I’ve been doing *pretty* fine with my Acads these past few weeks. As of today, I have no recorded cuts or absences (except for one close call when I almost didn’t attend a SocSci3 class because nobody else was in the classroom; good thing I saw my Prof coming up the stairs on my way out . Whew!). I have only one midterm exam left next week on Geog1 (which I still have to study for) and a few more requirements for Comm3, SocSci3 and Journ. DBTC’s fair is not in two weeks, and UP’s is not in three. More reports are fast approaching, as well as two deadlines for two research papers by the beginning of March. A two-week sabbatical for Journ is at hand to devote time for the research paper, and a Geog Camp before the UP fair. 6 speeches are still unaccounted for in Comm3, and 1 will be rearing its head (quite surprisingly) real soon. I can’t wait for this sem to be over (so that the next could start).

I’m planning on taking at least 3 GE courses this summer and 1 NSTP. If I’m lucky enough to get all courses, I’d be adding one PE too. I need to utilize my summer because by May, I’m planning to apply for a call center job (hopefully). If everything goes well, I’d be taking only 15 units (again) next sem so that I could accomodate the job, if ever it’s a night shift. Haha… I’m afraid to go beyond 15 units. =p

Geeks unite!

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