BULAGAAAA!!! See that?! Those are called EYE BAGS…

I went home groggy this afternoon. I walked like a drunken old man, thinking that anytime I’d stop in the middle of my walking and collapse right then and there. I enjoyed the thought for a while, thinking how an ambulance would carry me to a hospital with white bed sheets and airconditioned rooms. That way, I don’t have to walk and ride all the way home.

Dismissing such thoughts of downright pathetic discourse, I continued on my way home. Having come from UP watching Probe Documentaries at the Film Center with Karen, I had very little time to catch some sleep, especially because of the fact that I was in UP. An hour before watching the documentaries, I dropped by MassComm to photocopy some readings. I thought of grabbing a small bite because I haven’t had my lunch yet, but the xerox guy ate up all of my remaining one hour of interval before the Probe Documentaries.

During my Math class, I stole few seconds of sleep while Ma’am was talking about gibberish; well, not exactly gibberish, but that’s what I thought of it at that moment. I wasn’t really sleepy until Ma’am Batangan in SocSci3 started with her long and very deep series of lectures. Well, at least I was interested in the topic, but the way she talked really made me sleepy… all her words just became “matulog ka na, JM, matulog ka na…” Mwahahaha! At least in Geography class I was very alive, well why wouldn’t I?! We won in the quiz bee thanks and no thanks to me! Har har… we got free chocnut!!! How often do you get free chocnut, huh??!

All these kabangagan because I woke up at 2 am this morning and wasn’t able to sleep until then. I slept at 11pm so applying the mathematical and arithmetic operations principle on real numbers, we can therefore arrive at the plausible conclusion that the aggregation of the time I slept minus the time I woke up is equivalent to no less than 3 hours. In layman’s term, 11pm-2am = 3 hours, if you know what I mean. *wink wink*

Sigh… I wasn’t able to sleep today… that’s why all the grogginess… and guess why I wasn’t able to sleep? Wrong. Wrong again. Fudge, I guess you’re right. And I’m guessing I’m going to have to enjoy more sudden awakenings in the future… or worse, sleepless nights! *exasperated gasp* The horrors…

3 Responses to “Almost not Sober”
  1. ana maria isabel santa maria lantin says:

    shet. di na yata ako sabog. bigla akong natauhan sa pic mo. so totoo pala. monsters do really exist…

  2. JM Tuazon says:

    yes belette and I’m going to haunt you in your sleep tonight… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA… FREDDY IS ALLIIIIIVVVEEEEE!!! *maniacal laughter*

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