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My God, I myself could not believe it!!!

Kagabi, pag-uwi ko galing sa gala namin ng aking munting barkada (Harry Potter and the Exorcism of Emily Rose — title yan ng Book 7! Wakekeke…), tinawag ako ni mommy. May hawak siya na parang black na briefcase na leather yata. Basta, yung parang sa mga bag. Kung anumang tawag don sa telang yun. Anyways, alam ko nakakita na ako ng ganon. So anyways, tinanong ko baket ako tinawag at kung ano yung hawak niya. Hindi na siya nagsalita and she just gave the briefcase to me.

Pagkahawak ko pa lang, alam ko na kung ano ang laman. Pero hindi muna ako naniwala, sabi ko I must see for myself. I carefully opened the zipper tapos in-unfold ko yung briefcase. Shet. Nagulat ako sa laman!!!

Isang laptop!!! My God may laptop na’ko!!! Pa’no nalaman ni mommy na gusto ko ng laptop?! Shet… nababasa ba niya yung mga panaginip ko? Alam ba niyang halos araw-araw kong napapanaginipan na may laptop na’ko?! Grabe akala ko hanggang panaginip na lang lahat yun… pero totoo pala!

At hindi lang basta-bastang laptop ah! Kumpleto! Parang brand new, pero bigay lang daw yun ni Ninong Ben, bumili kasi siya ng bago. May built-in webcam, card reader, CD Burner, at heto pang malupit! MAY WI-FI CARD!!! Shet makaka-internet na’ko nang libre sa school! My God Your God Our God THANK YOU!!!

Ang sarap mangarap, ano? Buti pa ang pangangarap, libre, pero ang laptop, hinde. Sigh…

Panaginip, nakakabaliw
Nakikita nga, hindi naman nadarama
Talaga Namang hanggang doon na lang…

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Nabitin ka ‘no? Anyways, I would like to ask the heavens to rain down gazillion hugs, kisses, thanks and all appreciation to Janet for hosting me! I’ve been looking for one in weeks.

Anyways, enjoy my new home, ayt?! I’d appreciate a comment or two. ^__^

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If and If Only

If you were a ghost of my dark yesterday
If only yesterday’s ghost can be seen today

If you were a god watching over my life
If only a god can take away all my strife

If you were a star sent to brighten the dark
If only the stars can send out a tiny spark

If you were a dream that can never come true
If only my dreams are like fairy tales too

If you were a horizon that spreads through the skies
If only horizons paint anything but lies

If you were the wind brushing all through my face
If only the wind can take anyone’s place

If you were a sweet angel sent right from above
If only the angels are capable of love

If you were a kiss sweet, tender and mild
If only a kiss can make a man of a child

If you were a stranger wondering why I feel blue
If only all strangers can always have a clue

If you have not walked away from me that fast
If only I have found true love, at last

You see, I wanted you to be everything you are to me
But I guess ‘You and Me’ was just not meant to be…

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Yes, people, you read it right, I am no longer a virgin. But before so many thoughts run into your mind as to how and why it happened, just… read on, okay?
We were scheduled to watch a play by Dulaang UP entitled “Sepharad” on Saturday at 10 am. However, due to some conflict within the organization’s scheduling structure, our schedule was moved to tonight, Thursday November 24. We were informed last Monday of the change in the schedule, but knowing as to how dangerous it is to linger in UP at night (the play starts at 7pm and ends at 930pm), I protested for a special case to change the playdate on my ticket.
However, to do so, the representative from Dulaang UP told me to prepare a letter of appeal and to present it in the Dulaan UP office, directly to the person in charge of operations.
So this morning, I prepared a letter stating my case, stating that it is not only difficult to commute at that time of the night, but that it is also dangerous. I went to DUP’s office and presented my letter to the person in charge. He read the letter carefully, as if eating the sentences out of it word for word. I was actually quite nervous that he’d give me a twitch-of-the-shoulder-flip-of-the-hair-raise-of-the-eyebrow treatment, but all my thoughts of how I would be dealt with faded.
Instead of rejecting my letter of appeal, the person in charged talked me into it. He told me that he himself lives in Laguna and commutes at 1am everyday because of the play. He also pinpointed to me some members who commute to far away places at the wee hours of the night. Though he was sort-of rejecting my appeal he dealt with it in a humorous manner (duh, what would you expect from gay actors?). In short, instead of rejecting my appeal, he reverse-psychologized me into agreeing to see the play tonight. God, I can’t say no to that.
I laud the DUP people because although I presented a rather absurd appeal (duh, I’m a grown-up, I shouldn’t be worrying about going home at that time of the night!), they broke it to me gently. They didn’t scold me, embarassed me, laughed at me, twitch me the shoulder, flipped me the hair or raised me the eyebrow. Instead, they reverse-psychologized me. Okay, that didn’t sound right. But still, I laud them. =p
Here’s where the de-virginization part comes in. I presented my appeal because by far, this would have been my first time ever to go home from UP at that time of the night. My latest stay in UP was until 6pm, and the sun was still up by then. I was kind of worried about several news I’ve read and heard about students getting killed in UP, and I was also kind of worried there won’t be transportation available for me to get home.
And, folks, tonight, I’ve been de-virginized. Of staying late in UP, that is.
After my Comm3 class (we were the only section who had a class this afternoon, because there was a Mass Leave of professors to protest the COLA. Sir Archie was a first-time professor, so I think he didn’t feel like hitching with the Mass Leave Bandwagon), I went straight to MassCom to meet up with fellow groupmates to discuss our SocSci3 Exercise. We ended up having only one of us do the whole thing, since she volunteered anyway (Thanks Camille!). I went outside MassCom a little later and talked with Froi while waiting for her dad to fetch her. A little later her dad arrived and so I was alone (again), so I decided to go to AS, eventhough it’s only 5:30pm.
I sat at the AS steps for a while and then Marian arrived. She also has a Comm3 class and so she, too, was required to watch the play. Good, I have company. At 6pm we lined up in front of the Guerrero Theater, and at 10 minutes past 7pm they let us in already.
I saw several Comm3 classmates inside. Me and Marian sat at the left side of the theater. This was my first time to enter Guerrero, and I thought it was a wee bit small. The play started in a short while. It was albeit boring so it’d be pointless to narrate it here. I didn’t understand much of it, anyway!
After the play, we went to the Shed near the MainLib to wait for a jeepney home. Ten minutes after, there was still no sign of a jeepney. But then a little while later an empty jeep came back and screamed “O Philcoa Hi-Way MRT!” Everybody in the shed ran towards that jeep, I even told Marian I’d kill just to get home. Haha. Talk about desperation.
For me, UP looked solemn by night. The trees looked dark and scary, but the many lamp posts illuminated a very beautiful Academic Oval. Some people were even jogging. I watched as we passed the well-lit University Avenue, with the wind brushing through my face.
Me and Marian went down at Philcoa to wait for a Bicutan Bus (since she lives in Paranaque). This would also be my first time in months to ride a bus. You can make me ride any form of transportation, just don’t make me ride a bus. I hate city buses with all their filthy seats, hot vents and ill-mannered drivers. However, tonight, I didn’t have a choice but to ride one.
One, two and three buses passed us by because the buses had difficulty pulling over because of the many jeepneys and taxis waiting for passengers near the sidewalk. Me and Marian would run back and forth the Philcoa stretch just to chase a bus, only to speed away because it can’t pull over. After many a few buses stepped the gas on us, at last we were able to ride.
The minute I stepped in that bus, I knew it wasn’t going to be good. The seats had wooden planks for back support and “poseurs” wearing black were seated at the back of the bus. The moment me and Marian sat down, two of them sat at the seats opposite to us, so I had a little bit of caution in taking out my wallet. I also told Marian to keep her cellphone, because I didn’t trust those guys.
It was a breeze going through East Avenue then through EDSA since it’s already 10:00pm. We didn’t even have a problem getting past Cubao, the place popular for its congested roads. At halfway past MRT Santolan station, a small car was leading our way. It was in front of us, and looked like the driver had no plans of letting us pass.
When we were about to turn left for the islands (remember EDSA having concrete barriers and pink fences? Those things separate “the islands”), the car let us through and made us take the left lane. The car’s driver, however, appeared to have no plans of taking any side of the road, so while we were approaching the concrete barrier, with the car on the side of our bus, he slammed straight into it! That damn car slammed so hard I heard glass breaking! My God! That would be my first time to actually “witness”, or hear for that matter, an accident. I’m guessing the driver was drunk, because the place was well-lit and the concrete barrier was humongously placed on the middle of the road. Gawd, not another de-virginization!
After that slight accident, I wished the ride would get better. But, just like everything, it did not. As we elevated through the Ortigas Flyover, we experienced turbulence. Yes, turbulence, on land. The Bus was literally shaking hysterically because of how fast it was going. I was holding the hand rail in front of me and my whole body was shaking. I reckoned that old thing would have disintegrated any minute when we were on it!
As we approached Shaw Boulevard the bus slowed to a halt. Marian told me it was like riding the Space Shuttle. I told her it was worse than that.
Seconds after, we approached my stop at Boni Avenue and I bid farewell to Marian (likewise telling her to take caution and watch those guys in black opposite her). I was tempted to buy food in 7-Eleven since I haven’t had anything today except breakfast, but I dismissed the idea because I was saving money for Saturday (Harry Potter and the Exorcism of Emily Rose. Awesome, that sounded superb!!!). Anyhoo the usual ride home didn’t take long, and by the time I stepped into this house I quickly asked for money for food (doodley-dee-doo, doodley-dee-doo).
Whew! What an exhilirating first experience! Now I know that I can stay later than ever in UP! Har har! Here’s to more plays to view and movies to watch in the future!

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Dumating na ang mga araw na kinatatakutan ko.
Habang nakasakay ako sa MRT isang araw papasok sa eskwelahan, umihip na naman sa aking mukha ang hangin ng pagmumuni-muni (naks, UNA ba’to by SpongeCola?). Habang nakatayo at nakahawak sa hand-rail ay napatingin ako sa labas, sa magandang horizon na ipinipinta ng Sierra Madre Mountain Range na kitang-kita sa may bandang Santolan at Cubao. Shet, senti na naman ito.
Pero hindi kagaya ng ibang senti na kung saan yung current fixation ko ang iniisip ko, mas grabe ito. Mas mind-boggling at mas nakakainis isipin.
Nararamdaman ko na kasi yung feeling ng pagiging useless, yung walang purpose. Yung parang gumigising na lang ako araw araw nang alas otso para pumasok sa eskwela, tapos uuwi ng mga alas-singko. Masyado nang nagiging routine ang buhay ko.
Tapos, sasabayan pa yan ng pag-iisip tungkol sa pakikipagkaibigan. Totoo na nga yung sinasabi ni Ron, na minsan nasa harapan mo na yung hinahanap mo, ayaw mo pang pansinin kasi na-re-restrict ka ng boundaries na sinet mo kasi sabi mo “natuto ka na sa nangyari sa nakaraan mo”. Yun bang tipong “ay, ayoko nang ma-in-love, masasaktan na naman ako nyan eh, just like before”. Pero sobrang binulabog ni Ron ang utak ko nung shinare ko sa kanya yan, ang sabi ba naman nga kasi eh “Pano kung nakita mo na pala yung taong destined para sayo, yun talagang siya yung plano ni God para sayo, kaso hindi mo pinapansin kasi nga you’re grounded to your past and you don’t want to take the risk?” Ouch, ang sakit! Oo nga noh…
Naisip ko lang yan kasi recently, mag-isa lang akong naglalakbay sa campus. Last Sem, Yung araw-araw na paglalakad mula CS hanggang AS okay kasi kausap ko si Mico. Yung tuwing-umagang paghahanap ng Toki sa may Vinzon’s worthwhile kasi makikita ko na naman yung mga buddies ko sa Math2. Yung 4 and a half hour break ko tuwing Tuesday at Friday bearable pa, kasi I was looking forward to seeing all the Mumbaylan people. Pero ngayon, parang walang purpose ang lahat ng paglalakad.
Shet. Naghahanap na naman ako ng friend. Ang unfair ko na naman sa mga kaibigan kong hanggang ngayon nandyan pa rin para sa akin. Well, siguro kailangan ko lang talaga kasi ng kausap. Wala kasi akong matinong kausap sa school, yung iba panandalian lang. Buti pa nga andyan yung iba kong blockmates kahit papano may ka-tsismisan pa. Eh pano yung mga oras na mag-isa nga lang akong naglalakad sa campus? Mukha na nga akong baliw minsan kasi kakanta na lang ako habang naglalakad. Ang saklap. Kung meron man akong kausap sa classroom madalas tungkol sa academics ang pag-uusapan. Ay leche sawa na ako sa academics nasa school na nga eh yun pa rin ang pagtsitsismisan? Wala na akong makausap tungkol sa mga sitcoms sa Star World o di kaya sa mga laro ng UP o di kaya sa crush ni ganito at ni ganyan. Tuwing may kakausapin ako tungkol na lang sa readings, assignments, reports at kung anu-ano pa. Sigh… san na ko makakakita ng matinong kausap?
Ngayon alam ko na kung bakit ako nababaliw these past few days. Matagal kasi kaming hindi nag-usap ni Lorenz, atsaka ni Ron, all because of communication restraints, wala kasing internet nor matinong phone dito sa bahay. Kanina, wala akong pasok, kaya sobrang bummed ako kaya gumawa na lang ako ng layout. Essentially, through this blog, ang kausap ko na lang talaga sarili ko eh. Shet, baliw na nga ako.
Eh leche naman kasing nakaraan yan, bakit pa kailangang mangyari. Ngayon hindi tuloy ako makapagkaibigan kasi natatakot na naman ako na iwanan o saktan o agawan. Natatakot na’kong hindi pansinin at pagtampuhan. Pero kung tutuusin hindi naman yung nakaraan ang may problema eh, kundi ako. Kasi ako naman ang kasabwat na gumawa ng nakaraan na iyon, ako ang pumili kung anong nakaraan ang gusto ko.
Sigh… when will the world stop being complicated? Or, the better question is, when will I stop making the world more complicated? It’s complicated as it is, pinapalala ko pa yung sitwasyon. Sigh… nagiging unfair na naman ako sa mga taong sobrang malapit sa’kin.
Shift tayo ng onti. Kanina I watched MTV Homecoming, at si Arthur yung featured. Malokong bata rin pala ‘to nung High School. Sa Mary Mount siya nag-High School, tas andami niyang close friends. Inisip ko tuloy, kung ako kaya ang ma-feature sa Homecoming, ano yung mga sasabihin nung mga kaibigan ko? Or, ang mas magandang tanong, may kaibigan ba’kong magsasalita o magpapainterview? Or ang mas malalang tanong, may kaibigan ba’ko nung High School? Gugustuhin ko kayang bumalik sa High School or even Elementary School ko? Will it bring back fond memories or bad memories? Bibigyan ba nila ako ng plaque of whatever crap (if ever sikat nga ako)?
Shet. Nostalgiang ewan na naman ito. I guess it’s too early to think of that right now (duh, as if totoong mafea-feature ako sa Homecoming! Dream on, JM!)
Ah ewan. Siguro nagpapaka-praning na naman ako at nira-rationalize ko ang mga bagay bagay. Heck, it’s just the second week of second sem sobrang jinu-judge ko na yung mga nakakasalamuha kong tao. Ewan. Siguro nahihirapan na naman akong mag-cope with change, pano kasi I built quite a strong bond with people last sem. Ang hirap gumawa ng bagong friendships. Ang hirap makisalamuha, ang hirap makipag-usap, ang hirap mag-stand-out, ang hirap makibagay, ang hirap, ang hirap, ang hirap!!! Ang hirap maging ako…
Siyeteng buhay ‘to.

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Janetkins agreed on hosting me in her site, so will be no more in a matter of days. ^__^ Sad, I’ve been here for more than a year, but hey, it’s a move on! At least now I’m hosted.
Will post URL as soon as I’m finished setting it up. See you on my new home!

Thanks Janet! ^__^

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…As with my usual fixations, tiningnan ko sya for about 5 seconds. Actually, nakatingin din siya sa’kin, so it’s like a 5-second eye-to-eye fixation between the two of us. Ako naman ayaw magpahalata, I broke the connection and looked away for a while. And then after mga two seconds, binalik ko yung stare ko sa kanya. Nagulat ako kasi nakatingin na naman siya sa’kin! So ang ginawa ko, binreak ko ulit yung connection and looked away. Pero hindi ko talaga mapigilan, tumingin ako uli sa kanyang magagandang mga mata. At hindi ako prepared sa sumunod na nangyari, kasi nakatingin na naman siya sa’kin!!!…

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I’ve been so much into investigative journalism lately, thanks to Prof. Arao for drenching me with ideas that make me go “Oo nga noh!” So, as a result, here’s my take on the Julius Babao issue. Mind you, this is pure theoretical, it could be or could not be true. Insert Disclaimer here.

I’m sure you have heard of the passe issue about Julius Babao being accused of being an accomplice to a terrorist. It was said that Julius Babao provided the funds to accomodate Dawud Santos’ (an alleged terrorist) bail. The media went on a pandemonic hoopla about it — well, technically, just ABS-CBN. The issue started and died without me paying too much attention too it. But one morning I just thought, why haven’t I paid attention to it if it could be a matter of national concern? I thought a while and I arrived at a theoretical conclusion.

We all know for a fact that ABS-CBN somehow helped Madam President (if we may call her that) during the 2004 elections by providing sufficient grounds for favorable projection of her image through constant and consecutive good reports about her. That is, without saying so, because her Vice-Presidential bet was Noli De Castro, a former anchor of the said station. Now we may remember that during the funeral of the late Presidential Candidate Fernando Poe Jr., Karen Davila interviewed widowed Susan Roces, who, despite knowing ABS is an adversary of her late husband, still graced Ms. Davila the interview. But in the middle of the report, Madam Roces aired out her grievances and concerns about the station siding with the President, ending with Ms. Davila crying and apologizing in behalf of the station (an act which I laud, I think). Such an act of Ms. Roces (a rightful one, I may say), projected a bad image for the station.

We all know for a fact that all these political feud has taken its roots in feuds between these two giant networks in the Metro. GMA7 even put an insult to ABS-CBN’s injury by putting the lines “walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan, serbisyong totoo lamang” to every ending statements of their news programs.

Now, back to Julius Babao. I pity Julius because he appeared to be caught in the middle not only between the network wars but the political wars as well. It could be inferred that Mr. Babao has been used by ABS-CBN to regain its “name” back to its “rightful” glory. It could be hypothesized that the incident of Malacanang accusing Babao of being an accomplice to a terrorist is but a mere stage act of ABS-CBN and Malacanang to pay each other’s debt of gratitude (utang na loob). Since ABS-CBN helped perfume GMA’s name during the elections (in turn exposing the stench that is ABS), now PGMA pays the deed back by reversing the situation.

How did it work? Well, since GMA7 works on the tagline “walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan”, ABS-CBN, through this recent incident, showed that it also has “walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan” by “turning its back against the government” and condemning the said act of accusing an innocent journalist. Such accusation wasn’t built with enough basis, thus making it quite preposterous and appearing to be nothing but a mere ploy conjured up by the honchos of the station and PGMA as well.

Besides, did you even hear GMA7, or any other network for that matter, making a fuss about this issue? It’s just ABS-CBN all along.

Disclaimer: These opinions are purely theoretical.

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Wuhoooo… eto na naman ako sa aking series of self-inflicted-wound activities na sobrang nakakapagdulot ng tensyon sa aking neural nerves. Mwahaha. Ewan, kung 65 years old siguro ako ngayon patay na’ko sa sobrang taas ng presyon. Kumukulo dugo ko talaga syeeeet.

…Whew! Buti na lang hindi ako nagpadala sa emotions ko kaya hindi ako nag-decide kaagad na makipagbati. Ewan ba ha lahat na lang inagaw sa’kin…! So sige siguro medyo nagpapaka-rational ako dito pero ganun ko tingnan yung situation eh, okay?!

I don’t know right now if I can even see you without bashing your face. Ewan ko sa’yo, to think na hindi ka naman talaga originally kasali sa “hitlist” ng mga kinakaasaran ko. Ewan, mga tao talaga, sila-sila na ang gumagawa ng mga rason para kainisan sila ng ibang tao…

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Dati rati sobrang gustong-gusto ko kapag umuulan. Pano ba naman kasi, talagang nakakapagdulot ang ulan ng Senti Mood na sobrang kina-i-indulge-an ko noon. Pero ngayon, ewan ko ba, asar na asar na ako kapag umuulan. Minsan kasi nadudumihan yung paa ko o yung sapatos ko, o di naman kaya nababasa yung damit ko. Kapag nasa loob naman ng bahay, kapag umuulan, tumutulo sa taas. Tapos sobrang lamig kapag umuulan, eh kaya ayun nagkakasakit ako.

Talagang nag-iba na ang pagtingin ko sa ulan lately. Bakit kaya?

At alam nyo ba ang pang-asar? Punta kayong MYX, aba… hindi nga umuulan sa labas nitong linggong to, eh ibang ulan naman ang bumubuhos.

Pansinin nyo ang mga videos ng Orange and Lemons (Heaven Knows), Sponge Cola (Una), Craig David (I Just Don’t Love You No More), Daniel Powter (Bad Day), James Blunt (You’re Beautiful), Hale (Kung Wala Ka), MYMP (Talaga Naman) at Cueshe (Ulan). Kung observant kayo, well, tama. Lahat ng mga videos na yan may part na umuulan. Eh gustong-gusto ko pa naman yang mga kantang yan! Pano na yan?!

Tapos maririnig ko pa ‘tong kantang ‘to sa dyip isang gabi. Aba, tinamaan na talaga ng magaling ano!

ULAN by Cueshe

Lagi na lang umuulan
Parang walang katapusan
Tulad ng paghihirap ko ngayon
Parang walang humpay

Sa kabila ng lahat
Ng aking pagsisikap
Na limutin ka
Ay di pa rin magawa

Hindi naman ako tanga
Alam ko na wala ka na
Pero mahirap lang na tanggapin
‘Di na kita kapiling

Iniwan mo akong nag-iisa
Sa gitna ng dilim
At basang-basa pa
Sa Ulan

Pero huwag mag-alala
‘Di na kita gagambalain
Alam ko namang ngayo’y
May kapiling ka nang iba

Tanging hiling ko sa’yo
Na tuwing umuulan
Maalala mo sanang may nagmamahal sa’yo

Lagi na lang umuulan
Parang walang katapusan
Tulad ng paghihirap ko ngayon
Parang walang humpay

Iniwan mo akong nag-iisa
Sa gitna ng dilim
At basang-basa pa
Sa Ulan

Pero huwag mag-alala
‘Di na kita gagambalain
Alam ko namang ngayo’y
May kapiling ka nang iba

Tanging hiling ko sa’yo
Na tuwing umuulan
Maalala mo sanang may nagmamahal sa’yo…

Ay ewan ko na lang. Babalik pa kaya ang magandang tingin ko sa ulan? Ewan.

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*A Warning goes out to those who have not yet watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!*

Mom and I had a sort-of bonding day yesterday. We went to Baclaran Church to hear mass in the morning, then shopped around telecom centers for a very possible plan to have DSL at home (yayness!). Guess where we ended up? Watching Harry Potter no less!

I continually argued with mom not to continue with watching anymore, since first day opening of such films would warrant many people. But come to think of it, it’s a wednesday and most people are either in schools and offices, so we gave it a go. And yes! There really wasn’t much people.

All I can say about HP4 is this: it didn’t fail me. I laud Mike Newman for this exceptionally effective rendition of my favorite HP Book. There were a few important glitches but most of the elements fell into place.

The movie started with a smile in my face. I was a bit nervous of what would be the outcome of this movie, since the former movie was a frustration for most Book3 fans. As every scene unfolded I started to conjure a smile, one bigger than the other.

Here’re some of my observations:

  • Almost every scene came out to be just as I imagined them to be. I especially liked the scene in the graveyard with the live Lord Voldemort, since that’s how I imagined the scene to be like.
  • Lord Voldemort looked gayish, with the robe, the bald hair and all that merrymoving around. Hehe.
  • I hate Michael Gambon’s portrayal of Albus Dumbledore. We all know that Dumbledore is a frail old man, and Gambon’s portrayal of him made him look so energetic, if not comical. Here you see Dumbledore dancing, whisking his hand ever so carelessly, and so many more things you won’t imagine him doing.
  • Victor Krum was supposed to be thin and slim-looking. But nevertheless the built image gave the impression of someone who’s strong and resilient. He was supposed to sound Russian but here he sounded more like Spanish to me.
  • Fleur Delacour is — one way to put it — gorgeous. She’s like the young Kirsten Dunst. She hasn’t much dialog but she captured the Veelaspeak almost as if she speaks it in real life. Although she’s a Veela she didn’t very much looked like one to me.
  • Cho Chang is cute, but could’ve looked and acted better. I was looking forward to several Harry-Cho scenes but the movie gave us only about four or five, the longest one lasted for only about 4 minutes.
  • As for Cedric Diggory, well he looked dashing (exactly how he was described in the book) and he acted magnificently. Sad, though, he died. But you may already know that. ^__^
  • We saw many firsts in this movie. First time to get a glimpse of Mad-Eye Moody (love the eyes), Cedric Diggory, Cho Chang, Fleur Delacour (we’ll be seeing more of her, oh that’s for sure), Victor Krum, Madame Maxine/Maxime of Beauxbatons, Igor Karkaroff of Durmstrang and Rita Skeeter (I love her!). We also get to dive into the Pensieve for the first time, attend the Yule Ball, dive into the lake and see actual dragons and merpeople.
  • Have you noticed that The Great Hall seemed smaller this time? I didn’t like it.
  • I would especially like to emphasize that I loved the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons’ entrance to the great hall. It looked like an opening act to a musical, with the butterflies, staff and all that. Great, great!
  • If you want some Moaning Myrtle-Harry Potter action in the Prefect’s bathroom, well, it’s in this movie. (I leave that sentence’s interpretation to your green minds) ^__^ First time to see Harry topless too.
  • Hermione was the best! She looked great on her Yule Ball gown. And one time when she was standing in the Quidditch Field Stands wearing a gray sweatshirt, I noticed something: “Oh my God she has breasts!” Haha… signs of puberty are surfacing (as if it hasn’t already)!
  • The Rock Part in the Yule ball was uncalled for. And where was the magic menu?! I was looking forward to that!
  • If you hated the actor who played Sirius in the 3rd movie (was it Gary Oldman?), well rejoice, he’s not in this movie, only a brief appearance in the fireplace.
  • Some key events that have been edited out (there could be more): the Sphinx in the Triwizard Maze, the meddling neighbors of the Riddle House, the very short Quidditch World Cup (although the arena and the place looked great), THE RIDDLEs (though I’m guessing they’ll make an appearance in the fifth installment), Rita Skeeter being a bug (and an unregistered animagus at that — plotline that wasn’t subversively discussed), PIGWIDGEON, and the Marauder’s Map. Most of the essential ones are there, or I just forgot the others. Forgive me. ^__^
  • The part where Harry took Cedric’s body back to the Quidditch Field was the scene in this movie. It was the most effective since it almost had me crying (thanks to my non-tearjerkedness, I didn’t). But my body was numb for a few seconds because of that scene. It was so touching, especially when Cedric’s father came up to him. It was very emotional that I was still numb even after the credits started rolling. This was only the second movie that had this effect on me, the one being a local film called “Pa-Siyam”. I know they happen to me because the story had no closure, it got me hanging for more, but I know there couldn’t be anything more. I just have to wait for the next installment.

All in all, Harry Potter 4 – The Movie proved its worth as my favorite book in the series. Now I’m getting more excited for future installments!

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…Aba. Parang every meeting nagiging cute si ____________ a.k.a. ang semi-crush ko sa Soc Sci 3, who wore white collared shirt today, kaso medyo malayo na siya sa’kin umupo. Hmmmm… madedevelop kaya ito? O isa na namang fixation na mauuwi sa wala?…

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Kamusta Ka? Napaka-thoughtless ng tanong na yan. Isang rhetoric na ekspresyon ng concern na wala naman talagang dahilan. Nagkita kayo ng kaibigan mo sa kanto, Oy, kumusta? At anong isasagot mo? Eto, okay naman. Ikaw? Tapos syempre sasagot din sya. Okay din! Tapos kung may pupuntahan pa kayo pareho, maghihiwalay na kayo ng landas. Pero kung may oras pa naman, syempre tsismisan muna.

Bilangin mo kaya ang mga beses na tinanong ka ng isang kakilala kung kumusta ka na? Lalampas kaya ang usage ng phrase na ito sa usage mo ng salitang ‘I’? Meron bang abnormal na tao sa mundong ito na sasagot ng eto madaming problema, namatay si misis, nasunog ang bahay, may cancer ako, nasagasaan ang anak ko, nalason yung pusa namin, nahulog sa building yung kapatid ko at higit sa lahat, transexual yung bago kong ka-live-in sa tanong na yan?

Minsan kapag tinatanong ako syempre sasabihin ko Okay. Pero minsan nagpapakatotoo na lang ako, sasabihin ko na na hindi okey. Pero wala nang follow-up, unless close kami nung nagtanong.

So Kumusta Na nga ba ako? To tell you honestly, okay ako. Wuhooo plastik ko ba? Indi noh, okay talaga ako. Marami akong problema, sobra. Sunod-sunod na yata, parang everyday may bago dapat akong abangan na bagong problema.

Kanina tumawag sa cellphone ko si Ma’am Ria. Tinanong nya ang magic question, at syempre ang sagot ko magical din, Okay naman po! Nagulat pa nga ako sa reaksyon nya, kasi sabi nya Owwwsss, talaga?! Balita ko marami kang problema ah?

Totoo. Napakarami ko ngang problema. As in. Hindi ko nga sila lahat mabilang sa sobrang dami (o sige na nga exagg na tong statement na to). Basta marami sila. Okay naman na maraming problema eh, ang masama dun sunod-sunod silang dumating. As in. One on top of the other, the latter worse than the former. Parang inverted pyramid sya kung irerepresent mo yung pagkakapatong-patong nya.

Pero sabi ko kay Ma’am Ria, despite all the problems, okay lang ako. Haha, ewan ko ba, baliw na nga yata ako. Nagkatotoo na yung joke ko sa Geog1 class ko, ang sabi ko kasi Galing akong Mandaluyong, pwedeng labas at pwede rin namang loob. Sobra. Nung isang araw nga kausap ko si Lorenz sa telepono tungkol sa isang napakabigat na problema, tapos ang nagagawa ko lang habang kausap siya ay ngumiti. Oo, kahit sobrang bigat na nung usapan namin, ay syete nakangiti ako. Pagbalik ko sa bahay, nakangiti pa rin ako. Hay naku abnormal na nga talaga ako.

Ewan ko ba kung talagang dinadaan ko na lang sa ngiti yung mga problema o sadyang ayaw ko lang silang harapin kaya okay lang ako. Pero kung tutuusin talagang parang carry ko naman silang lahat eh, ah basta ewan. Kailangan ko nang magpakonsulta sa isang psychiatrist o di kaya sa isang exorcist, sinapian na yata ako ng magaling.

Basta, bigyan niyo lang ako ng problema, tatawanan ko lang yan. Manhid na’ko sa sobrang sakit na nadama ko nitong nakaraang linggo. I’m immune from pain because all I breathe is pain. Numb. Mwahaha. Baliw.

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*I’ll be posting “secret” blogs from time to time, only viewable by people who know the password… ^__^*

…And then narinig ko bumukas yung pinto. Tapos, syempre may ilaw na so illuminated na kung sino man yung lalabas. Bukas din yung ilaw sa dulo ng hallway, yung bahay nila. Tapos paglabas ng tao ay susme muntik na’kong mapasigaw sa tuwa!…

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If only I had anticipated the first day antics of professors her e in UP, I wouldn’t have woken up so darn early for a 10 am class that’s bound to be cancelled anyway! Now I’m back to my old routine of waiting for 4 hours for my next class. Darn it, I’m guessing this’d have to be the same scenario everytime our Prof isn’t around. And to think he’s in-demand! Well there’s a good side to it, since I’ve heard Prof. Arao is a really nice prof. Yayness! And I have blockmates-classmates! Such Fun! Now K6 will have more time for bonding!

My next class, which is still at 230pm, is Comm3: Speech. Now I really didn’t pick this class, CRS chewed it out for me, but I guess I gotta love it a bit, too. I was an extemporaneous speaker in High School so I guess speaking in public won’t really be a problem at all. Just erase the stutters. Those nasty ghastly stutters.

Will have merienda with UP-BuskoDayzers later at 4pm at ChocKiss Bahay ng Alumni! Can’t wait! It’s my first time to eat there so I’m guessing my wallet’s gotta have to endure a new burnt hole. I’m also excited because I’d get to meet with fellow UP-Dayzers once again. Most of them are graduating already and once they do, there’ll only be 3 BuskoDayzers left in UP. Unless those younger batches pass UP! Haha… can’t wait!

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