Internet no more. I went to Globe Telecom Plaza yesterday to file our application for Broadband. Prior to my going there, we’ve already prepared all the things necerssary for application — Globe Gentxt, authorization letter and all that. The lady by the counter made me wait for like, an hour, while she was doing something in the telephone. When she got back she just told me, “Sir, hindi po serviceable yung area nyo eh…” and I was like… totally silent I couldn’t even utter a single word. I wanted to curse her for having me wait that long only to tell me that! Huh! Lesson learned: don’t be a victim of flashy advertisements!

Love? Why Not? Last night a dear friend and I were talking and he kept on insisting why I haven’t pursued a relationship with another close friend yet. Napaisip ako kung bakit nga, pero paulit-ulit kong sinasabi sa kanya na hindi ko naman mahal yung tao, at baka kapag tinuloy ko lang eh baka makasakit lang ako kasi walang sincerity. Tapos napaisip ulit ako, bakit nga wala pa’kong nagiging girlfriend? Haha… napakaweirdong tanong para tanungin sa sarili, pero siguro kasi masyado pa’kong attached sa sarili ko. Kumbaga hindi ko pa kaya na mabuhay sa mundong ito na may kasamang isa pang tao. Hindi ko pa kayang magdesisyon na isasa-alang-alang ang desisyon ng isa pang tao. Hindi ko pa kayang kumilos nang may kasamang isa pang tao kasi mas gusto kong kumikilos ako nang mag-isa. I’m not past the selfish stage yet that’s why I haven’t found “someone” yet. Masyado kasi akong “magaling”, gusto ko kapag gagawa ako ng isang bagay dapat everything falls into place. At masyado pa’kong takot mag-take ng chance. Hindi pa nawawala ang pagiging not-so-risky personality ko. Ayoko pang masaktan. Kaya hangga’t sa makakaya, studies na muna.

Mainit. Pero malamig dito. Sumasakit na mga mata ko. 11am na kasi ako nagising kanina. Hayyy yun na muna. Wala pang exciting na nangyayari. Bye!

2 Responses to “Not so Warm anymore”
  1. Kate says:

    Hi bunso..It will never be hard if you make a CHOICE, to love and be with that person…when you commit and choose.
    … but then again my dear, your so young… enjoy yourself and when you fully did, the happiness and wholeness you have is worth sharing with someone.
    Miss you…ummuah 😀

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