No More Mandisa. America was insane for voting Mandisa off of American Idol last night! Mandisa is one of very few reasons I watch that show. The first time she belted it out in Hollywood (with fire as background), I instantly fell in love with her! Now, she’s off the show. Let’s just pray Mandisa pulls a Jennifer Hudson and make it better off than the other finalists.

Why didn’t they vote Elliot off? He’s not even half as good as Mandisa! Or that Ace guy who looks more feminine when he sings? He’s ought to be the one voted off! Aggghhh… why, of all people, Mandisa? Oh well, guess I just have to wait for Paris to rise to the top. Though Kellie Pickler and Katherine McPhee will prove to be a great competition.

Modern Rock. I’m into modern OPM rock these days, if you can call it that. I watched Sandwich’s MYX Live performance last week, and boy, did they blow me away! I especially liked their song “DVDX” which talks about the Piracy Culture slash Industry here in the Philippines. I’m also into Urbandub lately, thanks to their awesome cut and video First of Summer which is somewhat a surreal love story covered in lies and deception. I know, I think too much.

Have you seen the new video for Kamikazee’s Narda (the acoustic one)? Kamikazee is the new Parokya ni Edgar, no doubt about that! Their video boasts of violins and other acoustic instruments, well, duh, because the song is acoustic! What’s really funny is how ironic their movements are in the video. Their song is acoustic, mellow and sad yet their antics are, as always, kamikazee-funny, mimicking the violin player and all that. Hilarious! You should go see it.

Like Blood and Gore? I don’t know where the hell this came from, but I’m getting hooked on medical internship series nowadays. Talk about Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy! I’m not really the medical slash blood type of person, but I’m really enjoying the tension and the drama inside the operating room. Scrubs is the comedic side of it, with Zach Braff and his antics inside the patient’s rooms getting worse by the minute.

Grey’s Anatomy, on the other hand, just premiered on Star World. And I have to give it to the people behind this show, it was amazing! It’s nice to look at Medical Drama from another perspective, this time from a struggling female intern named Meredith Gray, whose medical career is wildly overshadowed by his famous surgeon mother Ellis Gray. The pilot episode was heart-wrenching, so I think I’m off for a good start with this series.

A view from the outside. New York Times published an article about the state of democracy here in the country. They said GMA’s pulling off a Marcos. Well, I’ve got only one thing to say, PGMA should be scared off her wits by now, because that observation was done by people from the outside looking in. If it’s from the outside, you gotta believe there really is something wrong with our President, because people looking from the outside see things as they are, without all the biases and pretensions and personal agendas. Now that there’re critical viewpoints from people here and abroad, why the hell is PGMA still in the seat of power? Because she’s one great dumbass, and I have to give it to her for being one.

This just in. I got a 1.00!!!

How sweet. My very first one!!! And math at that!

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