Guess who’s back?!
I’m back! I know I haven’t gone away but I’m back! To make things real quick and simple, the “old” JM is back — spiritual, God-fearing and God-loving. For the longest of time I have trudged without talking to Mr.God. Imagine that? Almost a year without this great man in my life! I don’t know why but Kuya Gary said all of us really have to go through that phase in order for Mr.God to be more personal with us. In any case, I love Mr.God so much!

‘Pag Lasing Nga Naman…
Haberdey Dio!
Birthday ni Dio today so Happy Birthday my dear friend! Sorry sa hindi ko pag-intindi sayo. Pagpasensyahan mo na ang kaibigan mo…

Anyway, we prepared a special candlelit dinner for him and his girlfriend, Bea, right at the comfort of his own home! Kinuntsaba namin si Tita Malou, Dio’s mom, into letting us “invade” their house ala Queer Eye (without the makeover, it’s more like–disaster! :P). Friday planned practically everything, although, as expected, not everything went as planned.

I was supposed to be late by a couple of hours but our play practice ended quite early. I arrived at the Manrique Residence at around 2pm, asked Tita Malou if they’re there already, and found out I was the first one to arrive at the venue. Because of that, me and Tita Malou got a chance to talk a little about life, since her husband (Dio’s dad) just recently died.

Anyway, after 48 years, the fellas arrived and I was surprised–kinda–because we were complete, save for Pao at that moment. They had all the groceries with them and so we all began to prepare.

Because I said I was going to be late, they put me on a waiting job. Lorenz was supposed to cook, By Peli and Yves for the background music and Pao for the dishes. But because I was early, I practically did all the cooking with Lorenz. It was a really fulfilling experience, since it was my first time–allegedly–to “cook” as in really cook, not just “fry”.

We waited for almost an hour and then Dio came and he was surprised–more like, I was surprised I accidentally saw him while checking out who was at the door–to see us all there. Bea was also there and he was also surprised because, if I remember it right, they had an argument hours before.

We had fun hanging out at the kitchen of “Lady Ham” (Friday) and serving our very special friend, Dio.

After the party, we had a little por da boys, they all gobbled up Red Horse while I was contented with my San Mig Light. I don’t know why but after finishing the bottle I turned red all over–as always–and everybody was telling me, “Lasing ka na! Lasing ka na!” while I kept on telling them I was not, since I still had composure then. They always retorted “Ganyan talaga pag lasing, in denial!” but really, I don’t know how a “drunk” feels or acts so I don’t know if I was really tipsy that night. Basta hindi ako lasing!

When we got home, I got a really enlightening text message from someone anonymous. I found later that it was one of the people in the barkada. Why is it that when someone’s drunk parang lumalabas na lahat ng tinatago? Like weeks ago, may tumawag sa’kin na friend na lasing tapos ayun nagdadadrama! Ngayon naman, eto ulit! Pero hindi ako naiinis or anything, sobrang natutuwa pa nga ako eh. Kasi dahil sa lasingan na yan nagkakaayos kaming magkakaibigan! May advantage din pala ang pagiging lasing! Hehe…

The best part of the day was not the food, the laughter, not even the alcohol! The best part was–kumpleto ang buong barkada. Kumpleto ang AbImTuMaPaPeDeSy, and for the longest time ngayon lang kami hindi nabungi. I had doubts kung mangyayari pa ulit ito–pero natuwa talaga ako na nangyari sya. Hindi ko ine-expect. Totoo pala yung sabi nila, yung barkada mo nung High School, barkada mo na habang buhay. I’m so glad I’ve found the right barkada! Hindi man kami perfect, at least we try to be complete for each other kahit papano. I love my barkada soooo much! Kaya yung mga high school pa diyan, piliin nyo nang maigi ang sasamahan niyo. Okei?

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