I feel so unmotivated these days. Heck, as if I haven’t made that a point already. It’s just that I don’t feel… normal. Yes, I know I am sometimes if not most of the time abnormal, but I feel Abnormally abnormal. It’s crazy, I know. That feeling of purpose and routinary days is surfacing once again. I feel so… hopeless. Sigh… maybe it’s just the result of not having internet connection at home? Could be. But we’re getting one pretty soon, I hope. It’s been 2 hell weeks already and that damn DSL line’s not yet installed. Better bump those service crew to finally get their acts together.

Anyways, it’s Christmas countdown once again. I’m saving up for something already, but it’s a secret. Do you have any idea how much everything costs these days? If before I take two weeks to save up three hundred pesos, I think I’ll need a month to do that now. Aaaccckkk, I’ll just cut off on those in-between snacks.

Speaking of snacks, I want to get thin already! I’m so fat. Reality’s slapping me in the face. I tried crunched the other day but I think it’s not good for my back bone. I can take the pain of crunches but I don’t think my bones can. Hmmm… something tells me I need to go on a diet. The problem with me is I lack focus. I don’t tend to focus on my goal that’s why I’m easily tempted. Besides, nothing. Har har. I just have to get thin. And to think Christmas is coming. I deem this task impossible (for now). Sigh… if only I have a Life Coach to get me focused.

Maximo Oliveros is out already. Sigh, unfortunately I don’t have the shakra/datung/money/pera to go on a double feature once again (Just Like Heaven Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros. O san ka pa talaga??!). If only I’m rich. If only I have a job! Shucks… I’m turning into a materialistic person once again. Sigh… I’m living in a material world.

Can’t think of anything to type right now. I’m so desperate to have a mobile device that’ll enable me to type (optional: surf the net through Wi-Fi). I need it because I’m cooking up a novel. Yes, I’ve a concept already, and I think it’s going to turn out great. I just need mobile typing devices so that those thoughts won’t fly if ever they arrive at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

See yah. ^__^

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