itself. It’s like how a wedding is different from a marriage. The former is technical, the latter more significant. As with any other graduation every year, it seems like somebody has power-played again to make it to the top. What am I getting at here? I just don’t like the valedictorian this year. The salutatorian, Michael Gregorio, is the one more deserving, at least in my opinion. But my opinion doesn’t count as much since I’m not their batchmate, right? Wrong. I’ve seen this “Ave” kid before, he’s more of a “puhunang-laway” type of student rather than a diligent one. Reminds me of two very particular people I happen to cross paths with during High School.

Anyway, now that that’s off the table, I would like to congratulate Batch 2006 of DBTC Mandaluyong for graduating with flying colors (and fireworks at that)! Special mention to Martin Manaligod for a job well done as their batch’s Student Council President. Hats off to this batch for being so darn lucky they fell into the “50th” batch of the school, us being just one shot off of being the “golden jubilee graduates”.

And Ma’am Ria seemed aloof yesterday. Wouldn’t even continue on a conversation with me. Something wrong? Is it me? Or is it your peach dress and long hair? Hehehe…

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  1. Lorenz says:

    heehee… who’s ave? :))

    wala na tayong magagawa… sa huli makikita naman natin kung talagang worthy ba siya sa pwesto na yun. nyuknyuk.

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