An audience of none. I’m done with my Comm3 speech already but what really frustrated me was the fact that I spoke to a group of only 6 people. Much props to Karen for staying and listening to my nonsense rambling but I was really frustrated. Have you ever experienced doing a speech to only a few people?! Now I know how resource persons feel like when only a couple of students show up at a symposium. In any case, at least it’s done and over with.

Conservatism Kills. Yesterday we interviewed one lady for our Journ100 Research Paper regarding the Wowowee stampede. Prior to the interview, we scheduled our trip the next day (today) to Cavite for another series of interviews. My two other groupmates (both female) proposed that since it’s one of them’s houses in Cavite we’re going to stop over on, the other one will be sleeping over so that there’ll be not much hassle. I asked them how about me? And they just said I’ll be commuting home. I asked why. She said her parents won’t allow her to let a guy sleep over at their house. I asked her why again. Because her parents are conservative. Curse conservatives (only the irrational kind)! It’s as if I’m a serial rapist or something. For crying out loud it’s a freaking RESEARCH PAPER and I’m not even the type who pursues girls at this stage. It’s purely academic and yet they didn’t allow me to sleep over. It’s so much of a hassle for me. Curse the both of them! I’m a human being, too, hello?! I also need to sleep and get lots of rest! Now I’m confined in this computer shop continuing our research. Damn it.

Define Pressure. This morning, since my appointments ran on top of another, I had to rush some things in order to get to another. I freaked out when a very much-needed email wasn’t sent to my inbox by a groupmate. Then add to that the mindless ranting of yet another groupmate the other day. There’s a reason why I don’t work in groups. I have my own way of scheduling things (cramming) and I have my own approach in finishing them. But with groups, you have to keep up with other people’s schedules and most of the time, even their moods. I was just a bit pissed off by the drama the other day but that’s over. I salute my one groupmate for catching the project when it almost fell! 100 ka sa evaluation, pramis!

Poverty. Will talk about it another post. I’m just moved to compassion today. Immensely.

Hope you’re having a nice week not as much as I do! God Bless!

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