It’s almost the end. Two school days more and I’m off for my christmas vacation! My two classes on Mondays-Thursdays will end on Monday already, since the lantern parade is on Thursday. I’m still thinking if I’ll go to the lantern parade, since I don’t have any classes that day. Plus, oblation run will be on that day too. I’ve heard that instead of coming from one of the restrooms in AS, they’ll run all the way from the Oblation Statue to “accomodate the huge number of patrons”. Har har. Will I miss these two rare and uniquely UP events? We’ll see.

BFF is sick. It’s so sad we had to come at a scenario like it. I never imagined we’ll have our next “forum” session in a hospital room with Lorenz in a bed. He was confined in Lourdes Hospital for Dengue Fever. He’s dandy fine already, but his temperature’s fluctuating. Anyways, I missed the BFF bonding session, though we had to censor some of our topics since Lorenz’s mom was also in the room. Nevertheless we were able to talk about many of the goings-on in our lives.

Still not getting any. We still don’t have DSL at home. I’ve been pestering mom every morning this week to call up PLDT and make them install the line already. If this goes on until vacation, I’ll be insane in no time.

End of story. It’s been boring (as always). The only things keeping me sane right now are Lorenz, Malcolm in the Middle, Pao, Paz, Friends (the show), the Main Lib in UPD and Waffle Time. Sigh… I live a pretty boring life.

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