Yesterday was a mess, literal or implied.

I went to my High School’s Annual Fair without expectations whatsoever. I have to give it to Martin (and whoever it is who’s helping him, if there are any) for pulling it off. The rides were grander than the previous fair (as usual) and there were quite a number of people in the fair grounds. However, there were not much stalls and not so many booths this time. I guess they kind-of focused more on the rides. Besides, it’d be running four days long instead of the usual three days so I’d have to wait ’till it ends. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

The things that happened yesterday, however, weren’t something to be happy about. As me and Belette caught ourselves saying, “Mali eh, maling mali talaga”. In fact, the day was so wrong I had to go home early, me and Belette weren’t able to hang out with each other longer. Sigh… I never should have gone there. I knew this could possibly happen and yet I was so stubborn to ignore all the signs. There were people I knew I was bound to cross paths with and yet I forced myself to go. I saw almost all the people I never should have seen. Sigh… I had a headache when I got home because of all that happened. I hope they never happen again, ever.

2 Responses to “Never Should Have”
  1. belette says:

    sana talaga di na mangyari yun. mababaliw ako! *sigh* ang pangit talaga ng araw na yun para sa ating dalawa… sa susunod, wak ka na pupunta ng cr mag-isa! nyahahaha! 😛

  2. mieszkania do wynajęcia kazimierz biskupi says:

    Interessantes Thema und stringente Durchfuhrung! Schon die Blaser-Streicher-Dialektik! Applaus!?

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