Yes, people, you read it right, I am no longer a virgin. But before so many thoughts run into your mind as to how and why it happened, just… read on, okay?
We were scheduled to watch a play by Dulaang UP entitled “Sepharad” on Saturday at 10 am. However, due to some conflict within the organization’s scheduling structure, our schedule was moved to tonight, Thursday November 24. We were informed last Monday of the change in the schedule, but knowing as to how dangerous it is to linger in UP at night (the play starts at 7pm and ends at 930pm), I protested for a special case to change the playdate on my ticket.
However, to do so, the representative from Dulaang UP told me to prepare a letter of appeal and to present it in the Dulaan UP office, directly to the person in charge of operations.
So this morning, I prepared a letter stating my case, stating that it is not only difficult to commute at that time of the night, but that it is also dangerous. I went to DUP’s office and presented my letter to the person in charge. He read the letter carefully, as if eating the sentences out of it word for word. I was actually quite nervous that he’d give me a twitch-of-the-shoulder-flip-of-the-hair-raise-of-the-eyebrow treatment, but all my thoughts of how I would be dealt with faded.
Instead of rejecting my letter of appeal, the person in charged talked me into it. He told me that he himself lives in Laguna and commutes at 1am everyday because of the play. He also pinpointed to me some members who commute to far away places at the wee hours of the night. Though he was sort-of rejecting my appeal he dealt with it in a humorous manner (duh, what would you expect from gay actors?). In short, instead of rejecting my appeal, he reverse-psychologized me into agreeing to see the play tonight. God, I can’t say no to that.
I laud the DUP people because although I presented a rather absurd appeal (duh, I’m a grown-up, I shouldn’t be worrying about going home at that time of the night!), they broke it to me gently. They didn’t scold me, embarassed me, laughed at me, twitch me the shoulder, flipped me the hair or raised me the eyebrow. Instead, they reverse-psychologized me. Okay, that didn’t sound right. But still, I laud them. =p
Here’s where the de-virginization part comes in. I presented my appeal because by far, this would have been my first time ever to go home from UP at that time of the night. My latest stay in UP was until 6pm, and the sun was still up by then. I was kind of worried about several news I’ve read and heard about students getting killed in UP, and I was also kind of worried there won’t be transportation available for me to get home.
And, folks, tonight, I’ve been de-virginized. Of staying late in UP, that is.
After my Comm3 class (we were the only section who had a class this afternoon, because there was a Mass Leave of professors to protest the COLA. Sir Archie was a first-time professor, so I think he didn’t feel like hitching with the Mass Leave Bandwagon), I went straight to MassCom to meet up with fellow groupmates to discuss our SocSci3 Exercise. We ended up having only one of us do the whole thing, since she volunteered anyway (Thanks Camille!). I went outside MassCom a little later and talked with Froi while waiting for her dad to fetch her. A little later her dad arrived and so I was alone (again), so I decided to go to AS, eventhough it’s only 5:30pm.
I sat at the AS steps for a while and then Marian arrived. She also has a Comm3 class and so she, too, was required to watch the play. Good, I have company. At 6pm we lined up in front of the Guerrero Theater, and at 10 minutes past 7pm they let us in already.
I saw several Comm3 classmates inside. Me and Marian sat at the left side of the theater. This was my first time to enter Guerrero, and I thought it was a wee bit small. The play started in a short while. It was albeit boring so it’d be pointless to narrate it here. I didn’t understand much of it, anyway!
After the play, we went to the Shed near the MainLib to wait for a jeepney home. Ten minutes after, there was still no sign of a jeepney. But then a little while later an empty jeep came back and screamed “O Philcoa Hi-Way MRT!” Everybody in the shed ran towards that jeep, I even told Marian I’d kill just to get home. Haha. Talk about desperation.
For me, UP looked solemn by night. The trees looked dark and scary, but the many lamp posts illuminated a very beautiful Academic Oval. Some people were even jogging. I watched as we passed the well-lit University Avenue, with the wind brushing through my face.
Me and Marian went down at Philcoa to wait for a Bicutan Bus (since she lives in Paranaque). This would also be my first time in months to ride a bus. You can make me ride any form of transportation, just don’t make me ride a bus. I hate city buses with all their filthy seats, hot vents and ill-mannered drivers. However, tonight, I didn’t have a choice but to ride one.
One, two and three buses passed us by because the buses had difficulty pulling over because of the many jeepneys and taxis waiting for passengers near the sidewalk. Me and Marian would run back and forth the Philcoa stretch just to chase a bus, only to speed away because it can’t pull over. After many a few buses stepped the gas on us, at last we were able to ride.
The minute I stepped in that bus, I knew it wasn’t going to be good. The seats had wooden planks for back support and “poseurs” wearing black were seated at the back of the bus. The moment me and Marian sat down, two of them sat at the seats opposite to us, so I had a little bit of caution in taking out my wallet. I also told Marian to keep her cellphone, because I didn’t trust those guys.
It was a breeze going through East Avenue then through EDSA since it’s already 10:00pm. We didn’t even have a problem getting past Cubao, the place popular for its congested roads. At halfway past MRT Santolan station, a small car was leading our way. It was in front of us, and looked like the driver had no plans of letting us pass.
When we were about to turn left for the islands (remember EDSA having concrete barriers and pink fences? Those things separate “the islands”), the car let us through and made us take the left lane. The car’s driver, however, appeared to have no plans of taking any side of the road, so while we were approaching the concrete barrier, with the car on the side of our bus, he slammed straight into it! That damn car slammed so hard I heard glass breaking! My God! That would be my first time to actually “witness”, or hear for that matter, an accident. I’m guessing the driver was drunk, because the place was well-lit and the concrete barrier was humongously placed on the middle of the road. Gawd, not another de-virginization!
After that slight accident, I wished the ride would get better. But, just like everything, it did not. As we elevated through the Ortigas Flyover, we experienced turbulence. Yes, turbulence, on land. The Bus was literally shaking hysterically because of how fast it was going. I was holding the hand rail in front of me and my whole body was shaking. I reckoned that old thing would have disintegrated any minute when we were on it!
As we approached Shaw Boulevard the bus slowed to a halt. Marian told me it was like riding the Space Shuttle. I told her it was worse than that.
Seconds after, we approached my stop at Boni Avenue and I bid farewell to Marian (likewise telling her to take caution and watch those guys in black opposite her). I was tempted to buy food in 7-Eleven since I haven’t had anything today except breakfast, but I dismissed the idea because I was saving money for Saturday (Harry Potter and the Exorcism of Emily Rose. Awesome, that sounded superb!!!). Anyhoo the usual ride home didn’t take long, and by the time I stepped into this house I quickly asked for money for food (doodley-dee-doo, doodley-dee-doo).
Whew! What an exhilirating first experience! Now I know that I can stay later than ever in UP! Har har! Here’s to more plays to view and movies to watch in the future!

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