TRIPLE FEATURE: Three Movies in Three Days

Trust and Believe (w/ Belette last Saturday @ Shang)
Those were the two words that’s pretty eminent in the film. I never knew anything about Narnia prior to watching it, except that Trumpets used to stage it. All I can say is, it’s no Harry Potter movie because it stands on its own. I think I may have yet another series of movies to follow. Much props to the actors and the production designers, but the special effects weren’t quite stunning as expected; they’re to be lauded but it pales in comparison with other films of the same stature.

Demonic Disturbance? (w/Ron yesterday @ Mega)
To put it quite simply, St. Ange failed to come across. I had no prior knowledge of the film whatsoever, which kind-of excited and had me worried at the same time. It has a nice working story (the first-ever documented demonic disturbance in Germany(?)), great actors and fabulous cinematography, but the delivery and execution isn’t something to be happy about.

“Balang araw, maiintindihan mo din…” (alone, today @ SM North)
Blue Moon is a movie about many things. It’s a movie about second chances, on how when finding one you should never let it go. After all, a blue moon is your second shot of seeing a full moon in a month. It talks about how second chances are most of the time more beautiful than the first ones, and that you should hold on to it forever. It’s also a movie about finding what you lost, whether it be a material possession, a friend, a relative, a loved one, or even yourself. It talked about how you can always find what you’re looking for, if only you submit to destiny. Which is the third theme for this movie: submitting to destiny, no matter how hard it may be, because destiny will always help you find your way. “Sabi nila, ang mga ibon daw, nagpapadala lang sa hangin kapag may hinahanap… kaya naman ang hangin, dinadala sila sa kung anuman ang hinahanap nila…”

I guess it was providential that I got to watch this movie today. I was forever nagging Belette to watch it with me last saturday, but I conceded and watched Narnia with her instead. I was with Ron yesterday, forever hoping we’d watch Blue Moon, but we watched St. Ange (I have no right to complain, it’s his treat. =p). I guess with all the turmoil (if you can call it that) recently, it was perfect timing that I got to watch Blue Moon today.

I learned so many things from this movie. The line “balang araw, maiiintindihan mo rin…” kept on reverberating inside my head. Siguro nga, balang araw, maiintindihan ko rin ang gusto niyang mangyari. Ang alam ko ngayon, hahayaan ko na lang na paglaruan ng tadhana ang buhay ko, magpapadala na lang ako sa’n man ako nito gustong dalhin. Marami akong tanong, but I guess hindi lahat masasagot ngayon. Siguro nga hindi ngayon ang tamang panahon para maintindihan ko ang mga bagay-bagay, kaya’t magpapadala na lang ako sa tadhana ko upang matagpuan ko kung anuman ang hinahanap ko, at magkaroon ng pangalawang pagkakataon sa pagkakaibigang ito — kung meron man.

Masakit ang gagawin kong ito, ‘di hamak na mas madami pang pasakit kaysa sa mga naranasan ko nitong mga nakaraang araw. Pero kung ‘yun talaga, ‘yun talaga. Wala na akong magagawa kung yun ang gusto niyang mangyari, o kung anong gustong mangyari ng tadhana. Siguro ngayon sobrang sakit, kasi hindi ko pa talaga maintindihan ang mga pangyayari. Pero maghihintay ako, kaibigan, gaano man ka-corny, hihintayin ko ang Blue Moon kung kailan magkikita tayong muli. Salamat sa unang pagkakataon, nawa’y ang ikalawa’y mas matamis at mas masaya pa kaysa sa nauna.

“Balang araw, maiintindihan mo rin…”

Dearest Lord,
Please grant me the serenity
To accept with Patience
The things I can’t change;
The courage to change
The things I can
And wisdom
To know the difference…

3 Responses to “Mi Comprendo”
  1. Anonymous says:

    “maiintindihan mo rin ang lahat.”

    Hintayin mo ang sagot sa bawat tanong. Ang lahat ay may kasagutan. Nasa tamang panahon, nasa tamang pagkakataon at tamang lugar.

    maiintindihan mo din kung bakit ka nasasaktan, kung bakit kailangan kang saktan, kung bakit sa ganitong paraan pa kailangan.

    mraming bagay ang di natin maiintindihan ngaun. dahil hindi pa cguro ito ang panahon sa mga bagay na un.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ulitin ko lang yung comment mo sa blog ko…

    my point exactly. naunahan mo lang ako. :P

    happy ako dahil naiintindihan mo na ng paunti-unti ang sitwasyon. tama. magpadala ka lang sa agos. sa pagsabay mo sa agos, dun mo maiintindihan ang lahat.. dito lang ako friend. labyu! :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    parang dito ata dapat iyong comment ko doon sa isa, hehehe. wherever. read paulo coelho (the alchemist) meron siyang similar quote, hindi fatalistic ang dating kesa magpadala sa agos :) it said something like, when your heart desires for something, the whole world conspires for you to attain it.

    iyon nga lang, ang twist is on heart’s desire. it should be one with the One :)


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