I’ve been so much into investigative journalism lately, thanks to Prof. Arao for drenching me with ideas that make me go “Oo nga noh!” So, as a result, here’s my take on the Julius Babao issue. Mind you, this is pure theoretical, it could be or could not be true. Insert Disclaimer here.

I’m sure you have heard of the passe issue about Julius Babao being accused of being an accomplice to a terrorist. It was said that Julius Babao provided the funds to accomodate Dawud Santos’ (an alleged terrorist) bail. The media went on a pandemonic hoopla about it — well, technically, just ABS-CBN. The issue started and died without me paying too much attention too it. But one morning I just thought, why haven’t I paid attention to it if it could be a matter of national concern? I thought a while and I arrived at a theoretical conclusion.

We all know for a fact that ABS-CBN somehow helped Madam President (if we may call her that) during the 2004 elections by providing sufficient grounds for favorable projection of her image through constant and consecutive good reports about her. That is, without saying so, because her Vice-Presidential bet was Noli De Castro, a former anchor of the said station. Now we may remember that during the funeral of the late Presidential Candidate Fernando Poe Jr., Karen Davila interviewed widowed Susan Roces, who, despite knowing ABS is an adversary of her late husband, still graced Ms. Davila the interview. But in the middle of the report, Madam Roces aired out her grievances and concerns about the station siding with the President, ending with Ms. Davila crying and apologizing in behalf of the station (an act which I laud, I think). Such an act of Ms. Roces (a rightful one, I may say), projected a bad image for the station.

We all know for a fact that all these political feud has taken its roots in feuds between these two giant networks in the Metro. GMA7 even put an insult to ABS-CBN’s injury by putting the lines “walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan, serbisyong totoo lamang” to every ending statements of their news programs.

Now, back to Julius Babao. I pity Julius because he appeared to be caught in the middle not only between the network wars but the political wars as well. It could be inferred that Mr. Babao has been used by ABS-CBN to regain its “name” back to its “rightful” glory. It could be hypothesized that the incident of Malacanang accusing Babao of being an accomplice to a terrorist is but a mere stage act of ABS-CBN and Malacanang to pay each other’s debt of gratitude (utang na loob). Since ABS-CBN helped perfume GMA’s name during the elections (in turn exposing the stench that is ABS), now PGMA pays the deed back by reversing the situation.

How did it work? Well, since GMA7 works on the tagline “walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan”, ABS-CBN, through this recent incident, showed that it also has “walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan” by “turning its back against the government” and condemning the said act of accusing an innocent journalist. Such accusation wasn’t built with enough basis, thus making it quite preposterous and appearing to be nothing but a mere ploy conjured up by the honchos of the station and PGMA as well.

Besides, did you even hear GMA7, or any other network for that matter, making a fuss about this issue? It’s just ABS-CBN all along.

Disclaimer: These opinions are purely theoretical.

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    i did not understand a word…

    politics nga naman talaga… :wacko:

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