Mom woke me up ate exactly 5:45 am.
I dozed off for another couple minutes.
Not mindful of the time I rose from my bed at 7 am.
I watched some TV then prepared my clothes.
I bathed at 7:15 and left home at 8:00.
I arrived at UP at around 9:00 am.

I went to my Department and saw a line for pre-advising. I stayed in line and saw a former classmate. Asked how long she’s been waiting, it’s been around an hour already. A few seconds later an adviser finally arrived and the line started moving. I had a problem with my checklist since there was an error in my student number. 5 minutes after advising, I went down to get my Form 5. I listed my subject, post-advised, had my account assessed, library cleared, all in just about 30 minutes of waiting.

Me and Reg went to AS for the payments. The booths weren’t open yet and they told us to go to PNB if we want to pay. We went to PNB and at the time of our arrival, two new windows opened and so we paid our dues faster than you can say ‘zippo’.

And they say enrolling in UP is a pain in the ass. Haha joke lang. Swertehan lang talaga atsaka perfect timing, coordination, choregraphy and execution. Naks. Feeling. Malas nga lang si Pao inabutan ng break time, kaya ngayon iniintay ko siya nakapila pa rin siya ngayon (or kumakain ata) nag-iintay ng muling pagbubukas ng PNB.

Bukas, special day ulet for the BFFs. Shopping shopping shopping! =p

4 Responses to “Perfect Timing”
  1. Paolo says:

    choreography and execution =)) the best.

    bad trip naman yung linyang un e. nasa unahan na ako ng linya tapos, argh! tsaka nag-break. pero, it was adventurous.. XD.

    Yeah! on with tomorrow! :p

  2. Lorenz says:

    sa mapua… mapaearly or mapalate, enrolling is a breeze!

    the institute payed me to say that, ang totoo ay IMPYERNO pag eenroll sa mapua… lalo na ung utot na online enrollment na yan grrness. hehe.

    lagi naman special day for the bffs pag magkasama eh! tomorrow is just special-er because of the heavenly word, SHOPPING.

  3. angelin says:

    wah. bute pa kau. haha. ako sinamahan ko skulm8s ko. dapat tapos nako agad pero huhu. haha. =P d bale. enjoy. babalik pako bukas. haha. akalain nga naman..

    jm inlab..hehe. =P *peace

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