Last night I had the luxury of watching PBB once again (after countless days of going home late or sleeping early). It was a so-so episode, but prior to the show I knew I was in for something different. This time, I hated PBB. Big Brother, to be exact. What he did to the housemates last night was plain FOUL.

Which led me to thinking how, again, the TV industry works. It got me thinking how commercialized the industry is nowadays (duh, like what else is new?). It got me thinking how these corporate mongrels are prepared to bank on human emotions just to pursue their businesses. I mean, that’s plain foul. That’s exploitation of people already.

Notice the shows that are mostly in primetime nowadays. Before, all you could watch during the 7-9pm timeslot are soap operas, tele novelas and teleseryes. Now, there’re telefantasyas and reality shows. No matter what, all these things are banking on human emotions so that they can get proper ratings. We are fanaticized by Claudine’s tears, awestruck by Darna’s flights or shocked by the tasks in Extra Challenge and Pinoy Big Brother. Admit it, they bank on human emotions — not just of their stars but ours as well — to have the gain.

What happened in Pinoy Big Brother last night was a very inappropriate exploitation of the housemates’ emotions. Big Brother had them cut, burn or throw away each other’s clothing. At some point I thought how absurd for them to cry over a pants or a blouse, but Uma’s explanation alleviated all the absurdity. Nene was again enraged by the stupidity and the pointlessness of the task, which is but a proper reaction. How would you feel if you were made to tamper with your housemates’ clothes, knowing they’ve invested not only money but precious hours of work into it? I was waiting for a crude and decent explanation from BigBrother to all this, but instead he gave the housemates a “don’t you know me well enough to think that I’ll let you tamper with each other’s clothes” kind of lee-way. I mean, that’s just plain bullshit. It’s his house so he can tell them to do anything he desires, but letting them experience a very heart-wrenching situation like that just isn’t fair.

Which, again, led me to think how PinoyBigBrother is one giant fishbowl where Kuya can do anything he wants to his “pets”. That’s not right anymore, and to think they only have three days left. BigBrother, yours is a good show — it already is and it will always be. Don’t overdo things. It’s such an unfair treatment for people who’ve heeded your calls all this time.

I denounce last night’s episode. Bullshit talaga.

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