Stroke my ego (it’s not what you think). That’s what’s my professor in Speech has been doing. He’s been stroking my ego these past few sessions (again, it’s not what you think). And I’m not liking the stroking no more.

During Monologue presentations of my classmates the other day, he allowed us to give our comments to our peers’ performance. And so, I honestly gave my opinions to their performances, most of which were positively constructive. I was avoiding the negative ones since I didn’t want them to experience the beating I took during my critic.

For my last comment on the last performer, I said “I appreciate the eye contact, I know it’s hard to keep it when performing, but you managed to pull it off.” With which my professor retorted, LOCUS. Ikaw talaga, hindi ka na gagraduate sa course na’to. It’s locus, not eye contact. When you finish this course you’re supposed to learn a few jargon in the field.” With which I softly whispered to my seatmate, “Oh. Okay, shut up na’ko.”

Okay, so maybe it’s a bit out of context and I’m making him sound like the prof borne from hell, but he really isn’t. It’s just that sometimes, he isn’t really thinking of what he’s saying. I know I was right when I said eye contact. It’s his ridiculously funny theater antics that made him say it’s supposed to be locus. In speech, don’t we use eye contact as a jargon? Have you ever heard of locus? If you’ll look it in the dictionary, locus is nothing but a mere reference point. It’s something you look at, and it could be the wall, the chair, your audience’s forehead, and it could also be the eyes. But I was specifically talking about the eye contact and how it’s hard to maintain it, because that’s what I really wanted to point out.

I don’t know. I guess I’m coming off as a bit annoying to him already with all my bubbly comments (hey, this proves I can be bubbly and loud, too). Maybe we’re having a personality clash? I don’t know. Guess I’d have to find out in the coming sessions. I’ll still continue to give comments, though. And I’ll try to be more obnoxious than I previously were. Hehe… just to stroke his ego.

[EDIT] For some bizarre reason, I wasn’t able to comment much during the session this afternoon. It’s either the performers really aren’t worthy of comment, I’m just not in the mood to give comments, I can’t think of any comments or *exasperated gasp* my prof won over who strokes whose ego harder. Damn it!

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