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Complacent Mediocrity. I have a ton of things to do (see previous post for reference) but I’m lying around in this computer shop bathing in idleness and mediocrity. I don’t know how I’ve developed this attitude of procrastination but it relatively works to my advantage anyway. I’m still in a limbo as to what I’m scheduled to do tomorrow, since I mistakenly scheduled one appointment over the other. So many things are running through my mind right now and all I could do is surf the net. Great. And to think I only have one week of school to go.

Babble Ink. That’s gonna be the name of something-something. Watch out for it. *wink wink*

Simba. I found out I’d be playing the lead role of Simba in our Comm3 Play excerpt Grand Semester Finale. It’s nice to know I’d be playing the lead but the pressure’s just mounting every second. The play’s next week already and I haven’t memorized any of my lines yet, we haven’t done rehearsals yet and I have tons of things to squeeze in my very limited free time. Why do UP Professors do these to their students? Why do we have so many requirements? Darn. Tons of things to do in a week’s time. Game ka na ba?

April Fool’s. Ron and G2 will go somewhere in April 1 and 2. What a way to jumpstart vacation. I’m excited! Last night we ate at Dencio’s and bought dessert at Metrowalk, my first time there. Went home at 12pm all wasted, good thing we didn’t push through with the inuman. That’s not what I need right now.

Sorry. I Would Like To Sincerely Apologize To My BestFriend for not returning his laptop on time. I know this has no bearing whatsoever to what you currently think of me right now but I really am sorry. If only I could make it up to you…

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Wi-Fi. No I’m not dumb, I know that Wi-Fi is pronounced as “Way-Fay” but us friends are just fond of pronouncing it as “Wee-Fee”. In my professional opinion (if you can call it that), it should be appropriately pronounced as “Way-Fee”; but an entirely different term already owns that pronounciation. Anyway, the subject of Wi-Fi has been brought up because I now lavish in Diliman’s uber-fast Wireless Network courtesy of my bestfriend Lorenz’s laptop. I had a little trouble connecting at first since I didn’t know the proper settings, but a notice posted on the General Reference section helped me through all the way.

Anyways, the title is also apt without pun intended because I’m so happy these days. One of the reasons is the temporary luxury of a laptop, but many other things contribute to this joy.

Unusual Reunion. We gotta stop seeing each other like this. It’s a fulfillinf event but the ambience isn’t right for the occasion. Why do so many reunions happen at the most unexpected places? Like three months ago, Pao, Lorenz and I sorta “reunited” with our “Forum Sessions” after a long drought but the bad thing is, it happened with Lorenz lying in a hospital bed. This time around, my High School Barkada — AbImTuMaPaPeDeSy — had an unusual reunion due to the unexpected death of Dio’s dad (Condolence… +).

The day was monday. Early in the morning while taking a bath I did my usual rounds of thinking (munimuni). I was quite excited but at the same time anxious to go to the wake. It was a long time since I saw my HS barkada, and I had doubts (again) if we would be complete. Add to that the uneasiness with Dio whom I had a score with a few months back (good thing we’re back on track). All these things made me quite reluctant to go, but I did anyway.

We were almost complete, with only By and Peli lacking. I suppose they’re busy with school, so that’s understandable. I sympathize with Dio for the early loss of his dad (only at 56), and I soon realized that was the first and last time I was going to see him. How awkward.

Our HS Barkada had a fair share of kumustahans. I learned there still are certain friction between some of the people in the group, but that’s personal and not group-related at all. I had a chance to play “adviser” once again althoug I don’t think I quite deserve the recognition, but thanks anyway. Only one thing made me quite uneasy that night, but nevertheless I never let it ruin my night.

Anyway I had a blast with my High School barkada. What’s so sad is it’s always me who’s doubting we won’t be complete at a certain occasion (the first time during Lorenz’s birthday; everybody came except me). I miss my High School barkada. Even though we had so many fights within the barkada I still cherish all the time we had as a group. Even if we’re in College now and are all studying in different schools, at least we still manage to meetup every once in a while. Truly, you should really be prudent in picking your friends in High School, for they’re certainly the ones you’re going to keep for life. Thanks AbImTuMaPaPeDeSy!

Hell Week and all. Pending deadlines: Reporting in Geog in about an hour and a half; Group project in Math; Research Paper in SocSci; Wowowee Investigative Report in Journ; Outlined Speech in Comm3; Play excerpt in Comm3; Oral Exam in Geog; Final Exam in Math and SocSci next week; Reaction Papers in SocSci and Geog. March is now officially declared as “Hell Month” with Hell Weeks lasting from March 6 to March 24. Sobra talaga ang pressure kapag March! Okay lang at least I’m having fun!

Weeeeeee ang saya talaga ng buhay. I’m 90% free of heartaches and grudge. Dalawa na lang ang bumabagabag sa’kin ngayon; the first one is not because of me, the second one is all because of me. Haha… yung first one is yung uneasiness ko last Monday.

Ang saya talaga ng buhay, laptop na lang ang kulang! =P (that’s the second one. Hehe!)

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The other day while rummaging through my mom’s belongings looking for an ID of her, I stumbled upon a very unsuspecting notepad. It was colored yellow and something in it told me that I’ve seen it before. With utmost curiosity I flipped the notepad open and it all came flashing back. I did see it before, and it was my mom’s journal. I flipped some more and found out that there were entries I haven’t read the first time I saw it. (I know it’s kind of an invasion of privacy but still, you don’t leave those things lying around in the house if it’s really that private. Hehe.) I read all the entries and one of them almost made me cry: It was one of two entries about me. She wrote it on the day of my birthday, and it went something like this:

Birthday ni Jomar. 17 na pala ang batang yun! Ang bilis ng panahon. I could still remember the first time the nurse put him beside me on the hospital bed. He had a smile on his face at sabi ng nurse very rare daw yun sa mga babies.

Awwww… well how’d you know?! Baby pa lang pala ako palangiti na. Hehe…

Another nostalgic sentiment I stumbled upon is our High School website. I didn’t know it’s still alive up to this day. Anyway, I visited it and read all the crazy things I put in there. That site was such a frustration of mine because it never officially launched and there isn’t much to read. That’s partly due to the fact that I’m quite lazy and partly due to the fact that I didn’t get along well with most of my High School classmates and doing them a favor by maintaining the site isn’t much of a good idea for me at that time. Some appreciated the gesture, though, while some refused to cooperate. It was, arguably, my first major project and I didn’t even bring it to a lift. Pffft. Memories. I hate my pictures then, though. I was so much fatter before.

Here’s the URL just in case you feel like dropping by (the layout’s totally messed up thanks to the free space provider):

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Walk Out. Everyday since Tuesday, the whole university has been staging a walk-out in protest against Presidential Proclamation 1017. They hold teach-in classes in-between regular classes to inform the students of the current situation. Word is, PP1017 will be lifted sooner or later, more or less within 2-3 days. What’s really funny (and downright infuriurating) is the fact that walk-outs start at 4pm. All my classes end at 4pm. What’s there for me to walk out of? Pffft.

Hell Week. It’s supposed to be my hell week this week due to numerous requirements stacked over the other. Papers, reports, presentations, whatnot. Two of those ended today, and around 4 more are scheduled next week. Today could be considered my hell day, since we reported in J100 (which will still continue next week) and we presented our Speech Choir in Comm3. Finally an unarguable statement by my prof in Comm3! He told us our presentation was the lightest and the most comical of all. Well, it was. =P

Something for a cause. I talked with Kuya Juvelan over lunch this afternoon, and he had some really great visions about his recent project concerning Social Apathy within the youth of today. It was a really timely and interesting project since just by looking to my right I can see how the next young person doesn’t care about what’s happening to our country today. We agreed that the basis for their apathy is lack of information (as what I have experienced), and that we can remedy it by making the youth aware of their surroundings. It’s really ambitious, since we’re targetting at least 10% of the youth population in the Philippines. But, as Kuya Juvelan said, patience is what we need so that we can succeed.

KSP. On another hand, I myself am cooking up something. I don’t want to talk about it yet but it’s also for a cause. I don’t want to pre-empt it since I’m still debating in my mind if I should pursue it because it’s a really tedious job. Let’s just say it’s borne out of my desperation to be published (I was only published in our HS organ once. It’s hard to enter a paper org in UP, and Youngblood will have to wait forever before I see my work on piece. What’s the remaining avenue for expression?).

Rustom is Gay. Hindi na’ko nagulat. Haha… nung binitin pa lang alam ko na kung ano ire-reveal nya eh. Nakakagulat (haha labo eh noh?!), first time ko makakita ng nag-open or more appropriately, nag-out. Ganun pala kahirap yun, sobrang umiyak daw siya ng 30 minutes. Ito namang si Keanna comic relief umihi pa sa damuhan! Haha… at least medyo nakikita ko na yung mga pinag-uusapan namin sa SocSci3, my another concrete example na. Ang nakakainis lang, sobrang nahirapan siya maglabas kasi restricted siya by the limits of society (as always). Ang daddy ko nga, tawa nang tawa (na ikinainis ko) tapos yung sister ko naman nagsasabi, “Ay bading!”. Well, hindi ko sila masisisi kasi yun talaga ang psyche o mentalidad ng mga Pilipino towards the in-between sexualities, pero what we all have to understand is that, sabi nga ng prof ko, hindi nila kasalanan na ganun sila. They’re ridiculed by society kasi nature nila yun, eh para mo na ring sinabihang “Ah nakakatawa ka tao ka kasi.” Hindi lang certain trait ang inaalipusta natin, pagkatao na. Hindi madali yun para sa kanila. Wala lang. Sana lang matauhan ang mga homophobe diyan, kasi mas nakakatawa sila kaysa sa mga homosexuals kasi makitid ang utak nila.

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