I didn’t go to school today because of headache and all that jazz. This morning I was having diarrhea and crapping real wild but in the afternoon it turned into constipation. Agh. What is happening to my stomach?! =p

I wasn’t supposed to be in JiG last Saturday. Somebody’s nagging, however, got me to attend. And I didn’t regret any moment of it, though I had a mild fever the morning after. But it’s all gone now. ^__^

UP Fair is up next week, plus a couple of new movies to watch. When the hell is Brokeback Mountain going to be shown here in the Phils? All New Valentine Chick Flicks are on their way, and I have to say Close To You has a promising story. I’d love to take a peek at Reese Witherspoon’s Walk the Line, too. Sigh… so many movies, so little time.

Speaking of, Valentine Season once again! I wonder if there’s gonna be a Singles’ Night Out this year? I hope so. I miss my single dayzer friends so damn much.

Oh well that’s about it. My mind’s as constipated as my stomach. See you in days.

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