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Eng eng eng eng eng eng eng eng…

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Hell Week kuno. Tomorrow marks the Hell Week for most of the staff of the upcoming Makati Science Days. It’s one week before the retreat and all people are cramming up to finish all their duties. Me, on the other hand, as always, is whiling away the time in this computer shop while the rest of the world busies itslef with more worthwhile things to do.

I’m committee head of two committees and it’s an arse because that’s too much work, considering the fact that committee heads do most of the jobs. I’m also responsible for a lot of things, including an AVP, and a whole slew of other things I shouldn’t really be talking about. We live by secrecy. And we’re no Opus Dei!!!

Da Vinci Code. Can’t wait! It’s so good it’s evil!!! Hahaha… I don’t get why many people are rallying against it, I mean, it’s a movie for crying out loud! I know, I know, the fiction/non-fiction dillema and conflict, but hey, I liked the Da Vinci Code for all its code-breaking whatnots, not the religious background it’s trying to portray! Although it sounds interesting, it is not at all believable.

Writer’s Block? Naahhh. I’m just not in the mood to blog. Will post more meaningfully when muse is back from vacation. *bleh*

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INC no more. I went to school this morning to clarify all my deficiencies and to let my prof sign my completion form for the INC I incurred. Glad to know she’s working on it, and at the soonest possible time that INC will be erased as if it never existed! Yay!

I missed UP. I went building-hopping once again to get all my classcards. I went from MassComm to AS to FC to PHAN then to MATH. I practically went all around UP, except at the Law/Econ part. It’s nice to walk around again and give myself a little bit of a workout, although I wore the wrong shoes and now my toes hurt real bad.

Haha ang yabang! =P

I heart Meredith. Grey’s Anatomy kicks major ass! It’s so astig. Last night, the episode was so… gross! In a word, haha! There was this guy who had a complication in his wound area and when the camera zoomed in on it, it was inflating/deflating as if a heart was there! Eaawww major gross! My body froze all over when I saw it. This show is so gross I love it! Haha… medical science hates me and vice versa.

Do you know what the effing hell is wrong with ETC? All their shows this week are reruns of last week’s! Last Monday, I was waiting for the new episode of America’s Next Top Model only to find out it’s a rerun of the pilot episode. And same happened with One Tree Hill, The OC, and even Veronica Mars? What’s up, people?!

Pole Dance. Seriously, do you
have to hog up all the pole?

Segregate Not! The MRT segregation scheme is a bit of a discomfort for passengers. I board the train on the 3rd door on the first car everyday so that I would alight in front of the ticketing terminal. But because of the segregation scheme, I have to board and alight at the 5th door instead.

And most ladies are still boarding the other trains! Seriously, what is wrong with those people? They have a very spacious car all to themselves and they still want to be with the males? Let me not hear harassment cases or else!

Well, for the good part, at least males won’t be anymore socially obligated to give up their seats for the ladies.

No schedule yet. The First Processing Run for the CRS has been moved to May 15 when it should’ve been yesterday. Bummer. Oh well, at least I can go look for more subjects. I do hope I get everything I enlisted. All the freshies are most likely to get most of the GE subjects, so I enlisted majors next sem and only two GEs.

Speaking of Freshies, I can’t wait to see freshermen in school! Haha… I wonder if somebody’s gonna approach me and ask where the TBA room is? Haha… and I wonder if anybody’s going to mistake me for a freshman? Any one who does that will be my best friend forever!

Rock down to University Avenue. The U-Ave is yellow! Yes! Yellow with sunflower! Too bad I wasn’t able to take any pictures, but the sunflowers aren’t in full bloom yet. I figure they’d come full circle by mid-May, so that’s the time I’m going to take pictures. Oh! And Oble has a Sablay already. The Sablay is the malong slash sash garment that University Graduates wear during the General Commencement Exercises. It’s the 95th this year, so I figure it’s gonna be 98th/99th when it’s my turn to graduate. Hayyy… lagi na lang sablay ng isa! Unless… ma-delay ako! *evil laughter*

The best way to understand something is to experience it yourself. So true. Sabi nga ni KC about my having an INC grade, at least na-experience mo na magka-INC! Oo nga. Para ma-e-explain ko na if ever may magtanong sa’kin. Hehe…

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strange old lady: ano nga bago sa layout mo?
JM: kulay
JM: sino nga po ulit ito?
strange old lady: si essay po
JM: hmmmm
strange old lady: matagal na kc tayong di nag cha chat
JM: im sorry
JM: im having a hard time placing you…
strange old lady: kaya di mo me ma alala
JM: can you refresh my memory pls?
JM: san po tau nag-meet?
strange old lady: di ko na rin po maalala
strange old lady: ganito na lang….
strange old lady: kunwari ngaun lang tau nag meet
strange old lady: hehehe
JM: haha sige
JM: ASL pls?
strange old lady: pwede u muna
strange old lady: shy kunwari pa me ok?
strange old lady: asl po
JM: haha tama ba yun
JM: 17 m manda
JM: u?
strange old lady: ic
strange old lady: too young
strange old lady: 24 f from pasig
JM: ikaw po?
JM: haha
JM: di ko talaga maalala why you’re on my list
strange old lady: i dunno
strange old lady: nasa list ko rin u eh
JM: do you do that?
JM: add random people up?
JM: coz i certainly dont
strange old lady: nope
strange old lady: basta nandito ka na eh
strange old lady: ewan ko ba
strange old lady: siguro ikaw gawain mo noh
JM: haha that’s not possible
JM: all the people on my list are all my friends
JM: and i know all of them
JM: save for one
strange old lady: i dunno
strange old lady: eh bat di mo erase ung sa akin noh…
strange old lady: hehehhe
JM: good idea
*puts lady on ignore*

Haha… that’s one of the few strange conversations I’ve had. People, I don’t add up strangers randomly on my list!

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A Lean, Mean Layout Machine. Let this new scheme be a proof of how bored I currently am. Apparently, I didn’t like the oranginess (for the lack of a better term) of the scheme I previously uploaded, that’s why this one came to mind. It’s really nothing, it’s easy to create a scheme but the content part is really the bummer one. It’s really hard to think of things to put in your layout. Well, at least I have something new again! Hehehe…

I’m thinking of creating a scheming/skinning system so that users can choose the layouts they want, since they all look the same anyway. Problem is, I don’t know much of PHP anymore so I would need to brush up on that.

The Jeff Corwin Experience. I’ve been watching an awful lot of this stuff on Animal Planet lately. It’s like every other outdoor experience shows out there, where the host trips to places and shows animals and stuff. I, for once, don’t love animals, but I just get hooked because of the enthusiasm of the host. He speaks really good that it makes me want to be interested in the animals he’s showcasing. He even does adlibs and improvs on his own. Now I understand the concept of Ethos! Jeff Corwin is a really great speaker.

Oh Gee. The attendant at this computer shop said he saw this blog last night when I forgot to close the window (actually, I intentionally left it open so that someone could see). He said I was a good writer! Hehehe… good thing I changed layouts already, otherwise he would’ve seen something he wasn’t supposed to see. Oh well… =P

INC no more. It’s still an INC, but I told my parents already in the only way I knew possible: I wrote it down. I explained it on paper and when I posted it near the mirror, they saw it and didn’t react any. Haha…

Sometimes, you have to learn how to say NO. So true. ; )

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Myth not busted. Yesterday while my brother was installing a game in our PC, something suddenly sounded busted, as if the computer had a short circuit. I quickly checked and the computer was still running smooth, turns out something bad happened inside the CD drive. When my brother checked it out he heard shards inside the drive, and we thought the parts got busted and all. But when we opened the drive, we found out that the CD got smouldered into a thousand pieces! Haha… I never knew that could happen. Mythbusters said it’d take an awful lot of speed to bust a CD. I guess it happens rarely. Let this be a lesson: never use pirated CDs! Hehehe…
Dormancy to Activity. I’ve been spending an awful lot of time at home lately, that’s why when an invitation from Bes came I quickly grabbed the opportunity! It’s been so long since I last tripped to the mall with them, and I miss starbucks coffee.

Bes Lorenz and his new haircut! =P

We lounged by Starbucks while Lorenz played (as usual) House of the Dead 4. Paz wore a bow which made her look like Jennifer Garner in 13 going on 30. Belette wore a purple with a huge black bag in front to cover her tummy. And suddenly this paragraph has turned into a fashion critic in a fashion magazine! Vogue?

Anyway, I missed these guys. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them (count: 3 weeks, some even more than a month).

That’s Bes’ score. Adik!

While lounging about drinking coffee inside starbucks, a guy and his girlfriend came in and they had the most fabulous set of haircuts! The guy sported a volcano-look paired with my oh-so-loved-but-can’t-have thick-framed glasses while the girl with very porcelain-white skin had blonde streaks. They looked like siblings but I guess they were a couple. I asked Paz to “pose” in front of them so that it’d look like I was getting a picture of her when I really wanted to take a picture of their hairs. Haha… talk about being a major freak-out!

Here’s Paz posing as if I wanted her pic
(see the volcano-head guy in the background!)

It was only today that I learned of the segregation scheme being employed in the MRT. But Belette had to tag with me and Lorenz otherwise she’d be alone in the Female Area. Speaking of Female Area, is it appropriate to call it that? Isn’t your mind thinking of anything else right now? Lorenz and I just had to laugh it off. It was the most inappropriate thing! Haha… oh, and we pulled a prank on Belette because she had to go pee, so we made the “wis-wis-wis” sound that made her want to pee more. Hehehehe…

Trouble INC. I still haven’t told my parents I have an INC in one subject because they’d go all mouths on me again and would never let me explain and would tell me they don’t even see me studying at home and all that. I plan not to tell, I just have to complete it before they find out. The question is, how does one complete an INC? I hope my prof will reply to me ASAP so that I won’t be troubled anymore.

New simple layout, more like scheme. I’d be uploading it in a few minutes… ^__^

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So true.

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American Idol Auditions. Music.Com for MakSci Days will have to hold an audition in order to accept members to the committee. I find it a bit intimidating, I even had thoughts of just quitting the committee. For the past 4 DWTL I’ve been with the committee, and this year there has been an influx of people who want to join. This raised the committee to a higher level of prestige, and thus the pressure is with the committee head to really make the committee sound great, that’s why he’s holding auditions.

I’m not a big fan of auditions. There’s definitely going to be hard feelings after this. But oh well.

This is such a fake smile... :PThe BOss of my generation. I want to be the Bo Sanchez of my time. He’s such a charismatic leader. When he speaks, you’d be enthralled by his words because they’re so majestic. I wish God will give me his sense of humor. All his books are best sellers, and he shares inspirational talk at an average of 14 times a week, imagine that! He’s so blessed, yet he’s so humble. I so want to be like him when I grow up. But there can only be one BO, so I would have to make a name for myself, then. =P

Pounds. People have been telling me I’ve grown thinner these days. Yeah, sure, my jawbones may have appeared, but I still have a humongous belly, which causes me to stop at those infomercials selling ab-workout equipments making me envy of those bodybuilders with six-pack abs and all. I don’t want a very muscular body, I just want to lose the flab. Pardon my vanity. Hehe…


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I don’t have an Ate.

But I have an ATE JULIE. She’s my Kuya’s girlfriend. The first time I saw her, I felt a special bond. I even thought I had feelings for her, which is not good considering she’s my brother’s girlfriend. On the latter days of her visiting our house, I found out I don’t have “feelings” for her. I just felt so at ease with her presence because I was longing for an “Ate” figure. Even though she’s most likely to join our family (that’s why I’m wishing for my brother to marry already), she’s not my biological sister, and no one will ever be.

She could possibly be my ate, but she’s not my Ate.

But I have an ATE WENG. My Ate Weng is biological, but she’s not my sister. She’s my cousin, and I spent most of my childhood with her. She would take care of us younger cousins of her everytime. In her, I saw the Ate figure I always wanted to have. But she’s not my Ate. She’s 22 and she has her own family now (with cute little JC as their bundle of joy). Even though she’s busy being a mother, she still makes time to come visit us.

She was my Ate, but she can’t be anymore.

But I have an ATE TIN. Ate Tin is a dear friend of mine. She would always look out for me, and be there for me in times of trouble (sometimes even financially, hehe!). Ate Tin knows my barkada, and they all love her. Ate Tin is the ideal Ate, the one every younger sibling would want to have: responsible, jolly and a true servant of Kuya Jess. But Ate Tin can’t be my Ate, she’s already an Ate to somebody.

I wanted her to be my Ate, but she couldn’t be my Ate.

And then I have ATE KATE. She’s as old (or even older, I’m not quite sure) as Ate Weng and she’s the girlfriend of Kuya Luis. She’s the epitome of kabangagan, truly craziness personified. That’s why I love her, because we’re very much alike in our crazy antics especially when we’re together. But she also can’t be my Ate, because she’s already an Ate to her four younger brothers. Oh, how I envy them for having an Ate like Ate Kate! How I wish I would find my own Ate…

But I don’t have an Ate. And I will never have one. I have a Kuya, and a bunso. Pardon me for wanting too much, it hurts to be the middlechild.

But I’m loving it. So please, can some miracle give me an Ate?

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Antipolo Hike. It was my first time to officially complete the road to (El Dorado?) Antipolo by foot. Last year, we were only able to complete it up to Cainta Junction because it started to rain. The year before that, I was only able to start from Cainta Junction up to Antipolo. The years before that, we had vehicle assistance so it wasn’t really complete. This year, however, I did it.

I did it but not without all the hardships. Sobrang hirap, grabe. It was a mix of tired feet and sleepy eyes. I was like a walking zombie because I was pushing myself to walk further and faster even if I was really tired and sleepy. It’s true, it’s all in the mind.

I offered my walk to only one person. I hope what I did would at least alleviate some of his pain.

Best Birthday Gift Ever. Scrap the digicam. Scrap the N90. Scrap even the laptop, for pete’s sake! There’s only one gift I want this year, and I think it’s rightful since it’s my 18th, my coming of age. This’ll be the fruition of my childhood life, and my welcome to the adult life. As a gift, I want to be published. Hopefully, in CodeRed, where I can share my talent and passion to everyone. To date, I have never been published in print, specifically to a publication with wide circulation. So as a gift, I want to share my gift to all and be published. Please, Kuya Jess? Pretty please?

Overhaul. This site needs one. And I still got an INC on my Geog1 grade! Argh. I want a new layout. Actually, I already have one months ago, but I still need frontpage to do some fine-tuning.

I guess this is it for now. It’s so quiet during Holy Week. We hosted food for the Pabasa in our street this afternoon. Dad was forcing me to “read” but that’s not my kind of thing.

By the way, there’s a replay of Gospel of Judas on Monday if you still haven’t watched it. >_^

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