American Idol, apparently, is the biggest hit on Primetime TV in the US. It’s phenomenal in the sense that if it holds an audition in your town, not going in it would be more like not having the latest cellphone or the latest fashion craze. It’s slowly becoming an institution in that most of its “product” talents are already earning their own bucks, and one even taking home some Grammys.

But just like life, American Idol is a game. It’s funny watching people audition in front of Randy, Paula and Simon and seeing how they’d react to Simon’s resounding “a complete and utter mess” matched with his Australian (or British?) accent. It’s funny watching people make a fool out of themselves and still come out a winner (even if they don’t make it to Hollywood). And it’s also funny watching people rage over their not being chosen to participate, throwing fits, screaming curses and all that.

Last Thursday, I performed my monologue for my Speech Class. Funny how slowly it’s starting to become a Theater Class, and this monologue is just one of the antics of our Theater-Major prof. I prepared for it with quite a bit of an intensity and made sure I wouldn’t floop. Well, guess what? Looks like we have another Simon in the making — in the person of my prof.

I think I did pretty well but I also think I took quite a beating. Most of my faults were due to prior advices by classmates (you have to move around a lot, you have to look at their eyes, you have to speak slowly, you have to do this and do that), which I think made a whole mess out of my act. Note to self: never be too influenced by other people.

The critic part on my act was the longest. Our prof gave me so many advice about so many things (he even slapped me, but just as a joke). But I think the most hurtful comment of all was “Wala kang masyadong energy, taga-Masscom ka pa naman!” Pfft. I hate being stereotyped. Why does there have to be some sort-of an unwritten protocol that Masscom students have to be energetic and bubbly all the time? We’re humans, too, and we get tired also.

Sigh. Acting has just been added to my list of many frustrations in life. As of latest count, there’s singing, drawing, dancing, sports and now acting. I’d like to quote the cheerleader from American Dreams: “Sometimes, you have to see what you’re not, in order to see what you are.” Ouch. So yeah, I can’t take a criticism or two, well so what? It’s just that… it’s really hard that you finally find something you love doing, only to find out you’re really not for it. Pfft. Life.

I guess I really have to dwell on writing for now.

5 Responses to “It’s a No”
  1. gaiL says:

    he has a lot to say kasi your prof wants you to improve kasi may potential ka…diba..think positive!

  2. kizia says:

    JM!i totally agree with you! who says that all CommArts students have to be loud, energetic, yada yada yada yada.. basically, makapal ang mukha.

    haay life as a CommArts/MassComm student.

    Gudluck na lang satin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Paolo says:

    yah. masscomm students have to be loud and bubbly! =)) huy, joke lang.

    pero, i don’t know. mejo (mejo lang a, wag ka galit) pareho kami ng perception ng prof mo: MassComm students are bubbly and loud [ininterchange ko for style — nag work ba? =))] – brackets gamit ko, kasi may parentheses sa loob. Am I still making sense? [=))] = told ya…

    pero, on the other hand, dapat di ganyan prof mo e. he should resort to TA101 or whatever first two letters for theatre arts e. That’s Comm3, speaking lang — not theatrical stuff.

    then again, acting influences speaking. anu ba, paolo!

    stop na ako. ingat JM!

  4. JM Tuazon says:

    Haha… I appreciate the comments guys! Medyo softy lang kasi ako about these things. Medyo naging passionate kasi ako kaya medyo frustrated ako nung sinabi nya yun. Anyways, feeling ko naman talaga na-a-annoy na yung prof ko sa’kin. Haha… hiniritan na naman nya kasi ako the other day. Oh well! =P Masyado kasi akong loud and bubbly sa klase, pero pag performance na wala na. Hehehehe…

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