If and If Only

If you were a ghost of my dark yesterday
If only yesterday’s ghost can be seen today

If you were a god watching over my life
If only a god can take away all my strife

If you were a star sent to brighten the dark
If only the stars can send out a tiny spark

If you were a dream that can never come true
If only my dreams are like fairy tales too

If you were a horizon that spreads through the skies
If only horizons paint anything but lies

If you were the wind brushing all through my face
If only the wind can take anyone’s place

If you were a sweet angel sent right from above
If only the angels are capable of love

If you were a kiss sweet, tender and mild
If only a kiss can make a man of a child

If you were a stranger wondering why I feel blue
If only all strangers can always have a clue

If you have not walked away from me that fast
If only I have found true love, at last

You see, I wanted you to be everything you are to me
But I guess ‘You and Me’ was just not meant to be…

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