The other day while I was waiting for my SocSci class to start, I hung out at the veranda just above the PalmaHallAnnex Lobby. As I looked down I saw a girl standing beside the gate. If I hadn’t known better she looked like a promo girl in Megamall handing out flyers for SALEs and Discounts on certain shops. Of course that’s not gonna happen in UP and so I dismissed such thoughts. Later on I found out who she is — well, to be politically correct, what she’s supposed to be.

It was a rather humid thursday afternoon and I was walking down the usual path to Math building. I chose to walk because it’s cheaper that way, plus it’s exercise. While turning a corner near UPIS I saw a lady wearing a very huge tag with her name on it. I was stunned and so I looked — more like stared — at it for a while. She noticed my surprised face and told me, “Vote Straight for STAND-UP!”. Gawrsh. That’s what they’re supposed to be.

It’s a really nice (though somewhat ludicrous) election tactic. Why didn’t I think of that? Use nametags so people will identify you, that’s one ingenious idea! (Only in UP!) For a while I pondered on the thought and all it ever made me was smile. Haha… it’s really clever, knowing for a fact that not all UP students (thousands of them) have the chance to see the candidates up close and personal. At least this way we can pinpoint them in a crowd and at least we get to see their faces, not just their names.

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