If only I had anticipated the first day antics of professors her e in UP, I wouldn’t have woken up so darn early for a 10 am class that’s bound to be cancelled anyway! Now I’m back to my old routine of waiting for 4 hours for my next class. Darn it, I’m guessing this’d have to be the same scenario everytime our Prof isn’t around. And to think he’s in-demand! Well there’s a good side to it, since I’ve heard Prof. Arao is a really nice prof. Yayness! And I have blockmates-classmates! Such Fun! Now K6 will have more time for bonding!

My next class, which is still at 230pm, is Comm3: Speech. Now I really didn’t pick this class, CRS chewed it out for me, but I guess I gotta love it a bit, too. I was an extemporaneous speaker in High School so I guess speaking in public won’t really be a problem at all. Just erase the stutters. Those nasty ghastly stutters.

Will have merienda with UP-BuskoDayzers later at 4pm at ChocKiss Bahay ng Alumni! Can’t wait! It’s my first time to eat there so I’m guessing my wallet’s gotta have to endure a new burnt hole. I’m also excited because I’d get to meet with fellow UP-Dayzers once again. Most of them are graduating already and once they do, there’ll only be 3 BuskoDayzers left in UP. Unless those younger batches pass UP! Haha… can’t wait!

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