*A Warning goes out to those who have not yet watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!*

Mom and I had a sort-of bonding day yesterday. We went to Baclaran Church to hear mass in the morning, then shopped around telecom centers for a very possible plan to have DSL at home (yayness!). Guess where we ended up? Watching Harry Potter no less!

I continually argued with mom not to continue with watching anymore, since first day opening of such films would warrant many people. But come to think of it, it’s a wednesday and most people are either in schools and offices, so we gave it a go. And yes! There really wasn’t much people.

All I can say about HP4 is this: it didn’t fail me. I laud Mike Newman for this exceptionally effective rendition of my favorite HP Book. There were a few important glitches but most of the elements fell into place.

The movie started with a smile in my face. I was a bit nervous of what would be the outcome of this movie, since the former movie was a frustration for most Book3 fans. As every scene unfolded I started to conjure a smile, one bigger than the other.

Here’re some of my observations:

  • Almost every scene came out to be just as I imagined them to be. I especially liked the scene in the graveyard with the live Lord Voldemort, since that’s how I imagined the scene to be like.
  • Lord Voldemort looked gayish, with the robe, the bald hair and all that merrymoving around. Hehe.
  • I hate Michael Gambon’s portrayal of Albus Dumbledore. We all know that Dumbledore is a frail old man, and Gambon’s portrayal of him made him look so energetic, if not comical. Here you see Dumbledore dancing, whisking his hand ever so carelessly, and so many more things you won’t imagine him doing.
  • Victor Krum was supposed to be thin and slim-looking. But nevertheless the built image gave the impression of someone who’s strong and resilient. He was supposed to sound Russian but here he sounded more like Spanish to me.
  • Fleur Delacour is — one way to put it — gorgeous. She’s like the young Kirsten Dunst. She hasn’t much dialog but she captured the Veelaspeak almost as if she speaks it in real life. Although she’s a Veela she didn’t very much looked like one to me.
  • Cho Chang is cute, but could’ve looked and acted better. I was looking forward to several Harry-Cho scenes but the movie gave us only about four or five, the longest one lasted for only about 4 minutes.
  • As for Cedric Diggory, well he looked dashing (exactly how he was described in the book) and he acted magnificently. Sad, though, he died. But you may already know that. ^__^
  • We saw many firsts in this movie. First time to get a glimpse of Mad-Eye Moody (love the eyes), Cedric Diggory, Cho Chang, Fleur Delacour (we’ll be seeing more of her, oh that’s for sure), Victor Krum, Madame Maxine/Maxime of Beauxbatons, Igor Karkaroff of Durmstrang and Rita Skeeter (I love her!). We also get to dive into the Pensieve for the first time, attend the Yule Ball, dive into the lake and see actual dragons and merpeople.
  • Have you noticed that The Great Hall seemed smaller this time? I didn’t like it.
  • I would especially like to emphasize that I loved the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons’ entrance to the great hall. It looked like an opening act to a musical, with the butterflies, staff and all that. Great, great!
  • If you want some Moaning Myrtle-Harry Potter action in the Prefect’s bathroom, well, it’s in this movie. (I leave that sentence’s interpretation to your green minds) ^__^ First time to see Harry topless too.
  • Hermione was the best! She looked great on her Yule Ball gown. And one time when she was standing in the Quidditch Field Stands wearing a gray sweatshirt, I noticed something: “Oh my God she has breasts!” Haha… signs of puberty are surfacing (as if it hasn’t already)!
  • The Rock Part in the Yule ball was uncalled for. And where was the magic menu?! I was looking forward to that!
  • If you hated the actor who played Sirius in the 3rd movie (was it Gary Oldman?), well rejoice, he’s not in this movie, only a brief appearance in the fireplace.
  • Some key events that have been edited out (there could be more): the Sphinx in the Triwizard Maze, the meddling neighbors of the Riddle House, the very short Quidditch World Cup (although the arena and the place looked great), THE RIDDLEs (though I’m guessing they’ll make an appearance in the fifth installment), Rita Skeeter being a bug (and an unregistered animagus at that — plotline that wasn’t subversively discussed), PIGWIDGEON, and the Marauder’s Map. Most of the essential ones are there, or I just forgot the others. Forgive me. ^__^
  • The part where Harry took Cedric’s body back to the Quidditch Field was the scene in this movie. It was the most effective since it almost had me crying (thanks to my non-tearjerkedness, I didn’t). But my body was numb for a few seconds because of that scene. It was so touching, especially when Cedric’s father came up to him. It was very emotional that I was still numb even after the credits started rolling. This was only the second movie that had this effect on me, the one being a local film called “Pa-Siyam”. I know they happen to me because the story had no closure, it got me hanging for more, but I know there couldn’t be anything more. I just have to wait for the next installment.

All in all, Harry Potter 4 – The Movie proved its worth as my favorite book in the series. Now I’m getting more excited for future installments!

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  1. jerick says:

    ayoko ng 4th movie.

    i love fleur.

    saka yun entrance ng schools with the butt scene from beauxbattons and the drum beat of durmstrang.

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