Complacent Mediocrity. I have a ton of things to do (see previous post for reference) but I’m lying around in this computer shop bathing in idleness and mediocrity. I don’t know how I’ve developed this attitude of procrastination but it relatively works to my advantage anyway. I’m still in a limbo as to what I’m scheduled to do tomorrow, since I mistakenly scheduled one appointment over the other. So many things are running through my mind right now and all I could do is surf the net. Great. And to think I only have one week of school to go.

Babble Ink. That’s gonna be the name of something-something. Watch out for it. *wink wink*

Simba. I found out I’d be playing the lead role of Simba in our Comm3 Play excerpt Grand Semester Finale. It’s nice to know I’d be playing the lead but the pressure’s just mounting every second. The play’s next week already and I haven’t memorized any of my lines yet, we haven’t done rehearsals yet and I have tons of things to squeeze in my very limited free time. Why do UP Professors do these to their students? Why do we have so many requirements? Darn. Tons of things to do in a week’s time. Game ka na ba?

April Fool’s. Ron and G2 will go somewhere in April 1 and 2. What a way to jumpstart vacation. I’m excited! Last night we ate at Dencio’s and bought dessert at Metrowalk, my first time there. Went home at 12pm all wasted, good thing we didn’t push through with the inuman. That’s not what I need right now.

Sorry. I Would Like To Sincerely Apologize To My BestFriend for not returning his laptop on time. I know this has no bearing whatsoever to what you currently think of me right now but I really am sorry. If only I could make it up to you…

2 Responses to “Complacent Mediocrity. I have a ton of things to …”
  1. Lorenz says:

    woooow!! lead part! that’s sooooo awesome!! pwede ba manood?!?!? wakekeke…

    pero di nga, sabihin mo kung kelan next week baka makanood ako! wednesday naman last finals (redundant ba?) ko eh! hehehe…

    and don’t worry about the laptop, okie? ^^

  2. Lorenz says:

    alam mo naman na skimpy lion outfit or not, you’re still my best friend. degraded through some elements, but still. =)) joke lang! hehe

    sige… rakon nalang that stage you lion you. rarr.

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